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Writing Rurouni Kenshin : The Theif!


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I do not own any of these characters. Or for that matter I do not own Rurouni Kenshin. This is only a fan fiction. Please Read and Rate. I am not sure If I spelled the Dojo's name right x.x Oh yeah I came up with the name of the story!
Rurouni Kenshin: The Thief!
A sliding of the door of the dojo. A slight grin forms on the persons face. He silently tip toes to the woman that is laying on the floor. The young lady on the floor dreams of Himaru Kenshin and mumbles in her sleep. The kid grabs her ears and starts to pull them.
"WAKE UP MISS KAORU!" He screams, the young lady jumps up and grabs her wooden sword. Wiping her eyes so she can see it is just Yahiko.
"Yahiko! YOU LITTLE BRAT! I was havening a wonderful dream!" A angry look is on Kaoru's face and Yahiko just smiles.
"About Kenshin was it not?" Laughing he jumps out of the way of the wooden swords path and darts outside.
"I will get you Yahiko!" Kaoru screams, giving chase to Yahiko.
Sanosuke could hear the screaming, quiting his training he darts to the Kamiya Dojo. In a instant he is front of Yahiko and ruffles up his hair.
"Seems you woke up Miss Kaoru." A slight grin on his face.
Yahiko seeing the wooden sword coming rolls to the left. The end of the sword wacks Sanosuke. Looking at the over sized knot on the top of Sanosuke's head. Kenshin could not help but laugh. Sanosuke turned around, putting his right palm on the top of the knot.
"Oh very funny Kenshin, where did you come from any way?" Sanosuke grinned still rubbing the knot on his head.
"I just came from the garden, Yes I did. Look at all the vegetables we have." Before Kenshin knew Yahiko and Sanosuke was grabbing carrots, cabbages, turnips out of the basket. They took anything they could grab. They ran to the streets and began to feast on the vegetables. Kenshin looking down saw two vegetables left. It was two carrots.
"Here you go Miss Kaoru" Kenshin reached into the basket and took out both of the vegetables. Setting down the basket he walked to Miss Kaoru. Handing her one of the carrots.
"I know it is not much but those two stole the rest." Kenshin smiled as he begin to eat on the carrot.
"Why those two, rotten little pirates! I ought to go give them some of the Kamiya Style of sword techniques." Kenshin quickly grabbed Kaoru when she was just about to dart off.
"No, No Miss Kaoru. We still have vegetables in the garden, its just that I don't want to pick any more." Kaoru falls to the ground and looks at Kenshin weird.
"Your just like them two. Too lazy to do anything." Kaoru pushed her self off the ground and began dusting her self off. She began chewing on the carrot.
"Well, this carrot is good anyways." Kaoru smiled with a slight red tent on her cheeks.
Suddenely a scream came from down the streets.
"HURRY STOP THAT MAN! HE JUST STOLE ALL MY GOLD!" A woman screamed pointing to a shadowy figure that darted down the street.
Kenshin and Sanosuke ran down the streets. With Kenshin in the lead. He spotted the thief and leaped over two people. With his right leg he kicked out to the back of the thief. The thief tumbled and fell on the ground. He turned around with a shuriken in his hand and flung it at Kenshin. Thinking quickly, Kenshin knew that if he dodged it would hit innocent people behind him. Bringing out his reverse blade sword. He sent the shurken flying into a near by wall. The wall cracked as the shuriken went in. It finally stopped, Sanosuke then arrived and grabbed the thief. Raising him with one hand he laughed.
"Not much of thief are you. NOW WHO ARE YOU!" Sanosuke called out infront of the persons face.
"My name does not matter. But I have a message for you... Shishio is in Kyoto, Japan... He wants to see how strong you got Kenshin..." Before Sanosuke and Kenshin could blink the man disappeared. His cloak still in the hand of Sanosuke.
Back at the dojo, Kaoru and Kenshin discussed the matter of the the thief. They new that Kenshin would have to go to Kyoto, Japan. The only thing is that Kenshin did not want to bring his friends along. Dangering their lives would be the worst thing that could happen right now. He snuck out late that night. Sanosuke was following him but Kenshin did not know that he was behind him about one day or so. Kenshin camped into the woods that night. Unwrapping a cloth that he packed in his bag. A peice of Bread was in his hand. He ate the bread and quickly fell alseep!

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