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Well, it's the beginnings of one anyway. This story takes place after Digistory: Entrance of Nightmare, so some references may be made that only a few people understand. But hey, it's Digimon, so we're used to unexplained stuff happening, right?
Still needs a creative title too. >_<

Blockmon, Healermon, Deciperemon, and Bhaumon. These are the names of the digimon created by Ben, the Digidestined with the Crest of Reason, formally the Accursed Crest of Insanity. We find these digimon walking through the Digital World, their friend and creator havng been sent back to the "Real World." The four digimon missed him terribly, but none so much as Blockmon.

Blockmon had technically been Ben's first digimon partner. Though not assuredly his first partner, he was certainly the first Ben had created. The bond between them ran deep, and their seperation sapped all the energy from Blockmon, or so it seemed.

Deciperemon and Bhaumon were not so close to Ben so did not feel hi absence as keenly. They indeed did miss Ben, but felt that they should remain strong in his absence. They had not spent much time with Ben; Bhaumon only a mere three weeks. Their link with their digidestined child had not yet grown as deep as that which bonded him and Blockmon. Healermon did miss Ben too, but it was in his nature to remain hopeful and not slip into a melancholy state.

They were headed towards the Crest Temple, in the hopes that Ben would once again be called to the Digital World. He had been forced by Gennai to surrender up his Crest to be stored at the Temple, lest he be tempted to use its powers in the human world. Surey, they figured, his first idea would be to retrieve the item.

The four blue digimon were walking on a well-travelled dirt path, with acres of grass all around. They had been walking for days in silence, and seeemd to be no closer to...well...[I]anywhere[/I] than before. Deciperemon had once pointed this out to the others, but they paid him no heed.

One day, thus far as uneventful as the others, they came across a group of five other digimon. Four of them were Gazimon, the fifth, a Tuskmon. They were blocking the road, and looked quite smug about about it. The Gazimon closest to the spoke.

"You're not going anywhere, human-borns." he sneered.

"What?" asked Bhaumon groggily. "What do you mean?"

"You were created by Ben, the kid with the Crest of Insanity." another Gazimon snarled.

"Yeah, but it's the Crest of Reason now, he's a good guy." replied Deciperemon.

"Yeah right, so why isn't he here with you, [I]helping people?[/I]" another sneered.

"He had to go back home." answered Bhaumon.

"More likely the Guardians banished him before he could do anymore evil." rumbled the Tuskmon.

"He's not evil." said Blockmon, slowly lifting his head to peer at the Champion. "He's changed now. I saw the Crest change. I saw [I]him[/I] change. He's not evil anymore."

"Yeah, right." snapped a Gazimon.

"I think I could take two of them." muttered Bhaumon.

"I could take one, eh, maybe another half." replied Deciperemon. "What I'm not so sure about is how we're gonna take down the Champion."

Blockmon, however, was already moving menacingly towards the offensive digimon barring the road. Healermon followed him. Slowly, implacably, they advanced on the four Gazimon. The Gazimon flinched, then launched their Electric Stun Blasts. A solid wall of bricks suddenly appeared in front of Blockmon, shielding him from attacks. Healermon did the same, using his Team Attack ability.

By the time the Gazimon were prepared for another attack, it was too late. Hammers suddenly appeared in the hands of Blockmon and Healermon.

"Block Hammer!" they cried in unison.

With their new formed weapons, the two of them savagely beat the pulp out of the Gazimon. Blockmon was a blur, his wings beating like a frenzied hummingbird's. He flew around, knocking out teeth and bruising ribs. Healermon was in their too, slamming his hammers onto any of the Gazimon who got too close to Blockmon.

When the Gazimon had given up and ran, the Tuskmon remained, stamping the earth and roaring his defiance.

"You may have scared them off, but you'll never defeat me!" he bellowed.

"Not alone they won't." said Deciperemon quietly. He and Bhaumon stepped up beside Blockmon and Healermon.

"Stand aside." The four Rookies demanded together.

"Never!" roared Tuskmon. "[B]Slamming Tusk![/B]"

Three ofthe four Rookies leapt nimbly aside, avoiding the attack. Bhaumon stood his ground, his arm glowing a multifaceted blue. There was a dark look in his eye and a reckless set to his jaw.

"[I]SEVERE FIST![/I]" he barked, slamming his fist into Tuskmon's oncoming charge.

The contact of the two attacks caused the air around them to ripple outward, bending the arid grass for miles. Energy spurted from Bhaumon's arm and Tuskmon's horns gleamed. The two stood their for what seemed like an eternity, neither willing nor able to yield. Finally, Tuskmon's charge went through, sending the blue Rookie spiraling through the air.

