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RPG Devil May Cry: Dark Future


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OOC: Please check the Recruitment thread for updates I made as of last Friday, including any grievances with your signups. Remember that posts must be [b][u]three paragraphs, or at least 17 lines long, not counting OOC.[/b][/u] I may let this slip once, but if you break the rules you're out.

Dante reclined in his swivel chair and but his black leather boots on the desk at the head of his office at Devil May Cry. He looked around in disgust, the place was falling apart. There was a pool table with a game in progress that he had not finished since last year, when it started, and there were many demon heads impaled upon swords that were pinned to the walls, some of them still bleeding, the swords were rusting, and the heads were rotting and stinking. The paint on the walls was peeling, the bricks on the outside were cracking, and the large neon sign outside was shorting out. He looked at the large ghetto box in the corner...broken. He sighed and put his hands behind his head, when in the hell was someone going to buy the business?...

As if on cue, the door swung open almost noiselessly and a tall, black haired man glided silently into the office. If he hadn't stepped on a creaky floorboard, Dante never would have noticed him.
"Can I help you?" Dante asked irritably, looking at this weirdo in a brown trenchcoat and a hand hidden under it.
"This the place for sale?" The man asked in a low voice.
"Yeah, you here for it?" Dante asked, closing his eyes, bored as ever. This guy seemed to be nothing more than some idiot about to turn the place into a bar or a strip club or something. Dante opened one eye and looked at him again, this time he noticed something in his eyes...
"Yes...this is for demon hunters...no?" Dante peered at him more closely, this time he definetely saw a yellowish glow in his eyes...maybe this guy wasn't such a loser after all...
"Yeah...but you have to show me that you can take care of the business..." Dante said, getting up and turning around, picking up his sacred sword, Alastor, from a stand on the wall.
"And how do you do that?" The man asked, grinning slightly.

In one lighting motion, Dante whipped around and threw the sword into the man's chest, he yelled as a torrent of blood spewed out, a moment later, the sword began to spark and jolt with electricity, and the man screamed in agony before he fell to the ground. Dante groaned and sat down again, thinking that he would never get rid of the place, he closed his eyes slowly...
"You shouldn't have done that..." He opened one eye and saw the man on his feet again, the sword still stuck in his chest, still sparking with electricity. Dante grinned slightly, maybe this was the right guy after all... Dante pulled the sword out of the man's chest and tried to swing it, but the man reached up and blocked it with his shirt sleeve. Dante stared in disbilief for a moment before realizing that the man had a claw hidden underneath. He took a quick swipe with the other hand, knocking the Alastor away, and spun around once, trying to make a cut, but Dante pulled another sword off the wall and blocked it. The two men backed off for a moment before charging again, taking swipes at each other whenever the opportunity presented itself. Dante was backed against the pool table, and jumped to the side as the man divided it with one swipe. Dante pulled another two sword off the wall and threw them both. The man took one in the chest, the other in the gut, but backed off only a little before moving forward again. He took a quick swipe, which Dante ducked to avoid, but then found himself pinned against the wall by a sword that the man had pulled off the wall. The man then pointed a large automatic rifle right at Dante's face, who hung there impaled on his own sword like a piece of meat. The two men grinned for a moment, then Dante spat a stream of blood right onto the ghetto box, causing it to make a small poppeing nose and a few sparks to fly. The man lowered the gun and pulled the sword out of Dante's gut, then asked:
"So, did I make it?"
"Hmph, see ya." Dante said, not helping cracking a small grin, now that he had found someone to take over. Without another word, he stepped into the back, and a moment later there was a squeal of tires, and the man stared at the back wall in perplexity as he heard Dante's bike speed off into the night.

Roman was now the one relining in the small swivel chair, his leather boots lying on top of the table, him commenting on how the place needed fixing up, including the rottig demon heads, the blood stained ghetto box, and the pool table, which was now broken into two eqal pieces. He closed his eyes, but they snapped open again as he heard someone walk in the door...

