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RPG Trigun 2: War of the Titans


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A young, tall, blonde man in a brown cloak sat at a stool at the bart of a saloon. He was drinking a cup of rum. He sat and drank, pondering, when two young women walked in and sat three seates away from him. They kinda tough and he noticed that they were carrying weapons.

"Hey, bar keep, have you got any info on that Kaiyden the Kid fella?" One of the women said. THe mans eyes widened.
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"Still no sign of any one who killed my brother" evean said as he drove through the desert on his motorcycle. He didn't realy care if any one said he was to young to be rideing it. "I guess the phinox soul and the last gun made in pergatory could be considered a family airlume. I'll have to live as long as I can because i'm the last of my family since my brother died" evean said as he avoided a rock.
His scar then turned a light pink. He looked to his left and saw a town. "Maybe there's some one who knew him or is related to one of his friends in there" evean said as he turned he motorcycle to the town. It took him a couple of minutes to get to the town. He got off his motorcycle as he lifted his goggles. "Now where are they" evean thought as he looked around. His scar directed him to a bar so he went in that direction.
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As Vash walked threw the desert with his bang over his shoulder, He saw a person on a motorcyle out of the coner of his it was perty far off but he could have swar that the person on it had Irvines old Phoenix Soul.

" Could it be Irvine? no no it couldnt be he died a while back in the New July incadent" Vash said as hit his face " Snap out of it, it must be the heat getting to me, wonder if there is saloon near by?" Vash as he raised his hand to shiled his eyes as he scaned the area " AH! salvation!" Vash as he began to make his way to a small saloon he saw off in the distance.
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Shai and Ticris approached a tow.
Ticris: Lets start!
Shai: Wait! One of them is here. A relative of the one who killed my uncle.
Ticris: Really? How do you know?
Shai: I can sense when someone has the scar.
Ticris: We should lay low and not let him know who we are. His car will point us out but he wouldnt want to hurt innocents in a town fight.
Shai: Lets find him!
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"You two ladies bounty hunters, heh?" asked the bar tender.

"Yeah, so got any information?" the other women said.

"The only info, I have is what every one else has." he said, "Only what was on the release."

The other women smiled, "Alright thanks, well just ask around the bar."

The bar tender then went back to serveing drinks. Siaga turned in her seat and looked around, she then looked at Zi.

"So, who do we ask first?" she asked.

"Which ever guy here has some info." Zi replied, "Then well take down Vash."

Siaga smiled, "Alright then, let's get some info. So who do we ask?"

Zi looked around, there was some one three seats down staring at them. The looked around and then back at his drink, trying to act like he didn't see them.

"That guy right over there!" she said, pointing to the man three seats down.

The two girls then got up from their seats, and walked over to him. The man looked up from his drink.
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"Uhhh, you ladies want something?" Kaiyden asked them.
"Yeah, do you got any inof on that Kaiyden the Kid fella?" Zi asked.
Kaiyden gulped and shkaily said, "Nope, never heard of him, why do you ask?"
"Oh, you must of heard of him. He shot a sherriff and now there is a 500,000 Double Dollar reward on him. they say he is tall blonde man with blue eyes and a deadly gunmen." Zi said to him. she then looked into his hood and saw his face, she was shocked and jumped back, raising her gun. "Get up Kaiyden, your worth alot of money!"

