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Writing Wispers - not a poem


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[color=indigo][center]Have you ever had the feeling you were diffrent? Like there was something you needed to rember but couldn't? I feel that way all the time. And I wonder, if anyone else does. This isnt a poem, more like an insight, into myself, not like anyone needs to know this, but I was just curious. Things have happened, myth, legend, how can they be proven untrue? Dragons, Unicorns, Vampires, Deamon and Angel. They had to come from someplace, some anchient tale passed down through the generations, derived form somethign true. The human race has secretes, deep dark secretes, a clouded, evil misguided past. Things I wish to know. the answers are out there. Someone needs to find them. Have you ever walked alone at night and felt osmething watchign you, but didn't know why. Darkness, the undead. Sprits back fromthe grave? Maby. But whats really behind humans? And religion, Some are simple, as busisim is. everyone knows, no hidden secretes. But christanity..maby deep dark secretes lie within that. Anchient evils, darkness within religion. They condem the sinners, but wasn't it Jesus, when dieing on the cross, forgave a thief, and a murderer? Allowed them into heaven? Divine grac,e to a killer, Jesus Christ, forgiving sinners, but the clatholic church won't? Blashphomey. I think things are nown, but someone isn't talking. My mind is consumed by it, I feel i'm ment for something, somethign bigger..my quest for answers has begun. I have two phrases of advice to any how feel the same as I. firstly, read between the lines. And Secondly, when you stare into the abyss, sometimes, the abyss stares back.[/color][/center]
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