OOC: Ok, everyone else can find some way of getting into their respective business, the person at the door is the one who is looking for a job at DMC. Once again, please check the Recruitment thread for info.
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Lightning flashed, showing the inside of a darkened room. A desk stood near the back, next to a door. Several Oriental paintings were on the wall, most of them featuring Dragons and [i]Oni[/i]. An umbrella stand next to the desk was filled with weapons. A rack above it held several holsters, as well as a bow and a quivver of arrows.
The door next to the desk, a metal door, led into a room where the three inhabitants were.
In front on the building was a neon red sign showing the name of the business to be [i]Yushi no Yami[/i].
Tao-Zhou, owner and opperator of [i]Yushi no Yami[/i], stretched, preparing for a potential work-out.
The room he stood in, the Training Room, was sparsley furnished. The only real thing in it was a large metal crate, from inside which came horrible howlings and snarlings.
A sweaty May stepped around from the back of the cage.
"All right, Tao. You ready for us to release him?"
"Yeah, let him go May," said Tao in a calm voice, a hint of a British Accent tinting it.
"OK," said May. "Open the lock, Aurora!"
A hand reached up over the cage making a 'thumbs-up' sign. May darted around the cage as Tao heard a lock open.
A horrific, dark furred creature lept against the cage door, causing it to crash open.
It lunged at Tao, who reached into his cloak, yet did almost nothing.
As the creature nearly attacked him, Tao swiftly drew his sword, slicing the beast in two. Green blood splattered the hard-wood floor.
"Weakling," muttered Tao. "Thanks anyways, girls. Although I had been hoping for something a little more challanging."
"Hey! We got ambushed by a pack of those! One was all we could catch! Is it my fault that..." May was cut off.
"Next time, I'll catch something, okay?" asked Tao. "You can train then. That way, maybe next time you can snag me something interesting."
May glared at Tao as he walked off into the main room.
"That arrogant...he...I'll..." May sputtered. "BASTARD!" she roared after him.
"May, let it go. He can't be argued against, and you can't face him in a verbal match when angry. That's why he does it," said the calming Aurora.
May merely snorted and hunched her shoulders.
"Fine, but he's on cleanup duty," she said, pointing to the corpse and green blood.
Aurora laughed and agreed.
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May scowled as she stepped out into the street, [i]Yushi no Yami[/i]'s sign buzzing dully behind her. Sometimes -- often -- Tao's attitude just got on her nerves. She wondered for a moment why she had even agreed to work with him before remembering. They shared a common bond that neither of them ever commented on, but always felt as an underlying common thread: they had both been betrayed by family.

The storm had subsided to a steady drizzle, but May didn't bother with an umbrella as she strode towards her house. She narrowed her eyes as she heard something, or someone rather, unmistakably to her left and behind her, following her. The creature lunged and she turned, stepping neatly to the side and forcing the attacker to stumble forward, propelled by momentum.

It turned to face her and from the dim street lamp, she saw ... a human. She sensed no darkness, just an ordinary human attacker, hoping for a few easy dollars, or maybe more, on the way home.

"Give me the purse and I won't hurt you," the man said, his voice raspy.

May rolled her eyes. "You must be kidding me," she said to no one in particular, as the man leered, revealing yellowed teeth, and jumped towards her again.

This time May didn't bother stepping to the side, merely punched a fist upward into the man's gut, connecting hard and hearing him grunt in response. She kicked up with a leg, her boot meeting the side of his head and knocking him to her left, then jumped and whirled around to kick him in the chest with both feet. He fell to the ground, the wind thoroughly knocked out of him.

May landed neatly in front of him and sighed, rethinking her desire to protect humans from demons for a moment. They weren't all like him, she reminded herself, and continued walking.
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[i]Roman was now the one relining in the small swivel chair, his leather boots lying on top of the table, him commenting on how the place needed fixing up, including the rottig demon heads, the blood stained ghetto box, and the pool table, which was now broken into two eqal pieces. He closed his eyes, but they snapped open again as he heard someone walk in the door...[/i]

Gustov stood in the doorway for a moment, and looked at the run down place. It wasn't quite as he had imagined it, but it was still what he wanted. He walked up to the man sitting behind the desk.

"Can I help you?" Roman asked.

"Yeah, I would like a job here," Gustov said.

Roman looked closely at Gustov. "A human? Do you honestly think you have what it takes to be a demon slayer as a human?"

"Yes, I am a human, and with you saying that I would surmise that you are a half demon, or demon.. whichever, but I don't care. I may not be able to take the beatings that your kind can, but I can still handle myself." Gustov said.

"And how would you do that?"

"I have speed and agility, and my wits."

"I'd have to see more before deciding," Roman said. "So what's your name?"

"Gustov Militov, but everyone calls me Gus, and you are?"

"Roman, that's all you need to know for now."

