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Anime Erm....hi...O_o?

Guest Leo

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Just wondering if anyone here could suggest a good anime/manga movie or series to me?

Ones i've seen include..

Cowboy Bebop series
Cowboy Bebop Knockin On Heaven's Door
Samurai X OVA 1-6 (Rurouni Kenshin)
Berserker series
Ghost in a shell
Patlabor 1-3
X: The movie
Macross Plus The Movie
Macross Plus 2 The Movie
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Ninja Scroll
Ninja Resurrection
Black Jack
Legend of the Overfiend <=- If u dare call it anime :flaming:
Dragon Ball Z series
Dragon Ball Z Movies 1-13
Outlaw Star series
Escaflowne series
Escaflowne Movie
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within
Vandread series 1
Gundam Wing series
Gundam Wing The Endless Waltz
Perfect Blue
Devil Man <=-
Blue Submarine 6
Tenchi Muyo
Bubblegum Crisis
Bubble Gum Crash
Record of Lodoss War
Sailor Moon series :o
Street Fighter Alpha
Wings of Honniamise/Wings of Honneamise (sp?)
Shadow Skill
Dominion Tank Police
Megazone 23
AD Police
MD Geist <=- Another pile of :cussing:
Street Fighter 2 The Movie
RG Veda
Space Adventure Cobra
Demon City Shiinjuku
Vampire Princess Miyu
Violence Jack <=- Not worth making a comment on...
Lupin - Castle of Cagliostro
Lupin - Mystery of Mamo
Lupin - Liberty Crisis
Black Magic M66
Fist Of The North Star
Golgo 13

:drunk: ..well thats all i can think of atm...but i'm sure i've seen more...
so could anyone please help me and suggest some other movies or series?
Currently in the process of obtaining Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, interested in Trigun.

I highly recommend Cowboy Bebop to anyone who likes anime, both the series and the movie is awesome, if u want something funny yet has action then Vandread is brill but its only avail in *** with Eng subtitles, if u want something serious then Berserker.
Oh and anyone else find the ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion a lil bit weird and confusing...

*Walks off scratching head*
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I know your REALLY new... but this forum is REAL picky (DONT GET ME WRONG ITS THE BEST OUT THERE) and Your probably going to get this thread closed an chew out by mods so ill help you while possible

DANG!!! THATS A LOT!!! YOUR A TRUE OTAKU!!!!! Anyway, I suggest these movies,
Blood the Last Vampire
Vampire Hunter D
Grappler Baki

Good series,
Rurouni Kenshin (Have you only seen Samurai X or both?)
and most adult swim shows like FLCL, and CN shows. Unless you live in Canada.... Anywho, there are lots of good anime and you should try to watch them all

(CN shows include...
Cowbo Bebop
Yu Yu Hakusho
Cyborg 009
Blue Gender
Gundam(30 series...)
Dragon Ball Z, MUST KILL DBZ
Dragon Ball
Outlaw Star
And for younger folks
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If yah looking for some good ainme There is Big O, Hellsing and Fooly Cooly

Big O: Its a has a good story line and it really makes yah think of the whole big picture its like once a question is anwerd a few pop up, But the actin is good, Espicaly if you like giant mechs, and the music is well done, So is the voice cast, The main character, Roger Simth has Spikes VA

Hellsing: Now here is a good siers, it has the right blend of action, plot and horror, just dont watch it if you dont like seeing alot of blood, Its really a good Anime Vampire siers like i said good blen of Action, with a heavy doce of Religon on the side, The music in this sires can give Bebop's a good run for its money and the first of the Soundtracks just came out. Also the voice work and animtaion is very well done the english acent is perty good and the hummor is good *thow there is little but penty of action*
" Well i see that one good thing is still alive" Alucard Hellsing

Fooly Cooly, AKA FLCL, AKA Furi Kuri: This anime is just really really funny, the soundtrack is good right up there with Bebop, Hellsing and Big O. The characters are very intersting, it might be a bit confuesing but it makes up for that is Laught value

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Thx for the replies..
Sorry if i did sumthing wrong. Erm another question which may be stupid but whats Adult Swim? I mainly watch my anime either via DVD or Sci Fi channel

Oh and on my previous thread the *** is actually meant to say Japanese abbrieviated
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Adult Swim is cartoon networks late night alter ego, like nick and nick at night only not sucky, it shows the animes

12:00 AM Fooly Cooly (its on its last eipsode tongiht)
12:30 AM Blue Gender
1:00 AM Trigun
1:30 AM Cowboy Bebop

another place that shows anime is TechTv they

12:00 AM Crest of The Stars
12:30 AM Dual!

also Sic Fi channle shows anime? what day and at what time?

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Leo [/i]
[B]Erm another question which may be stupid but whats Adult Swim? I mainly watch my anime either via DVD or Sci Fi channel[/B][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=red]Adult swim is on Cartoon Network. It comes on at 11:00, but the anime they show isn't on until 12:00.(besides on Sundays when they show Big O at 11:00) But the time they're on depends on what part of the US you live in.(Note: Their anime is edited some, though not as much as say... something on Toonami)

They show: Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Big O, Blue Gender, and they're going to have Inu Yasha on there again on the 25th. They also used to have Lupin III, and I imagine it'll be on there again some time in the future.

You also might wanna check out Tech TV's anime unleashed block.

As for anime I reccomend:

Spririted away(movie)
Princess Mononoke(movie)
Laputa: Castle in the Sky(movie)
Kiki's Delivery Service(movie)
Grave of the Fireflies(movie)
Excel Saga(26 episode)If you like humor.:D
Trigun(26 episode)
FLCL(6 episode)yet another great funny one.

that's really all I can think of right now...[/COLOR]
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Thx for the recommendations.
As for anime on Sci Fi (in UK), its on Thursdays (so tonight) normally on at midnight but sometimes a bit later such as tonight its on at 1:30 am and its showing...O_o DragonHalf...haven't seen that yet so another one to add to my list...

Since I'm in UK i have something called CNX on Sky but its not showing anime most of the time its showing Japanese, Korean and Chinese language movies most of the time..
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Lucky you over here state side Sicfi Channel stop putting out anime back in 98' or 99' i think, and that stinks the should some cool movies back then, ah the good old days, Oh well there is always hope that Sicfi will bring back its anime

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[color=hotpink][size=1]Well, I'm not sure whether or not this thread should be closed or not, but it doesn't seem like too much conversation is generating from it. If you want to know which anime to get, just look around this forum. The threads posted reflect what people are into as of now. Read up and then see what you think. ^_^

Thread Closed.[/color][/size]
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