"Oh boy..." Kaiyden said while everyone in the bar stared at him. He got up and threw his Knife at the ground in front of Zi. SHe looked down and looked back up. He was gone. Kaiyden was running threw the desert and hopped on his thomas and rode into the desert as fast as he could.
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"Excuse me, sir, but would you know anything about a man named Vash the Stampede?" asked Zi.
The man stared at the two and sighed. "I wish I did, ladies. I'm looking for him too. All I know is what the rumors say."
"How about a man named Kaiyden the Kid?"
"Uh...same as everyone else, I guess."
"Hm. Well, thanks anyway," said Siaga, turning away.
But Siaga swiftly turned around, holding her shotgun, pointing the barrel in his face.
"You're Kaiyden, aren't you? And don't lie."
"Uh, hey, don't shoot him!" yelled the bartender.
Vash had just walked in to see a girl with long white hair pointing the barrel of a shotgun in the face of a blonde man sitting at the bar.
"Hey, stop!" yelled Vash.
The blonde man, Saiga, and Zi all looked towards him.
"Vash..." breathed the blonde man.
"It's Vash!" yelled a person at the bar.
"Vash the Stampede!?" yelled another.
"Oh no!"
"We're going to die!"
"The town'll be destroyed!"
Most of the people in the bar rushed out.
Zi glared at the man named Vash.
"Murderer..." she snarled.
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Suddenly Shai appeared at the door to the saloon.
Shai: Actually hes not a murderrer. In fact hes only killed 2 people in his whole life, and if he didnt thhey would have caused mass slaughter.
Saiga: How do you know?
Shai: I work for one of the 2. Along with my partner. NOW TICRIS!
Ticris appeared and started firing into the bar and everyone ducked. Then Shai pointed a gun to Vashs head.
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" Hey theres no need for this.." Vash said as he was cut off

" Shut up i am here to one thing and one thing alone" Shai said angerly

" Wait hey yah i see it now you must be realted to Obiwaband"

" Hm thats right and now i am going to to do what he couldnt..." This time Shai was cut off

" What he couldnt do Kill Vash the Stampede yah i know heard it 1000 times" Vash said sarcasticly " So do it"

" Grrr I will!" Shai said as he fired his gun Vash quickly dodge the oncomeing bullet and brought up his left hand and knocked the gun out of Shai's hands and on to the floor. He then took out his .45 AGL Long colt and fired at a round lamp making it fall on Shai he then spund round an trip Ticris and grab a bottle from the bar and chucked it at Ticris head. The blonde man just stood there with his mouth open and thought " its really him Vash the Stampede" His thought was cut short as Saiga whiped her shotgun around at Vash's head
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"Let's see. A relation ran past me. Another relation to the killer of my brother in the bar and some one who knew my brother is in there too" evean said pulling out the phinox soul and set it to the strong shot mode. He walked up to the bar and fired through the windows. He herd guns falling out of people hands as he walked in. "Excuse me but you wouldn't be a relation to the one known as obiwaban" evean asked a kid who was reaching for his gun. Vash looked at evean and was surprised that evean had the phinox soul "And what if I am" the persion said picking up his gun.
"Then we have battle for the death of my brother" evean said takeing aim. "Then you must have some relation to the one known as irvine who faught him" the persion asked takeing aim at evean. "I'm his little brother. The names evean. Since I can't go after one of his killers I might as well go after a relation of one who acts the same way" evean said as he fired.
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"Vash the Stampede!" Siaga said, "Shai, this guy is Zi's!"

Zi cut in,"I've been waiting for my revenge too long now!"

Vash looked back at her, "There really no need for this..."

"Shut!" Siaga said, ready to shoot, "I'm not the one who wants to kill you, but if I have to I'll do it!"

"You can't kill him," said Shai, "you don't the courage to."

Siaga looked back at Shai, she took aim and shot at him. Shai managed to get out of the way, and avoid the bullet. At this Vash ran out ready to take leave. But Zi took out her Ninja-to ready to kill Vash.