"Fine, so what do I have to do to get in?"
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Meteo sits in the corner of Devil May Cry with a cup of Demons blood in a cup. Meteo takes a sip from the cup then starts sharpening his bastrd sword.
Meteo:"It's been a while since that day..."
*Flashback to a few years back.*
Meteo(On the phone to his boss):"I'll be back to work tomorrow I'm taking the day off."
Boss(On the phone to Meteo):"Sure thing Meteo just take it easy today nothing will happen. Cya."
Meteo:"cya pal... I'll take it easy today like you said."
*Click. a few minutes later.*
T.V.:"This just in the Malibu club was just destroyed no one knows why or how but some people say it was the work of 'demons' the bouncers there and the boss never made it out."
Meteo:"Demons attacked the Malibu? B.S.!!! If that is I only know one place to go to help me out..."
Meteo:?I will find the ones that destroyed my club? In my boss?s honor he will be avenged? I will drink find them and kill them? I developed this nasty habit of drinking the Demons blood of those I kill to help me understand them? But I still cannot think the way they do? and they have not squealed on my old boss?s murderer yet. I will find them, or I will die trying. I will kill them all if need be? My weaponry will be aiding me? This sword, these throwing knives, and shrunken will help me. The Demons better run cause I am on their heals. Ha Ha Ha!!!?
Meteo then puts the Bastrd sword up and drinks more of the demon?s blood. Meteo then grins with the company he has.
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Roman grinned slightly, for a human, this man seemed very detemined, and he was quite certain he would not dissapoint. Roman stood up and examined him closely from toe to the top of his head, then back down, then he looked him in the eye.
"You seem like the right person, first, you'll have to try and kill me." No sooner had the words left Roman's mouth when Gus drew a Desert Eagle pistol and held it to his forehead. The man was lightning quick, as he had said. Roman, without giving it a second thought, spun around with demonic quickness and knocked the weapon out of Gus' hand. Grinning slightly, Roman drew his claw with his left hand, then slashed his right in a surprise manuver. Gus stared at Roman's bleeding hand for a second, then Roman smiled evilly, and Gus began to feel the powerful aura swirling around him.
"If you can survive my attack, you can join me." He said as his body began to change, with a deafening roar and a burst of light, Roman transformed into a massive black wolf demon, who immediately charged and blasted Gus into a wall. He rushed forward, but Gus picked up his Desert Eagle and made a few shots, one of them hit Roman in the eye, and he roared in agony and fury. Gus took the opportunity to roll out of the way as Roman jumped several feet into the air, almost hitting the ceiling, and bringing a claw down with such force that he ripped a hole in the wall. Gus reared back and attempted several highly accurate face shots, but Roman caught the bullets in his paws, and let them drop harmlessly to the ground. He raced forwards, blowing the pool table out of his way, sending it flying through a window, and Gus took a brave step forward and punched Roman in the face, then rolled behind the desk. Roman, enraged, picked up the desk with one hand, sending the phone and stacks of paper o the floor, and just as he was about to crush Gus with the table, there was another howl and flash of light, and the desk fell to the ground with a bang. Roman had reverted to normal, and now had an angry scratch on his hand. He grinned, then helped Gus off the floor.
"You're in." He said simply, impressed with the caliber of this human. Gus grinned slightly and leaned on a chair, when Meteo stormed into the room to see what was happening.
"What the hell happened?" He asked, looking at the broken window and half the pool table lying in the street, as well as Gus.
"You a friend of Dante's?" Roman asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah." Meteo responded simply, Roman chuckled.
"You work for me now, so sit back and relax." He said as he returned to the swivel chair, suddenly the phone began to ring, and Roman answered it, picking it up off the floor.
"Hello?...Yeah....yeah we do that...ok...how much...deal." Roman hung up the phone and checked his rifle. Gus stared at him.
"What was that about?" He asked, Roman pulled a pipe bomb out of his coat and spun it in the air before putting it away.
"We got the call...let's go."
"What's it about?" Meteo inquired.
"Old guy, says he's got a demon in his house."
"How do we know he's not just crazy?" Gus asked in annoyance.
"Only the crazy people call here anyway, but he said he already called another place, so we better hurry." With that, Roman raced out the door and started his truck, Meteo jumped in the back, and Gus in the cabin. There was a squeal of tires as the truck sped off for the place...

OOC: Yushi No Yami, you are also recruited for this job, we can work together, but we are still in a bit of rivalry. Anyone who is working for DMC can still find Roman in the mission, and join him then.
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At a shrill sound emanating from her pocket, May picked up her cell phone.

"May, where'd you go?" Tao demanded on the other end. "We've got a call for a demon, Aurora and I have already left in the car."

May rolled her eyes. "How kind of you," she said. "I'll make it there on my own then, I suppose."

Tao gave her the address. "Make it quick," he added. "The guy sounded really pathetic, he said he might even call another agency just to be safe."

"I'll be as fast as I can," May assured him, and put the phone back in her pocket. Coincidentally, she'd been walking in the direction of the house already. It was dark already, luckily, and May inhaled deeply, the darkness refreshing her senses.

