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Writing Unknown~~

Guest Meryt

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[i]Hot days, long nights. Searching lights, wondering at these thoughts this night. A veil, a metamorphesis of sorts. The days, long and empty just like this dreary state.

Everywhere you look, these people also wondering what the day will bring to them...... or what it willtake away.
The nights, cool and peaceful. The night, confident, my compainion. Cocooned so long and far, a stream of golden light peaks through to glance on.
Peace of mind, turbulent thoughts. Blissful enchantment gleams in the darkest light. Long ongoing journey, still searching.
Piercing sphere, golden orb, light giving.

Finally.....it sets, winds and chillapproach, deception, enchanting melody.
The golden luminousdisc hidden, veiled by autumn's shadow.

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