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Gaming Interest Check: On Line Racing Anyone?


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Well, (with sanctioning by james :D )

I am offering all of you at the otaku the chance to take part in the world of online racing. olr.

This is for gran turismo3

Basically, we would all use the same car, do our best racing at home, and turn in times to (me) and see where we placed.

So here's the deal.

If you guys or girls are interested in playing a little gt and maybe talking about it from time to time, please post a note to me here.

I would hope we could do something of a weekly challenge.

Any cars, no hard and specific rules.

We can take it nice and easy.

Hope to see a good turn out :D

Thanks, and see ya at the finish line.
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Awesome, I was really looking forward to playing some gt over here at the otaku.

Listen, what do you guys say we pick a race and start racing.

I could give some suggestions, but why dont the two of you go to your machines and check out what you would like to do. I dont know how long it's been since you last played, so hit me when your ready.

Right now Im involved in some other racing also, so I would love to play with you guys at the same time.

If Im lucky, I might be able to get an mpeg of my replays.

I have what they call a "sharkport" aka "x-port."

This device allows me to back up any memory card data to my pc.
Regardless of data type... game data or replays of my best laps.

I also have a program called mks garage editor.

This sucker takes the downloaded garage from your memory card. (that is backed up on your pc.)

And use a pc program to mix and match any parts of any cars in anything from the game.

9 hundred and 99 million dollars. Cool.

As I told james, the mixing and matching is awesome.

Cooper mini, 4wd, 1000+ hp, f1 tires.

Anything you want, including the hidden cars. These cars are written into the code, but not accessible by the user due to legal problems with the company and product.

Even the car in the picture I am attaching is available with the sharkport.

But anyway, heres the deal: the sec you guys are ready, just say car/track combo.

Keep it in arcade if you want, or in sim mode.

I would personally suggest we go with a single best lap in free run with a specific arcade car. (makes it easy to know we are all using the same vehicle.)

Good! Then its settled. Now get a load of this lambo.
(sorry, had a hard time finding an in game pic. Just trust me though)

(oh yeah, Im not worried about proving times too much if you guys can't do that. Its all good.)
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Well, the sooner the better!

Im currently getting ready for the bvb3 comp. (board versus board competition #3)

Im one of 10 racers to be selected at [url]www.gtplanet.net/forum[/url] for the race and it's quite the honor. (10 thousand plus are members at the gtp.)

Im not even near the fastest, but Im working at it, and it would be great to get some more racing in before it's time to buckle down and race my *** off for the comp.

Hit me as soon as you get a race into your head.
qouted from spike speigel:
aight it got it. the Mines Skyline R34. setup any way u want. leguna seca. consider it a first round warmup. ill post a time soon. if u dont like it then tell me an i choose something different. i know leguna is a small board but i need to get my bearings back. aight. lata!

So there you have it...

Im down with this race and will be doing it instantly.

Just pick your tuning level for the hp.

Do all other mods and be sure to hit me once you figure out the exact turbo stage you wanna run.

I just finished a race with this car a couple of weeks ago, so I should be pretty good about controlling it.

However take my warning, this car is a crap box. (relativly speaking of course.)
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  • 2 weeks later...
Yeah, I have times, but they aren't in my mind at the moment.

I ran them that next night but never posted to avoid double post.
(didnt think an edit would be noticed since the thread never moves back up or notifies the active posters.)

I will have you a time soon enough.

Right now is actually a funny time.

Im currently in a major race. Let me see if I can link it to you real quick.

This should lead to the page of the host site for the latest bc3. (board challenge 3)

These really are some of the fastest racers in the world.

You must have a replay device to play.

Like I mentioned before, I made it into this comp. for my boards team. team gtp. (who placed last in bc2, we hope that will change this year.)

Check out some of those races if you wanna get on a measuring stick. I am racing in the 9th race. Z concept at ssr5 II.

I will come back with times for this race as soon as I can.

Glad to see you still had interest.

Try these settings and tell me what you get.

6.0/18.0 springs
lowest ride hieght then move the front approx. 10 higher than rear.
10 for all rebound and bound
1.9/1.2 camber
0/-1 toe
5/7 stabilizers
22/24 brakes
5/5/5 lsd
tranny at proper auto slider setting
down force: rear should be marked just to the left of the front
asm: 0
tcs: prefference

This should take away understeer and put down some nasty oversteer.

If it doesn't oversteer enough, just mention it, there is still more possible tuning to make this car oversteer.

Tell me how the times go asap.
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