She began running through the streets at an inhumanly fast pace, not worrying about saving her strength as the darkness enveloped her and revitalized her senses. The sound of her boots clicking against the pavement became so fast that it was nothing more than a steady whirring beneath her feet.

May reached the house just as Tao and Aurora were pulling up in the driveway. "Good timing," she commented as they jumped out of the car, their weapons already out and ready.

They knocked on the door together and a man in a business suit, approximately forty years old, opened it for them. He would've looked quite nice if there hadn't been an expression of utmost terror written clearly across his face. He looked around anxiously and ushered them in, slamming the door behind them. "Which one are you guys?" he said. "You know what, I don't really care. There's a demon here, it's here, it's in my bathro--"

He was cut off by a shriek as the aforementioned demon leapt out a room upstairs, visible from the setup of the majestic foyer. It jumped onto the banister of the stairs and slid down it as if surfing, landing to stand before them menacingly, claws outstretched, and hissed madly.

"They're not always so easy to find," May said, pulling out her shotgun and firing.

OOC: No, I didn't just kill the demon ... just shot at it. :p It's up to you whether I hit it or not ...
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The Demon doged May's shot and lunged forward again.
"Out of the way!" snarled Tao, pushing aside the client.
The beast swung at him, but he blocked the cwipe with his sword. The creature landed well, and lashed out again, this time connecting. Tao was sent flying out of the open doorway.
"Fast little bastard, ain't he?" groaned Tao as he landed.
He rose to see a van. When he saw the logo on the side, he scowled.
"Dante..." he murmured.
Sure enough, several people got out of the car, yet none of them was Dante.
"All right, secure the area!" yelled one. He then noticed Tao getting up.
"Oh, you must be Tao, from Yushi no Yami. I'm the new leader of Devil May Cry, Roman," the man held out his hand, yet Tao batted it away with his sword.
"I don't want your friendship, Roman, and I don't need your help. So piss off," snarled the dark warrior, before darting back in the building. "Make it snappy, girls! We've got some company!"
The creature arced across the roof, and May blasted a hole in the ceiling. It landed and charged at Aurora, who let off three shots, but missed.
"Wait a minute!" yelled May, diving away from a potentially lethal blow. "This is one of the things we caught!" she said, trying to reload her shotgun.
"Can't be!" yelled Tao. "Unless...wait! This must be an Aku-Tari!"
"Say wha?" asked Aurora, taking aim once more.
"Aku-Tari are like Bees. They live in colonies! The one you caught must've been a Worker. This is probably a Soldier! In any case, this bugger calls for a little more juice!"
Tao darted forward, moving too fast to be seen. He jumped high above the stunned monster and just before he hit it, something crashed into him, sending him crashing to the side.
"What the bloody 'ell was that!?" snarled Tao as he got up again.
He saw a second beast standing next to the first. Out of the shadows crawled at least 5 others.
"I new it! We're dealing with a colony!"
"Goody," muttered May.
Roman spoke from the sidelines, letting Tao know that he hadn't. in fact, pissed off.
"Need help now?" he smirked.
Tao darted aside from one of the Aku-Tani.
"As I said before..." he started.
He swiftly decapitated the beast.
"...Piss off."
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OOC: Sorry about the late entrance. The few times I was on earlier, I had no idea what to post. Thanks to ULX and terra for carrying on my character in my absence.
Aurora aimed one gun at Roman and kept the other trained on one of the , firing as she spoke. "If you were called to complete an assignment, I suggest you either begin, in which case we will finish when you die, or leave." She turned her attention and guns back to the task at hand, keeping up a steady hail of bullets. As more of the creatures crawled from the walls, she glanced back at Roman. He was still standing there, as if surveying the situation. With a sound of disgust, she again turned back to the demons. She had the perfect on one, took careful aim, and fired. Her Colt only gave a feeble click. She holstered it and began searching for her extra clips while aiming and firing with the other gun. She was able to get off a single good shot before it too gave a feeble click. Keeping her cool, she rolled aside and continued searching for her clips. After a few seconds, she pulled two from the inside of her trench and loaded it. She took aim again and began firing. She knew they wouldn't be able to hold them off with firepower alone, even if the two agencies decided to combine forces. The strategic wheels in her head began to turn and she stopped firing, devouting all of her thoughts to strategy.
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"Hmph, we'll just see what happens.." Roman said cooly as he drew his rifle, taking carefully aimed shots at the demons now encircling the girl from Yushi No Yami, killing one of them.

