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Writing Digimon Tamers II [info]


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[size=1][b]I might as well give you all the information I have right now on this subject. I'll post all the information I will be using so that you and I can easliy access it at anytime. Hopefully this is allowed, and if it is not, please alert me at any time.


This story takes place two years after the season, so each tamer, excluding Ai, Mako and Suzie, is fifteen. Ai and Mako are seven and Suzie is nine.

In the beginning, Ryo is attacked while talking to Rika (who moved to the United States because of her mom's job) on the phone by a Black DigiGnome. Takato, Henry, Suzie, Kenta and Kazu recieved a call from Rika saying that something happened to Ryo. They rush over and are each ambushed by a Gazimon. Chased through and out of the house, each is saved by their Digimon, who are still in In-Training form.

After everything is settled, everyone has their Digimon again and the group is together, the Digimon tell of how the Digital World has suddenly been terrorized by a gang of ten Digimon calling themselves the [u]Darkness Rebels[/u]. Somehow, these Digimon have obtained the power of Digivolution.

Influencing villages of Digimon, they have gather tens of thousands of Digimon to join their rebellion on the Sovereigns and the Real World. One by one, Digimon are appearing without a Digital Cloud or any notice.

[u]The Tamers and their Digimon[/u]

Tamer: Takato Matsuki
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Red
Digimon: Guilmon
Biomerge: Gallantmon?CrimsonGallantmon?MedievalGallantmon

Tamer: Henry Lee
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Green
Digimon: Terriermon
Biomerge: MegaGargomon?Fuujinimon

Tamer: Rika Nonaka
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Blue
Digimon: Renamon
Biomerge: Sakuyamon?Sakuyamon Priestess Mode

Tamer: Ryo Akiyama
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Royal Blue/Black (Target)
Digimon: Monodramon
Biomerge: Justimon

Tamer: Kazu Shioda
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Orange
Digimon: Kokuwamon
Biomerge: HiAndromon

Tamer: Kenta Kitagowa
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Dark Purple
Digimon: Patamon
Biomerge: MarineAngemon

Tamer: Suzie Lee
Age: 9
D-Power Color: Pink
Digimon: Lopmon
Biomerge: Kerpymon

Tamer: Jeri Katou
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Gold
Digimon: Elecmon
Biomerge: SaberLeomon

Tamer: Ai & Mako Ushidu
Age: Both-7
D-Power Color: Purple
Digimon: Impmon
Biomerge: Beelzemon (Mako)?Beelzemon Blast Mode (Ai)

[u]New[/u] [kinda] [u]Recruitments[/u]

Tamer: Alice McCoy
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Black
Digimon: Labramon
Biomerge: Anubismon

Tamer: Reid Arnold
Age: 15
D-Power Color: Light Blue
Digimon: Lucemon
Biomerge: Dominimon

Tamer: Kai Matsuki
Age: 14
D-Power Color: Red (Target)/Orange
Digimon: Candlemon
Biomerge: Lampmon

As some of you know, I planned on bringing the S2 characters in, but I have decided against it for now.

[u]Darkness Rebels[/u]

Salamon: Puppy Howling, Petit Punch, Sledge Crash.
BlackGatomon: Lightning Paw, Lightning Kick, Cat?s Eye.
LadyDevimon: Darkness Wave, Evil Wing.
Lillithmon: Phantom Pain, Nazar Nail.

Salamon: Puppy Howling, Petit Punch, Sledge Crash.
Mikemon: Cat Claw, Meatball Punch.
Persiamon: Vampire Dance, Helter Skelter.
Kuzuhamon: Womb Mandala, Reverse Tengu?s Rice, Reverse Rica Cord.

DemiDevimon: Demi Dart, Evil Whisper, Butt Smasher.
Devimon: Touch of Evil, Evil Wing, Laser Wing, Dungeon Curse.
SkullSatamon: Nail Bone, Skull Hammer.
Deathmon: Eye Blow.

Keramon: Network Flapping, Crazy Giggle.
Duskmon: Deadly Gaze.
Velgmon: Zone Deleter, Master of Darkness.
Galfmon: Dead Scream, Black Requiem.

Sharmamon: Sharma Hammer, Mad Twist, Dancing Bone.
Bakemon: Dark Claw, Evil Charm, Ghost Chop.
Pumpkinmon: Pumpkin Squash, Trick or Treat.
Puppetmon: Puppet Pummel, Lie.

BlackAgumon: Pepper Breath, Mechanical Bash, Mega Crusher.
Deltamon: Triplex Forces, Serpent Bite.
Kimeramon: Heat Viper, Poison Wing, Scissor Claw.
Millenniumon: Dimension Destroyer, Ultimate Fusion, Time Unlimited.

Witchmon: Poison Storm.
Arukenimon: Spider Thread, Venom Mist, Acid Mist, Spirit Needle.
Babamon: Empress Haze, Dark Broom.

Goblimon: Goblin Strike, Fireball Goblin Strike, Goburi Bomb, Goburi Strike, Life Shield, Goburi Rush.
Tuskmon: Horn Buster, Slamming Tusk, Bayonet Lancer.
Mummymon: Snake Bandage, Long Machine Gun, Dark Fear.
Murmuxmon: Gehenna Flame, Necro Interrogation.

Gizamon: Spiral Saw, 4-leg Kick, Water Cure.
Gesomon: Coral Crusher, Elastic Arms, Evil Punch, Knight?s Dome.
MarineDevimon: Dark Deluge, Evil Wind, Darkness Water.
Pukumon: Needle Squall, Globefish Poisoning.

Mushroomon: Fungus Crusher, Laughing Smasher, Giggle Grenade, Mushroom Mash.
Woodmon: Branch Bash, Twig Tap, Woody Smasher.
Blossomon: Spiral Flower, Thorn Whips, Ninja Flower.
Rosemon: Thorn Whip, Rose Spear.

I'll probably add more New Recruitments and Darkness Rebels, so keep your eye out. Between now and then, tell me what you think.

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Kumori Urufu [/i]
[B][SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]I agree... if you ever actually finish this one[/COLOR][/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

[size=1][b]I never said I wasn't working on my previous project, did I? Don't assume things, because you [should] know what assuming makes out of yourself. ;)[/b][/size]
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