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Writing "Fallen" One of my many poems i have lurking around. Please R+R!!


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[COLOR=crimson] Well, I just thought i'd post one of my poems in here to see what reaction i'll get from it ^_^ I have tons more lurking about in the realms of my computer, so if the feedback is good i may post some more.
This was written for my girlfriend quite some time ago..I think it's one of my more sweeter works. I hope everyone likes it! and don't forget to R+R!! Feedback is a Bish's best friend! *grins*


Your fingertips trace me
As they do each and every night
I try to chain the passion of my emotions
Yet this feeling i cradle is so right.

I've given my heart to you
I watch your face and all I can do is stare
Smile as i know you really do care
I look into your eyes, everything i've ever been searching for
I find there
And I fall for you all over again.

I feel like im standing on the edge of the world
Spreading my broken wings, trying to jump
Your my inspiration, i've surpassed my stump.

As i soar into the sky, Its your name i call
Knowing you'll be waiting for me
To catch me when i finally fall.

They became jealous..
Rid you of your wings and threw you to the ground
They couldn't stand your beauty
Against your voice, their lips held no sound.

I watch your demonic innocence
Bite my lip as i continue to stare
Wishing i was beside you, wishing i was there...

You tell me that I'm crazy
Im proud to admit its true..

But believe me angel
I was at my sanest

When i fell in love with you...

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