"I can see both you women are dangers." he said.
More gun shots were heard but it came from the other two. Ticris was shooting at Evean. He had gotten out of the way of the shoot from before. Ticris shots came across the room, forceing them to duck to avoid getting shot. As the ducked, Vash use this time to try and get to the door to take his leave.
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Shai had an angry look on his face.
Shai: Ticris. Thats the gun! We finally found it!
Both Ticris and shai both had guns pointed at him. Evean fired at Shai, Shai ducked ran in and put the gun to his stomach and attempted a shot but the shot was dodged then Shai kicked Evean in the side, just in time for Ticris to open fire and miss like crazy.
Evean: Im outa here, Ill fight later.
Evean threw a smoke bomb then grabbed Vash and the girs and ran out after Kaiden the Kid.
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Evean droped the girls along with vash and fired into the saloon. "Sorry kid but you can't have ny brothers gun" evean said. After the smoke clared vash looked into the saloon and it was emptey. "They're gone" vash said walking out. "Your irvine's brother aren't you" vash asked walking to evean. "Ya. Why do you ask" evean asked looking at vash. "You have the same scar. I thought only one persion in each gerneration had one. Any ways how did you get his guns" vash asked looking at th phinox soul. "I took them from his tomb stone. Some one put them in there" evean said putting his guns away. "You did what. Are you a grave robber" vash asked looking surprised.
"No, my brother said I could. I found this inside the phinox soul" evean said pulling out a note and giveing it to vash. "If this is being red then I have failed to defeat knives and avenge the town of pergatory. I whish for my weapons to go to some one of my family. In a compartment of the phinox soul are instructions for the weapons I used but it can only be opened my a family member" vash said as he red the note. "I guess you're not a grave robber then" vash said as he gave the note back to evean. "I think you should go after that kaivden guy. I think he's related to you" evean said takeing the note back. "I might but we need to deal with these two" vash said pointing to the girls.
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Shai was on a building making the face Knives used to make.
Shai: DIE DIE DIE!!!!!
He opened rapid fire. A bullet hit Vash in the hand. Ticris had been sniping from above. Vash saw Shai's face. He immediatly thought of Knives. He couldnt fire. Evean started rapid fire.
Evean: No! Iwanna kill him.
Vash: KILL HIM?! HES ONLY 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!
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Siaga ran out in front and did the double palm heel strike. A sphere came over them. The bullets seemed to disappear once they came in contact with the protecting light.

"I'm sure he doesn't know what he's doing!" Vash said, "You have to listen you must stop!"

Shai noticed the source of where the shield was coming from. He took aim and shot into source. The bullet went straight through and into Siaga's hand. The shield went down.

Siaga ran off holding her bleeding hand, Zi watched her.

"Hey, where's she running off to!?!" Vash asked, trying to avoid getting hit.

Evean took out his, phinox soul.

"Don't he's only 12!!!" Vash yelled.

He shot at Shai, the bullet hit Shai in the leg. Siaga came back hold rains of two Thomas. She gave the rains of one of the Thomases to Zi, and hoped on the other one.

"What your just gonna leave me here?" Vash said dodging bullets.

Zi's Thomases came running up behind Vash, she grabbed his collar and took his up apon the Thomas. Shai took another shot, and hit the phinox soul out of Evean's hands.
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Shai: Yes! Now You Die!!
Evean reached down for the soul but was shot at. Suddely Ticris came running in and picked up the soul then fired multiple shots that accidentilly lodged into Evean's arm. He quickly threw the gun to Shai who was obviously the better marksman. Shai fired multiple rounds but Vash shot his hand and the Pheonix fell into Eveans reach. They quickly ran off.
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OOC: Sorry i didn post sooner i got stuck going with my dad to get new tires for his car, yesh what a borring 2 hours

" Man that was close one" Vash said caching his breath

" Probly just another day for you" Zai said

" Hey that wasnt very nice" Vash said

" Quite" Zai snaped back

" Well ummm ok well i dont belive i got every ones name well i sure every one knows mine so whats yours young miss?"

" My name is Zai thats all you need to know"

