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Anime AnimeNext 2003 in NY, Oct 3-5


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Anyone going to AnimeNext 2003 (Oct 3-5) in New York?
They have tons of cool guests like the voice actors for
Tidus in Final Fantasy X, Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh,
Asuka from Evangelion, and Kagome from Inu-Yasha.

The Guest of Honor is Takehiko Ito, the creator of
Outlaw Star! Should be a fun convention!

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Oh man! I completely forgot about registering! Haha, good thing you reminded me. I should have posted this earlier so people could do the pre-registration if they wanted to go, but the whole convention escaped my mind.

I'm seriously considering going, but I wanted a little more time to know if I could spend an entire day having fun during the start of the school year. Here's hoping...

I hear there's going to be a yugioh tournament, and the people are planning to teach the voice actors to play so the stars can be seen playing the yugioh game. I haven't heard anything else specifically about this event, but I'm sure they'll be lots to do and see. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this convention being my first.
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Yay! I can't wait! I'm going with my friend Fluffy. It's at the same place as Shoujocon was, namely the Ryetown Hilton in Rye Brook, NY. This will only be my second one, so I'm still not sure exactly what happens at your typical con. But I'm definitely going to try cosplay. It's very fun, and lots of people want to take your picture if you do a good job. Then again, for someone who does not want to be recognised (like myself), that may not be the best idea.

Oh, and if anyone did want to pre-register, the deadline is tomorrow, so you'd better hurry!

I'd love to know who's going. Not that I really know anyone here, but just knowing that there are people who are going is cool. I can only go Saturday, because my mom would never let me miss school for a con, and I'll have to finish my homework on Sunday. Plus, train fare alone for two days would be about 50$, which I can't afford.

But whatever, one day is sufficient. Or at least, it'll have to do.
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Hm, I think my parents actually read something about this in the paper a couple months ago, but since the news source was my parents, I didn't take them seriously :p. Anyway, now I'm seriously considering going as well, although I don't think I'll preregister. Maybe I'll coerce my boyfriend into going with me ... Is anyone else definitely going?
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