The other three Rookies, shaking off their stunned awe of what had occurred, charged the Champion from their position in the rear. Blockmon flew in, slamming his hammers into Tuskmon's face. Deciperemon ran to the front, pelting Tuskmon's chest with his Feinted Blasts. Healermon was using his Healer Ray on the recuperative Bhaumon.

Healermon watched grimly as his friends attacked the massive reptile. Though they were in much better stamina than Tuskmon, and were keeping him in a state of pain, that's all they could do. They lacked sufficient power to finish him off, all except Bhaumon, who was unconscious. Healermon smiled despite what was occurring. Ben had had a soft spot for ceative attacks. Unfortunately, that didn't help them now. The thought of Ben stirred a feeling inside Healermon. It was a feeling of deep and presiding hope. A hope that they would see him again. A hope that they could all be together again. A hope that would help defeat this Champion.

Suddenly, Healermon began to glow. He levitated into the air, eyes fileld with wonder. Then he glowed brighter, until the light engulfed him and he could no longer be seen.

"Healermon...Armor Digivolve to...!"


Any comments would be much appreciated, even meaningless ones, as they keep the thread from going onto page 2.
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[COLOR=deeppink]Heh, good story Ben.

The only thing I can see wrong with it was that you kept using "their" instead of "there".

Also, a little description on the characters wouldn't hurt. I know what Blockmon looks like, but I'm not sure anyone who isn't an old-school Digipeep would.[/COLOR]
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Right. Descriptions. :p Forgot about those...

Well, there's a picture of Blockmon here:


I'm not sure if the link works, though...

Healermon looks like Piximon, only he is sky blue, much like Blockmon, and has darker blue eyes. He's bigger than Piximon, a bit bigger than a Betamon.

Deciperemon is kind of a Demidevimon/Impmon figure. Has the humanoid body of Impmon, but with Demidevimon's bluish-gray color and face cover/mask thingy.

Bhaumon has a body much like Palmon's, buth insead has human-ish hands and reptilian feet. He has the head of a Betamon, with Koromon's ear/antenna thingy's instead of the fins. He's deep, deep blue.

EDIT: Next part of the story...

The light surrounding Healermon flashed suddenly and disappeared, leaving two small digimon. They were childlike, adorned with golden armor and floppy cream-colored robes. They had tufts of pale hair on their heads and orange horn-like protrusions.

"He armor-digivolves and makes [I]them[/I]?!" guffawed Tuskmon. "I could crush them with one stomp."

The two small digimon stood up, cheeck to cheeck, and waved their hands in a kind of "bring it on" gesture. Tuskmon charged at them, hurling aside Blockmon and Deciperemon. There was foam on his lips and an insane glare in his eyes.

At the last second, the two small digimon split apart, then jumped back in and kicked Tuskmon in the ribs, their feet glowing with a golden light. Tuskmon roared in pain, then turned to face them. He was met by a pair of glowing fists. He staggered back. The two digimon ran at him, leapt into the air, and slammed their once again glowing feet into his chest. They had not said a word the whole time. Tuskmon swiped at them with his claws, but they backflipped to opposite sides of the road.

Tuskmon, totally enraged now, charged at the one to his left. The little digimon leapt into the air and grabbed the hand of its partner, who had leapt up as well. They spun once, positioning themselves over Tuskmon, then slamemd onto his back.

He did not get back up.

The two digimon gave each other a high five and in the instant of their contact, a light flared and Healermon stood in their place.

"Okay...what just happened?" asked Blockmon.

"Somehow I armor-digivolved and kicked Tuskmon's reptilian butt." replied.

"Yeah, but [I]how[/I] did you armor-digivolve?" asked Deciperemon. "Ben isn't here, and he doesn't even have any digieggs."

"But we do." said Bhaumon. He limped over. "Look what fell when you de-digivolved."

He held out his hand. In it he held a small digiegg. It had the symbol of Hope on it. Suddenly, it shuddered and metamorphosed into a d-terminal. The four digimon stared at it in dumbfounded fascination. Bhaumon hled it out, and Healermon took it.

"So, what do we do now?" he asked.

"We keep going." said Blockmon.

"We don't even know if we're going the right way." pointed out Bhaumon.

"I know." replied Blockmon. "But what have we got to lose?"

The other three Rookies immediately began to cynically list everything they could possibly think of that they had to lose.

"All right! All right! I guess we've got some things to lose. If it makes you feel any better, I'll take a look around from up there." he said, gesturing at the sky.

"We'd probably be much happier if you did." replied Deciperemon.

"Happy? [I]You?[/I]" Blockmon laughed and leapt into the air.

"Find us a place to stay for the night!" shouted Healermon.