Suddenly there was a wooshing sound from behind, and one of the drones flew up behind Roman, sending massive scratch marks up over his back. He stopped and paused for a moment, looking almost mockingly at the offending drone.
"You shouldn't...have...done...that." He said with growing anger as a dark aura began emenating from around him. Tao and May looked in slight surprise at him, since they knew what was coming. Sure enough, Roman went into Devil Trigger, and immediately pounced the offending drone right through the wall, then turned his attention to one climbing on the ceiling. With an incredible leap, he jumped all the way up and batted it's head off messily. In a study of concentration, he began to fall back down to the ground, but aimed himself, stoming on another drone and crushing it. At that moment, the Devil Trigger wore off, and Roman returned to normal, running and firing as though nothing had happened.

"The things must be coming from the attic. Look at them swarm near the stairs and ceiling." Roman explained patiently as Gus and Meteo finished blowing another one away.
"Looks like they have the same idea..." Gus pointed out as Tao led the other two towards the balcony staircase. Roman grimaced, but then had an idea.
"You guys think you can handle more?" Roman asked, the other two looked at each other nervously. Roman, not waiting for an answer, armed a large pipe bomb from under his coat, and threw it up to the ceiling. A massive explosion ensued, and several drones fell from the new hole. Gus and Meteo began to blast them, but Roman was heading off.
"See you! Keep them occupied while I go for the queen!" Roman yelled, Meteo and gus looked at each other nervously, then stood back to back and fired at the drones around them.

Roman reached the second floor area and suddenly hear a loud gunshot to his right. He knew it wasn't Tao, since he had gone another way. He turned into a bedroom, where a lone man was trying to blow a larger drone off the wall. Roman raced forward and rended the drone in half with a claw swipe, and the man looked at him in amazement.
"Need a hand?" Roman asked politely, the man nodded and the two raced upstairs.
"What's your name?" Roman asked as they climbed a winding staircase to the attic.
"Jason...Jason Wedge."
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Meteo holding his bastrd sword in one hand he gets a throwing knife and throws it at a demon. the blade of the throwing knife hits the demon right between the eyes. The demons Blood starts to ooze out of the head. The demon falls down playing dead.
Meteo:"And I fogot my drinking cup... That's life... But I don't think it's dead until yet."
Meteo reaches into his pocket, draws three shurikens and throws them into the neck killing the demon. Meteo then walks over to the demon and removes the shurikens from the neck along with the knife in the head. Meteo then bites the demons neck and tastes the blood that was dripping out of it. Meteo removes his mouth from the demon's neck.
Meteo:"That was a different one... It's blood was different from the ones that I have drunk from... but I don't think this one of the ones that I am looking for."
Meteo then turns around and sees the others staring at him.
Meteo:"Hey... I'm looking for a group of demons and I joined DMC to do that... Got a problem?"
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OOC: Thanks Wondershot for telling me it started and intruducing my character, I'm not good at starting things...

As Roman and Jason ran up the winding staircase, they could here the fighting on the first floor and an odd sound above them... Once they reached the attic they were attacked by several weak drones. Jason straped his shotgun to his back and pulled out his claws and quickly slashed three of the drones in half. While Jason was fighting a soldier that came to defend his Queen, Roman took aim with his rifle, killing several drones that were swarming him. Jason was hit hard in the back by the soldier and was sent flying into a wall. Right when Jason hit the floor, he was back on his feet and in the middle of a bunch of demons. Jason smirked then pulled his mp5 out of his jacket and fired at the closest one, hitting it right in the eye. He continued to fire into the crowd of demons dropping two before his gun ran out of ammo. Instead of searching for another clip in his jacket, he threw his empty weapon at a demon and pulled his shotgun off his back and continued his relentless assult on the dying demons.
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Tao darted down the hallway, gunshots echoing through the ornate mansion.
"Come on, ladies! We've got a queen to kill, right?" he said, his British accent becoming thicker, a sign of his battle-lust (don't ask why, it just happens that way).
He leapt over a lunging Aku-Tari and severed its spine with a well-timed sword stroke. Two others jumped on him, and then he went Devil Trigger. The beasts flew off as he spun, his scythe messily chopping them up.
"Who else want's some?" he said, his voice lower and raspy.
He slashed forward, killing three in one stroke, throwing the third, which had stuck on his blade, through the wall.
"Huh, guess I don't know me own strength, eh?"
He threw the scythe down the hall, causing it to pinwheel, cutting up several demons.
He lunged forward, jumping over several demons, grabbed his scythe, and spun with it, slicing up the beasts that had surrounded him. As the spin ended, he reverted back to his human form.
"Well, that was a rush. What's next, eh, loves?" he said, jabbing his sword behind him, jabbing the tip into an Aku-Tari's skull.
May scowled at him as she blasted two Aku-Tari that had jumped up behind Tao with her shotgun.
Tao spun quickly, looking at the corpses, and the on-coming masses.
"Good shot. Can ya' do it again?" he said, readying himself for the others.
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OOC: My apologies, I have been a bit busy the past week. Guess? please watch your spelling and grammar, and the fact that you sometimes call yourself "Ryu" by accident.

