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Writing Desparation


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I wrote this while listening to Linkin Park's 'Easier To Run'. It's not really how I feel right now, but maybe it kind of is. I don't know. Just leave your opinions and such.
If I run far enough
And fast enough
This pain will all melt away
And I won't be so lost
Isn't that what will happen?
Isn't it?
If I try hard enough
No one will see the wounds of my flesh
And the scars cut so deep
No one one will see my fear
And the taunting it brings
Isn't that what will happen?
Isn't it?
If I die here and now
No one will notice
The world can pass me by
And I won't know of it
The years can fade away
And no one will remember me
Or my faults
Or my mistakes
Or my pain
Or my fears
Isn't that what will happen?
Isn't it?
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