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Writing Leave Me Alone


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From now to then
From then to now
It all gets mixed up somehow
We grow up
We change and fold
Grow cold and old
Bend and mold
We snap and break
We love and hate
We give and take
And all for what?
Please tell me this
Or perhaps I'll live
In ignorant bliss
It's all for something
I know that much
But it's hard to believe
When you're cold to the touch
So leave me alone

You don't talk to me anymore
And that's just fine
I wish it weren't so
But you can't be mine
We both are so sorry
But that can't help this time
Things will never change now
Things will always be the same now
So leave me alone

They said,
They said we were dead
They said we'd bled
Everything out of us
I guess they were right
Cause I lie awake at night
Wondering what happened to me
Wondering where I'd be
If I hadn't met you
What would I do?
I'd probably be gone
But would that be so wrong?
I wouldn't know this ache
Wouldn't know how much you could take
Away from me
Or who I used to be
I'm not me now
I can't be now
So just leave me alone

So let's play games no more
For they make me ache to the core
Let's allow this to decay
And let's both go home
So go away
And leave me alone

Listen to me
I sound like a lunatic
All this sadness is ludacris
I forgot to mention that I'm getting better
Getting clever
They say time heals all wounds
But that's not true
Trying to heal is no use
If you don't want to
You can drown in your self loathing
You can keep your coating
Of hatred on your life
Or you can look the other way
At that brighter day
At the light shining on the decay
And it's small at first
It's nearly invisible
But cling to that light
Make it indivisible
From who you are
Think about it with all your might
Hold onto it tight
Because it's all you've ever been
All you ever could've been
It's you
And after that,see
You're day is only as bad as you allow it to be
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