Roman stared in mild amusement at the giant queen which had now reared itself to it's full height, and groaned menacingly. Roman looked undernath and noticed several odd boils protruding from it's underbelly. He took a quick moment to ponder what they were for, when suddenly one of them burst open in a stream of viscious pus, and a smaller drone came out to attack Roman, who sliced it neatly in half with a claw swipe. The queen rampaged forwards, but Roman grinned slightly and mouthed to Jason "back up". With a single imperceptible motion, he dropped an armed pipe bomb at his feet...

Gus and Meteo jumped away in surprise as the ceiling came down with a deafening roar, the queen's enormous body now stuck in the entrance hall, it's body was stuck between the walls, and it's feet were hovering a few feet above the ground. It was lodged in the entryway, immobile. Tao and the rest of the Yushi gang stared for a moment before jumping off the first floor balcony and landing behind the creature. It was surrounded and helpless...

Almost helpless...

Without warning, it issued a burst of thick steam from it's mouth, and Roman noticed that it was causing the paint on the walls to run and the dark rugs to burn.
"It's acid, dodge it." Gus and Meteo looked at each other, the mist reached the ground and went fifteen feet into the air. Roman sighed slightly, then grabbed both men by the collars and jumped high into the air, above the gas, landing only slightly heavily. Roman dashed forward and under the creature, slashing the large boils and causing the Aku-Tari to erupt prematurely and therefore die due to lack of energy. Out of the conrer of his eye, Roman caught Tao doing the same thing. Suddenly Roman was caught next to the two Yushi women, and Tao was with the DMC team.
"Now girls!" Tao called, there were two loud gun blasts, and Roman twitched as the shots sailed into his torso. He collapsed to the ground, and the two Yushi women looked pleased with themselves, Gus, Meteo and Jason had no idea what happened, since they were on the other side. The Yushi girl with the shotgun turned around and blasted the demon in the rear, when a cold voice sounded from behind her.
"You try to help someone and this is the thanks you get." She whirled just in time to see the great flash of light and the roar of energy, but missed the werewolf Roman as he jumped into the air and landed claws first on the midsection of the demon. It writhed in agony for a moment before Tao jumped skyward, once again in Devil Trigger, and sliced the creature neatly in half from the midsection all the way down to the end. Finally, May jumped high and landed with a painful thud on the head, crushing it amidst a fountain of yellow blood that was issuing all along the wounds. The three demons got up and reverted to their normal selved, causing a strange gust of wind. Roman looked at his stained coat almost uncaringly, while the rest of the group seemed a little more disgusted and unnerved. There was a strange wooshing sound as the belly split open, revealing a bright yellow orb that was almost painful to look at.
"Is that a?..." Tao began, at a loss for words.
"Demon Heart." Roman finished, looking at the orb whizzing like a housefly around the room.
"What's it doing?" May asked.
"I guess since there are three of us, it's trying to decide which of us to choose." Roman finished.
"Cho-?" Tao was cut off as the orb stopped in front of him, plunging itself into his chest, there was a crackle of electricity as Tao writhed and groaned, then it vanished in a flash, and everyone got a glimpse of Tao in Devil Trigger before everything stopped.
"You have gained it's power, Tao." Roman said, sounding almost pleased. Tao stared at him for a moment, and then Roman jumped off and walked out the door with his fellow Devil May Cry partners...

Roman was outside counting the money when the door banged open a second time, and the old man looked at the Yushi crew all standing there, somewhat angry. Roman smiled genuinely.
"Sounds like they want their pay, nice doing business with you." Roman said curtly before getting into the van. He checked his rear view mirror and looked as the Yushi gang talked with the old man...
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Meteo:"So what is the plans of what we're doing now boss? I would I would like to know if we have a little time off or if we have to wait for the next job... The Demons there were not what I am looking for. So once I get them I will destroy them like they destroyed the club I used to work for."*Meteo hops into the back of the truck and waits for the boss to drive the way back to the Devil May Cry office.*

Meteo:?This mission I consider a success anyways. Hopefully we will have a victory party. I have my own plans as well. So either way we?ll have a good time. A party in a club would be a good time I have connections.?*Meteo streches and then yawns.*

Meteo:"Man that was exhausting. I must be getting old. But I haven't been working out that often. That must be the reason. So We should take a break."
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"What the ..." Their customer seemed slightly at a loss, staggering backward into his front door while Tao, May, and Aurora strode towards him.

