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RPG The Remaining Fighters

Jubei Yagyou

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OOC: Sorry for starting it late.

Okay here is the story line, the people in the rpg, and the rules. Remember [B]the recruitment is CLOSED.[/B] Unless you PM me and I except.

[i]After years of industrial war and technalogy taking over the world only few pure fighters still standing. Some willing to risk their lives to bring the world back to its natural ways, but there are some of which that wish to take control of the world and enslave innocent people and kill those who think they have sinned against the world. There have been many skirmish's and battles against one pure fighting group to another, but an unknown force that seems to be controlling the side of vengence and evil, a force that is unmatched in the way of fighting. The force is a man, a man named Ken of the hell flame, he was known by that name many years ago but suddenly dissapeared, but now Ken is back. Who will save the world? Who will destroy it?[/i]

Oji Ryu
Trigun 11
Dark Wolf

Italics is thinking in first person. But when describing things, it must be in third person, not first person. and if you are going to do things like this example from one of my rpg's that someone did,

Tical: I got a plan.
Kenji: WERE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!
Tical: SHUT UP YOU BAKA!!!!! Anyway we'll sneak in through the roof.
Kenji/Zachi: WHAT KINDA PLAN IS THAT???!!!!
Tical: You got somethin better? Ok, we need to stay away from their ultra strong shuricken. They can bust through walls.
Zachi/Tical: Shut Up!!!
Tical: Lets go.

Thats not exceptible (sp?) the posts in this rpg MUST have a good quality with exceptional puncation, spelling, and grammer.

Here goes,

[I]The air is thick, I must find shelter quickly, I sense evil close by.[/I]

A man in a ninja outfit was walking through the forest, blood dripping from his arm. Trying to find shelter he started to run.

[I]This is not good, the injury on my arm isn't helping.[/I]

The man saw a hut next to a large oak tree. He walked over, now breathing hardly. Nobody answered the door, but the man heard footsteps behind him...
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The crowd cheered. Vox evades a atack, rollouts (a move that rolls you closer to a foe for higher power) and finishes the Blood Rain combo. His oponet falls to the ground and there is a loud mermer in the crowd. Vox limps out the steel ring he was fighting in, away from the monstrous fighter who nearly took his head off.

Vox walked to the concetion stand to claim his prize. Vox growled at the money. Only worth about 10 ounces of gold. Vox heaved a sing and limped out of the place. Gangsters never give up money. Even when it is a fight between a huge guy with a gun and a light footed little guy who has only his fists.

Vox looked around. Typical slums. Vox sighed. He came out the wrong end and is now lost.
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"Can I help you?" Nitsu held the point of her glaive against the odd man's back. "If you are here for a fight... then I think I have won...."

The man had frozen completly. He spoke with no anger in his voice. "No, im not here to fight.... Im hurt.... I need shelter for the night, if this is your hut, Could I please stay here for the night?"

Nitsu glance at the wond on his arm, it was really bad. She smiled and brought her glaive down. "Of course you can stay, im sorry about my rude introduction.... It's just.... you can't seem to trust everyone these days." She opened the door and showed him inside.
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"Thank you very much miss..."

"Nitsu, just call me Nitsu."

Akumatsu turned around and smiled. Nitsu looked into his eyes and glared with horror.

"Y-your eyes." Nitsu pointed at Akumatsu's eyes, that were as white as the clouds formerly in the sky.

"Don't worry, blind as a bat I am, may I walk in?"
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Nitsu sighed. She though that maybe he had just gone blind recently. "Of course" she opened the door and they both walked in. It was a small little hut. It had a bed in the far corner and few places to put clothes and a small cooking area. It also had a table and few chairs.

"Is this your home?" The man asked looking around even though he couldn't see anything.

"Well, for now... I came here about 2 weeks ago looking for some shelter like yourself. No one was here so I stayed for a few days. Until it's time for me to leave, Im staying here, and you are also welcome to stay." She said smiling to him. He smiled too, as if he could sense her doing it rather then seeing.
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Akumatsu looked around, there was only one bed. Then Akumatsu said, "I shall sleep on ground, but first do you have any bandages of some sort, my arm is in pain."

Nitsu opened a cabinet with bandages and tied it arounds Akumatsu's arm, "Man, you sure are bleeding alot, how did you get this wound?"

"Terrorist's holding a child hostage at a local bank shot me in the arm."

"By stray fire?" Nitsu finished bandaging the arm and put the bandages away.

"No, another man tried to save her. But he was shot dead on the way out. The girl tried to escape and was shot at, most of the bullets missed but I sensed one going towards the girl and I took the shot and took the girl to safety."

Nitsu looked at Akumatsu and said...
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(ooc sry to ooc agian but where are the others on this? ooc)

Vox walks around. He does this because he is lost of course. Strange huh. Just the wrong side and a night and he gets lost. Any ways he finds a hut and decides he should at least use the tree and hut as wind breaks.

He falls asleep and just hopes he wakes up before somone wakes up and comes out this time.
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"You can sense things..." She looked at his completly white eyes. "How is it possible to sense someone shooting at someone else?" Nitsu asked.

Akumatsu rubbed his hand gently over the bandage to make sure it was tight enough. He looked down at the floor. "Im not really sure myself...." He stood up and placed his weapons on the table.

"So..." Nitsu started as she wlaked over to him, once again glancing at his blank white eyes. "How did that happen?"
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