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If you're into R&B, hip-hop, and spoken-word poetry, then you'll love the group Floetry. I bought their album [i]Floetic[/i] earlier today, and I can't get enough of it.

You might remember them as those two women who sing "Say Yes," where the chorus consists of them saying "so so so" over and over, and one of them seems to stop and have sex half-way through the song. Don't let my description of the song fool you; it's actually a good song.

Floetry are two women, both from the UK, who moved to the US (Atlanta, Georgia to be exact) and began a career in spoken-word poetry. The "Floacist" is the more rap-oriented member of the group; often speaking songs in a poetic tone of voice or sometimes rapping. The other member is the "Songstress" or singer, who provides many of the melodies to each song.

Their songs aren't the typical "rap a verse, sing a chorus, rap a verse, sing a chorus, sing a bridge, sing a chorus" format, although their first single "Floetic" might lead one to believe that. Both of them might speak/sing in unison or alternate every couple of lines. Sometimes, the Floacist might sing in the background. They blend spoken-word with R&B in a way that's not normally found in mainstream music, especially in the US.

Before releasing their album not-too-long-ago, they wrote songs for some of the top names in music. Anyone ever heard "Butterflies" by Michael Jackson? Yo.
Their demo version of the song is even included in their album.

And if you're wondering about the lyrics, don't. You won't find any songs about violence, being materialistic, or demeaning either gender/sex. They also aren't going to preach to you about what they think of those songs (I just find songs criticizing other songs to be annoying. I don't know about you) or how there's a single mother/stripper struggling to make ends meet. So if you're looking for something deep, but not in-your-face deep, you might like this album.

Well, I'm just rambling. What do the rest of you think of Floetry? Love? Hate? Indifference?
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