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Writing no one ever reads my poetry!


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Please will someone just read and comment on these, I'll put on my others if people like mine.


When the winds die down
And the torment finally ceases,
Then I can leave this cellar
And be on my way again.
I'll travel this lonely
That I've been on since who-knows-when.
Maybe I'll meet another wanderer
And we'll share roads for a while.
We'll talk of our journeys
And what we've seen so far
But when we break away
The storm will come again.

Please tell me how it is and be honest, I'm a big boy, I can take it!!
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It makes sence to me. I like it, the storms and wind coming once more once another heart break is there. Or so it is to me. In my thoughts it's a good idea having used two wanderer. From the fact that they wanderer and can't really get too attached to something, cause they'll end up leaving it some times. Well written.
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