"I think you'll find the demons have been successfully eradicated," Tao said politely, and then named their price.

May thought the guy's eyes would simply fall out of his head. He at least would've fallen over if he hadn't been supported by the wall. "But -- but the damage to my house! This'll cost me a fortune already!"

"I'm sorry to hear that," Aurora interrupted sweetly, "but I think if you look at our contract of agreement" -- here she reached into her jacket and pulled out a long piece of paper, unrolling so it reached the floor. "You'll find that Yushi no Yami is not responsible for any damage to the building in question. There's a copy of this contract online, and we urge our customers to peruse it carefully before --"

"Peruse it carefully?!" he cried, "I was being attacked by demons, how can you expect --"

May tuned out the conversation, it had happened often enough. She knew its inevitable ending, and it was the man handing Tao a check.


As the car bumped along the road heading back towards the headquarters, May was the first one to speak.

"We shouldn't have shot him."

She glanced over towards Tao, who didn't take his eyes off the road. A small "Hmph" did escape his mouth, but he didn't bother explaining his reasoning to the other two.

May rolled her eyes and looked out the window, watching the streets flicker by.

[color=green]EDIT OOC: Hahaha ... I was referring to Roman. (Wondershot made us shoot him in one of his posts.) Sorry, it wasn't clear because I wrote the second part first, then realized I had nothing more to say so added the asking-for-payment scene at the beginning. Personally, I don't think May would've shot Roman. But, your interpretation of "we shouldn't have shot him" is much funnier.[/color]
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As they pulled up in front of the Yushi no Yami building, Tao spoke.
"Listen. 'E wasn't gonna pay us. Since I killed that big bird in 'er it's my roight to get full payment, eh? He wasn't willin' to comply, so I shot him in the foot. Certainly made 'im more willin', right?" asked Tao, he accent still thick.
The girls shook their heads and got out of the car.
"What?" yelled a confused Tao.
"That man needs to work on his people skills," muttered May.
"Amen to that, sister," said Aurora.
Tao sighed agitatidly (is that a word?) and got out of the car. He was hoping there would be another assignment soon, and that DMC wouldn't get a call too.
And as he walked in, he though an exasperated, 'Women!'
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After watching the demon give its heart to Tao, Jason left through the second story window he came in through. On the roof of the once beautiful house, Jason stared at the stars, thinking of his dead father, wishing he were still alive. He then remembered his last promise to his father, to become stronger and to make sure that he killed all demons he ever met. But he would have to change that promise after watching those demons tonight. They seemed to help humans and kill other demons, plus they were strong. Very strong. As Jason sat on the roof thinking, he heard a noise below in the front lawn that grabbed his attention. As he looked over the side, he saw the man that helped him earlier, Roman. He seemed to be the leader of one of the groups, so he had to be strong. As Jason was thinking about what to do, he noticed that Roman was heading to a truck with ?DMC? on the side. Jason remembered that name from his childhood. But recently not many demons where attacking so not many demon slayers weren?t needed anymore. Jason started to hop from rooftop to rooftop towards the DMC office. He wanted to get there before Roman so he could see if he really was strong...
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Tao sat on the floor of the training room in the lotus position. He was locked in deep thought, thinking mainly of the new Demon Heart.
As he focused deep inside himself, he saw the two demon hearts. One was black, laced with red, his own. The other, lurid yellow, was the Aku-Tari Queen's. If he could learn to use it...
He rose to his feet, and prepared to go Devil Trigger. Except this time, he was going to use the Queen's power.
His arms were in front of him, his hands inches away from his chest, fingers forming a circle. Between his hands, yellow energy began to grow, flickering and flashing like fire.
Circles of energy began to radiate off him, flashing along the floor with his heartbeat.
As the energy in his hands grew in size and power, his arms began to shake. His muscles bulged as he tryed to contain the power, focus it, use it.
His eyes snapped open, and they flashed a hideous yellow. He began to yell, and his voice changed into that of the Aku-Tari. Sharp, needle-like fur, dark brown and matted, sprung up from his skin. His teeth lengthened and yellowed. His fingernails turned into long claws. Boils, like the ones that hung from the Queen's chest, sprung up on Tao's arm.
The change was complete.
Tao gazed down at his arms and flexed his clawed fingers. He pointed his palm at the metal cage, and a stream of milky-white liquid shot out at the cage. It began to melt away.
Tao let the power fade away and headed off towards his sleeping quarters. As he did so, he thought one thing.
'Let's see Roman beat us now.'
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"That's all, we just sit back, relax, and wait for the call." Roman said as he got out of the van in front of DMC office. Gus and Meteo stepped out of the back, and began to walk towards the door.
"WAIT." Roman barked, in a single tone. Gus froze, Meteo jumped slightly, and Roman closed his eyes and folded his arms.
"You're back..." He said simply, Gus and Meteo looked around for a bit, and then Roman jumped to the roof of the office in a single bound, and noticed Jason waiting for him.
"So...you want a job here?" He asked calmly, Jason looked at him, but before he could answer, Roman chuckled slightly.
"Yeah, I didn't think anyone else would want to come here unless they wanted a job."
"So...what do I have to do to prove myself?" Jason asked, Roman laughed again.
"You've already proven yourself..." He said, reaching under his jacket and drawing a claw. Jason fell back into a ready position, but Roman just jammed the claw into his chest. Jason looked at him for a moment before realizing what he was doing...

