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[size=1][spoiler]If any of you have beaten Advance Wars 2, you may have noticed that obvious hints at another game. Sturm dies, and Hawke takes over, and blah blah. That being said, I'll switch to the non-spoiler part of this thread.[/spoiler]

What would you think about Advance Wars 3? AW2 was a solid improvement on the first, but if they ever made a third, how could it improve?

I don't want any more CO Powers. Normal and Super are great. But adding an Ultra/Mega power wouldn't appeal to me. I think a better idea would be to make more use of the BattleMaps. Instead of new powers, you could buy additional bonuses to add to one of your powers. There would be a limit of course. You can only add a certain amount of bonuses to a power and even less for a super power. I think this could really add to the multiplayer gameplay, knowing that your friends can sue the same CO, but their powers may differ.

Example of different bonus to add:
-Sonja could get some sort of vision chain. If she spots an enemy, she get's that enemy's vision. If that enemy sees another unit, she gets that unit's vision, and so forth. Eventualy you could be able to see every enemy unit if they travel close together. (Not visible if hiding in trees/reefs.)
-When Kanbei uses a power, his deployment costs could return to normal for that turn. This could possibly have upgrades.

Another feature that would be nice is an improved color edit system. I think it would be nicer if you could use a paint bucket tool. This is harder, but it bugs me when some CO's have a color scheme that look better on others. Maybe more color features could be purchased from Hachi.

If you notice, a lot of my ideas could be bought from Battlemaps. Which means we'll need more coins. How to do that? More campaign modes. Maybe the country campaigns could be seperate and perhaps a tad bit longer. I liked what they did with Hard Campaign in AW2. Having new missions relplacing some of the easier ones was cool. they should do that too every mission in hard campaign, but still have the same backstory. I'd also like an updated classic campaign form the original game. And what I mean by original, I mean the one from Super Famicom Wars.

What do you think?[/size]
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I'd like the game to come out on Gamecube, and that it looks like this:

Yeah, I'd like the game to use cel-shading. Also, there should be a bigger variety of naval units, and the ability to attack before moving.
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[size=1]I figured that all of my demands would be to much, and would end up as a console game. But that would be cool. The graphics don't need to be stunning.

The also need new modes of multiplayer/campaign. I think they should get a Capture the Flag mode. Anything could be the flag. Like weapon plans for a new Hybrid Tank! Lol. They also need a racing mode. For example, whoever gets to their HQ first. Or whoever's recon makes 3 laps around the arena.

I also think that Design Room need's a seriosu update. At least the Map-Making aspect of it. I was so dissapointed to learn that you can't build Black Cannons or lasers. I think those should appear in BattleMaps after you beat the mission they first appear in. New weapons should include a Warhead (levels terrain to plains in a 5x5 grid) and reduces units HP to 1. They also need new levels of height. Not just mountains, but raised plateaus that can be stacked on top of eachother.

And AW3 also needs special unit abilities. Like infantry should be able to go to airports/sea ports and transform into hang gliders and deep-sea divers. Under certain circumstances Recons should be able to get destroyed, but remain on the field. Then the recon's only function is to load infantry, and become active after that.

So many new features should be added. ::sigh::[/size]
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