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Writing The Fire

Guest Meryt

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[I]Flames of fire,
Lie beyond a byre,

A thousand flames,
Ten thousand shames,

Flickering light,
it's eyes behold a sight,

Crackling flames engulf itself,
Withering hopes dwell on self,

Yearning desires,
Quench not this fire,

Flames evoke smoke,
Tended with an iron stoke,

Noises and burning cinders,
Fighting wood burns and slanders,

Rage and fury breathe it's life,
The wood is bound to it's momentary strife,

At last flames and torment dim down
Their fury muffling with little sound,

Their coupling finished,
The flame sheathed,
Conquer is what it bequeath

Alas, the wood but burnt ruined cinders and ashes,
One last flicker, the flaming roar lashes,

The fire is dead, victory achieved,
Laying in defeat, the wood conceived.


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