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Writing I'm still killing myself over this....


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Oookies. New poem. I dunno what possesed me to post this piece of junk here, but here it is.:rolleyes:

[COLOR=coral]If I were

If I were the moon,
I?d come catch your eye.
If I were the wind,
I would make you fly.

If I were a bird,
I?d sing in your ear.
If I were the light,
I?d calm all your fears.

If were a jewel,
I?d help you shine.
If I were so bold,
I would call you mine.

If I were your life,
I?d beat in your heart.
If I were your shadow,
We?d never be apart.

If I were the Earth,
I?d bloom at your feet.
If I were your knight,
I?s never concede.

For you, all of these,
I?d love to be.
But at the very end,
It?ll just be me.

But if I were yours
And you were mine,
I promise to love you,
Honor and cherish you
Till the end of time......[/COLOR]

The first stanza is [B]not[/B] my work, but I forget where I ripped it off of. The rest of teh poem is mine. So enjoy and please don't kill me for this. T_T
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Guest Skyechild91
this is awsoem! i love it, the way it was put together, everithing! its alot better than my poem, Deark Hearts. You can find me on this bord if you want to read it. bu this is just... WOW!
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