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Writing The Night

Guest Meryt

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[I]I came up with this one night, when I was contemplating/admiring the night

The night. A great mystery and comfort. Fathomless darkness encircles all around as it's glittering orbs speckle the sky. All devoured within this shed. Breezes, it's breathe brething down my neck and face.

Eyes all around, spying everything and everyone, no silence. Voices speak, muffled together in their mirth.

Hidden dangers, visual beings surviving in it's cloak of shadow. Who knows what lies beyond this darkness, this world of deceit and fabrications.

I marvel in it all, not necessarily as others might proceed in doing. A admiration and calming comfort rises in me at this time. My solace, my friend, my confidant. It's cloak, it's shield intriques me like no other. The wind, it's voices, speak, speak to me, let me understand. Show me your wonders and delights even though I don't fully understand or conceive your darkness.

Shining in the moon light, ivory beams casting above molds and vastness of it's land. Casting a light within. Casting light upon sparkiling waves of crystaline waters. Calm they be, accepting this glowing light, this fragile beauty under the whim of their lord and master.

Scents mingling withing the atmosphere, flowing with the voices and the shadows. Innocence, danger, bloodshed, love.

A endless jungle, you may not see it in traditional terms but the jungle is there. I n each place you look.

Endless battle always in occurance at some point, somewhere...........

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