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Angel by Sarah Mclachlan


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[size=1][b]Has anyone heard this song from City of Angels? It's an awesome song.

My sister sang it for a concert at the school, and I doubt there was a person in the room that didn't have watery eyes..she sang it so beautifully. I have a hard time [u]not[/u] getting emotional when I hear it.

So, what do you think?[/b][/size]
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I've always loved that song... I was singing totally wrong lyrics forever, and I *still* love it now that I know the real words. :) Wasn't that song on the 'What Dreams May Come' soundtrack also? -shrugs- I'm not sure.

Anyway, praps you've not seen me around before (obviously) as I'm a newborn newbie trying really hard to not do those stupid newbie things everyone hates. Yay for my first post. This thread seemed relatively non-scary.
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