"Now all you have to do is survive." He said before an explosion of light energy erupted from his body. Jason shielded his eyes, but when he looked up, Roman had dissappeared. Jason jumped backwards just as the massive werewolf stomped on where he was just standing. Roaring loudly, it took a massive swipe at his chest which overbalanced it. Jason ducked and pulled out his guns, but Roman had already jumped out of the way. Roman smashed his hand into the ground, and the roof collapsed under them both. Jason rolled and tired to recompose himself, but Roman was on top of him immediately. Jason reached over and saw a snapped power cord from the ceiling light, and stabbed Roman with it just as he brought his fist down.

Roman jerked and writhed spastically from the surge of energy from the house current, and Jason jumped to his feet and kicked Roman squarely in the head. There was another flash of light, and Roman had returned to normal, albeit swaying slightly from the shock.
"G'd work." He said as he righed himself, and clapped Jason on the shoulder, giving him a small shock. Roman swayed, then collapsed into his chair and examined the rubble from the collapsed ceiling, the holes in the windows from the bullets and pool table, which was still lying in the street in two pieces. Roman put his feet on the desk and one of the legs collapsed, sending papers and bills and the phone crashing to the floor.
"Jason?!" Roman yelled, exasperated.
"Call the insurance company, it's on the speed dial."
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  • 3 months later...
Tao had come out of DT mode and was once again meditating. Through the metal door, he heard a low ringing. Unnecessarily, May opened the door to tell him, "Phone rang."
"And?" he said, slightly irritated.
"New client. Down at the docks. Says something ate his shipment," said May, as if this was perfectly normal. Which it was.
"Where, who, how much, and what did it eat?"
"Dock 11, don't care, 10 gs, and it ate a shipment of beef steaks."
"All right, let's move," Said Tao, getting up and striding through the door.
"Oh, we best be careful," said May, walking along side him towards the front door.
"Why?" Tao asked as he grabbed his two .45 colts.
"He sounded panicky, so he might've called DMC."
"Good," said Tao, loading the guns.
-At the Docks-
Tao stepped out of the car, followed by May and Aurora. The trio walked cautiously towards Dock 11. They heard no unusual sounds.
"Oh, you're here! I'm so glad!" cried a man who ran out near them. "I...I...I'm Captain Patters, and I'm in a bit of a spot. You see, something ate my shipment of..."
"Beef Steaks, we know," said Tao, searching for the beast.
"No!" yelled the man.
Tao looked at him, confused.
"What? That's what you told my assisstant over the phone, right?" he asked, speaking more to May than Patters.
"No! I told the young lady that it ate a shipment of atomic waste to be disposed of!"
"WHAT!?" barked Tao.
He whirled and whipped out his sword, pointing the tip to May's throat.
"He...he told you it ate nuclear waste and you told me BEEF STEAKS!?"
"Uh, yeah?" said May.
Just then, something huge crashed through the dock.
"Oh no! It's back!" cried the man. "Ahh-!" He began to yell, but was swiftly decapitated by the monster's bladed tail.
It towered over the Yushi no Yami gang. It's body was massive, covered in glittering sapphire scales. It's eyes blazed yellow, and glowing green goo dripped from it's fanged maw. A crest of brilliantly colored spines ran down it's back.
"A Blarakize," said Tao, steeling himself for the awesome battle. "Perfect."

OOC: It's been a while, so I figured I'd start the next mission. DMC guys, you can decide if you want to join in or not.
Oh, and here's the info on my second demon in the RPG. The Blarakize is a massive snake-like Demon that usually is just massive and hungry, with a bladed tail. However, this one ate nuclear waste, so know it can shoot the deadly goo. Fun, huh?
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