" Touchy, Well does any one know why they were after us? and were we are going by any chance??"
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They had stoped near eveans motorcycle at the edge of the town. "I know the one I was fighting with is a relation to obiwaban. It's probaply a vengance thing against you and me" evean said as he removed the bullets that hit him. "How can you stand doing that. It should be pretty painfull" zai said looking at evean. "Trust me, I don't know how he and his brother can remove bullets with out showing any pain" vash said scratching his head. "Hey vash do you know who's hand this is" evean said tossing a metalic hand to vash.
"This is demerti's hand. Your brother cut it off to get the antidote inside" vash said looking it over then tossing it back. "I was wondering what that liquid inside was" evean said as he caught it and then started working on the phinox soul. "There it's finished. It'll only work for me now" evean said as he put the hand in a bag on his motorcycle and the phinox soul in it's holster. "I think we should go after that kaiyden guy. If he's any relation to you they'll go after him too. I'll give you a ride" evean said as he pulled down his goggles and started the motor ycle.
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Shai and Ticrus are (like Obiwaban) running across rooftops. Below is Kaiden the Kid running just as fast. Shai does a flip and lands in front of him. He quickly opens random fire. Kaiden is hit in both his arm and leg. He quickly blasts Shai's shoulder knocking him unconsiouse. Ticri quickly sprayed some fire but Kaiden easily dodged and fired back. Ticris was hit in the ankle and fell of the building. He struggled to his feet but Kaiden was long gome. He started helping Shai.
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[COLOR=blue] ( sorry I didn't post earlier) (this takes place during the fights)

Nicholas is traveling trough the desert on a motorcycle carrying his machine gun cross on his back. He is looking for Vash. All of a sudden he hears gunfire he readys himself for a fight, and reaches for his .45 long colt revolver, then he sees the town and sees people panicing and yelling stuff that he can't make out... but then he hears a single voice scream in fear "It's him.....It's VASH THE STAMPEDE........the Humaniod Tyfoon". He then realizes that if he wants revenge he must make it to the town before Vash leaves.
The whole time that he is riding to the town he fights with his mind on weather or not he should belive that it is 'Vash the Stampede' in the town or it is an imposter. He decides not to take chances and get to the town as fast as possible.
When he finally gets to the town he finds that no one is there but the towns people. He asks around to find out where Vash has gone. After he asked around and finally got his facts straight about a man that fits the description of what he knows about Vash he went on his way after Vash.[/COLOR]
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(( Sorry I havent posted yet I've been working on term paper))

AkaSuki saw Kaiyden riding away. She decided to go after him. She hopped in her jeep and rode after him When she finally caught up with him she yelled " Get In. I'm not going to turn you in . I'll Help you." Kaiyden looked at Akasuki and thougt " Why is she wanting to help me?"
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As as Vash rode in the side car of Evean's motorcylece, and Zai and Siaga rode on there Thomas' on the right soide of the mootorcylce, Evean looked down at Vash who had a dishruntiled look on his face

" grr Get Over It!"

" I cant! you have been halling around a dead persons hand for the last 3 moths! thats not noraml!"

" I told yah i needed to find out what that stuff inside was"

" You could have token it to a plan engier and GAAAAAH" Vash said as Zai chucked a small pepeles at Vash

" Will you shut up about it we need to find out which way Kaiyden the Kid went"

" Thats right i think i saw him go off this way" Saiga said
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[COLOR=blue] Nicholas is riding through the desert very fast eager to find Vash. He see's two people that are pretty far away. they are traveling very fast and you can see a large cloud of dust being kicked up behind them. He notices that one has a red coat so he speeds up to see if it is Vash. And he wonders if it is Vash who would ride with him.[/COLOR]
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Vash looked off in the distanice and saw the shine of AkaSuki gun

" LOOK OUT!" Vash Yelled as the bullets hit the tires of the Side car, Evean tries to keep the bike from chrashing he did and quickly ready his Phoeinx Soul

" Your Dead, VASH THE STAPMEDE!!" AkuSuki yelled as Kaiyden looked wide eye surprised and what he just heard

" Did you just say Vash the Stampede! Hey dont shoot him!"

" Stay outa my way!" AkuSuki said as she shoved Kaiyden into the back seat and fired again this time the shot when pass Vash's face, Evean fired off the Phoenix Soul and the plinks of the bullets hitting the metel of the jeeps hod were heard

" Hey stop that you'll make the car blow up we just need to stop them"

" And how do we do that then?"

" Watch an lean this is how to stop and emeny with out killing them" Vash said as his left hand opened up and his machine gun sprung out and he took aim at The Jeeps tires and quickly took care of them, The Jeep sverved and hit a small sand dune.
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