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Gaming How Do You Get A Chaos Chao In Sonic A2 Batlle For GC


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I think you have to raise a chao and let it live a good life. When it dies it will look like its evolving. If a baby comes out your doing good. Do it again and on its third life give it ONE of EVERY animal and then you give it a special fruit.
[color=blue]Hero Fruit= Angel Chao(immortal)[/color]
[color=red]Dark Fruit=Dark Chao(immortal)[/color]
[color=green]Chao Fruit=Chaos Chao(immortal)[/color]
Then when it evolves it will turn into an advanced chao depending on what fruit you give it. I hope this helps.


I read it in a faq. i've never done it but i've been trying. i don't get to use my gamecube as often as i like.:bawl:
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