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Writing Silent Child

Guest dayday

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I'm very mournful so nobody laugh. I'm still trying to get over something right now.

The slient child I see
So far away
But yet it feels I can hold her
So ever close to my me

This silent child I see running
Running away from me
From my mind that I used to torture
And then become a thief

A thief who can steal away anything at all
Even a tear before it leaves an eye
I've stolen so much from these people arond
Then I went away to hide

But this child has stolen from me
She stole a precious thing
She stole my heart away from me
Now I can only feel

I see that life is pure and open
And should not be wasted alone
This young silent child I see
Has shone me the right path

Now I am happy again
I have released my anger inside
I'm now with my silent child
Who opened my mind
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