Blockmon swerved in the air, gave them a thumbs up sign, and took off again. The other three digimon trudged on through the road, absently kicking Tuskmon on their way.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or comments. I'd like to know who's reading this so I can elt them know when I update it. Thanks! :D
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Heh, I would PM but that would mean you'd have to double-post, or at least wait for someone else to comment :p

I like it. I noticed your style's quite similar to mine, which made it rather interesting to read (in that I can see its structure more easily, not because I love myself).

I can see a few grammatical errors, but they're nothing huge ^_^ In all I think it's very good. One thing I might suggest would be to vary the structure of direct speech lines- it's fine as it is, but just altering how they're presented can give more scope for emotional description, things like that. Not huge or necessarily great advice, but maybe something to think about, heh.
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Eh, could you explain what you mean by the dialogue, Solo? A PM would probably be good.



Blockmon returned some time later and led the rest of them to a farm owned and operated by a Kunemon. He agreed to let them spend the night in the barn in return for their help the following day. They agreedm and he led them to the barn.

It felt strange to sleep on the soft, warm hay after spending so many nights on the cold, rocky ground by the side of the road. They were all quite comfortable, and talked sleepily amongst themselves. Then Blockmon sat up.

"Why do they have all this hay?" he asked aloud. "It's not like there are any cows here." They all laughed at that. Then several sleepy voices came from out of the dark.

"Hey, quiet down!"

"We're tryin' to get some sleep here!"

"What's goin' on?"

Several Sukamon shambled out of the stalls of the barn. Ben's four digimon started in surprise. The Sukamons' eyes sudden;y brightened upon seeing Ben's digimon.

"Hey, a bedtime snack!" one exclaimed.

The blue quartet leapt up and prepared to defend themselves. The Sukamons, however, didn't seem to be remotely interested in them. They plowed through Ben's digimon and started eating the hay, chuckling foolishly. Ben's digimon stared for a few moments. Then, one by one, they shuffled to the other side of the barn, and went to sleep.
Side Note: Healermon's Hope form is Gemnimon, but he/they is/are a mute, so the name isn't said after digivolution. The attacks are Gemini Punch and Gemini Kick.

Blockmon, Healermon, Deciperemon, and Bhaumon woke up the next morning feeling thoroughly refreshed, though a little sore from sleeping where there had been scarce straw. So, after a few minutes of stretching and groaning, they walked out of the barn. They were met by a small Motimon, who excitedly told them to go to the house for breakfast.

When they entered the kitchen their nostrils were assaulted by an indescribably pleasing aroma. They wafted over to the table, drooling slightly. The Kunemon who owned the farm shuffled over to the table and deposited a platter of what appeared to be yellowish-green pancakes. The four Rookies looked at each other, then at the food, and then at the expectedly waiting Kunemon.

"I made them myself." he said proudly.

"I'm sure they're.....great." said Healermon, hesitantly taking one and putting it on his plate. It definitely [I]smelled[/I] good. The others also took single portions and looked at each other rather uncertainly. Slowly, painfully, Deciperemon raised one of them to his mouth and took a bite. His eyes suddenly widened, and he scarfed down the rest of his serving. Then he grabbed another and downed it just as quickly. The others, seeing his euphoria, also began to eat theirs. Their reactions were much the same as his had been and soon their wasn't a single pancake left on the platter.

"Those were really good." said Blockmon, sitting back contentedly.

"Yeah, they weren't bad for my first try at lichen cakes." commented the Kunemon.

"What cakes?" asked Bhaumon; Healermon suddenly disappeared beneath the table and they could hear the sounds of his retching.

"Never mind." said Blockmon, cutting off the Kunemon. "I get the feeling that we don't want to know.

"Indeed you don't." came Healermon's muffled reply.

"Now about that service you agreed to provide me in exchange for staying in the barn, and for breakfast of course." the Kunemon clacked its top legs together in a very businesslike manner.

"We'll do whatever we can." replied Blockmon.

"Good. Something keeps happening to our crops each night." said the Kunemon with a puzzled frown. "Each night, a large portion of them disappear."

"That's strange." said Healermon feebly, coming out from under the table.

"That's not the oddest part." said the Kunemon, absently scratching his head. "Wherever the missing crops were, there's some slime and a horrible stench. I personally think it's just a couple of Numemon, but my workers are spooked and they want me to do something about it."

"So, what exactly do you want us to do?" asked Bhaumon.

"My workers live quite close to the forest and are sure that it's some large and dangerous digimon that's ruining the crops. Iw ant you to go and find it."

"And do what? Slap it on the wrist and tell it 'bad boy'?" asked Deciperemon.

Kunemon sighed. "I figured that the four of you being, you know, created by Ben, would be willing to destroy the thing."

"We're leaving." said Blockmon flatly. The four digimon stood up and made for the door.

"You owe me!" said the Kunemon shrilly. "I'll tell everyone about how ungrateful you are!"

"Fine." said Blockmon somberly. "We'll do it."
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