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RPG Trigun 3: Forgotten Brother


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[B]New July[/B]

Kaiyden had walked into a bar. He was sitting down, eating a hamburger and enjoying life. He sat, ate, and talked with the female bartender, who he knew well. He hadn't done much since taking out the Titan's. He enjoyed his new, peacefull slife as did the other gunmen involved the incedent......

A radio on the counter let out a loud BBEEEEEPPP and the following message followed:

[I]"Pppssssshhhh, attention all. attention all. A freak incednet has happened in LR Town. Thousands residents are dead. All buildings are leveled. There is nothing left. Absolutely nothing. The chaos follows as the survivng residents try to survive. it all happened so fast. No one knows what has happened. No one knows. Now the question is asked, what has happened and who did it??? End Braodcast.PPppsssshhh"[/I]

Kaiyden stared. Wide eyed and in aw. [I]what could have done this? Who?!?![/I] Kaiyden thogut to himself. He rose form his seat and left the bar as the young female bartender stared. Kaiyden had to tell the others.........
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Vash truged threw the dessert, on his way back from were the Doc now lived, he need answers when he had found out that Kaiyden had the plant DNA in him and the Doc was the only one he new that could help

" Darn old buzzer Doc, why does he have to live in the middle of nowere" Vash thought, " Oh well lest that town LR is up a head??" Vash said as he walked up to find the town in shambls, ran down into the town were he saw a survier, it was a old man

" Hey old man! what happen here who did this!"

[SIZE=1]" it, it, it, was a....[/SIZE]

" A what!? come old man stay with me" Vash said, but it was to late the man was dead, " I have to warn the others" Vash thought as he bolted off in the direction of New July
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Evean was in the garage of the building he lived in. He was working on a new morter cycle. He herd some one comeing. He looked at the door and saw one of the kids who lived with him. "Hey tim. What is it" evean asked. "There's been an attack on LR town" tim said walking to a shielf and tuning on a radio. Evean listened to it an figured some one would come by to get him to go. "Go tell sara i'll be leaving soon and go get my stuff" evean said finishing his work on the motor cycle. Tim nodded and left. A couple of minutes later tim's older sister came. "Can't you get vash and the others to go with out you" sara asked. "I have to. My brother died helping vash and protecting others. I do it to honor him, Mr. wolfwood and the rest of my family" evean said standing up.
"Well don't get your self killed because you know my little brother and sister look up to you" sara said as tim came in with eveans stuff. "Thanks tim. I'll probaply be leaveing to night or in the morning" evean said takeing his stuff and put them on. He put on his cloack, vest and made sure the phinox souls were loaded as he left to look for the others.
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Guest Anime_Forever
Shai was training. He was in his almost empty hotel room hacing up his training dummie. It was a life size Vash beanie. And he was hiting it like crazy. Of course after having it for 2 weeks you couldnt even tellit was Vash. His room was a sleeping bag, a pillow, a Vash plusie, 2 outfits, a washer, and the floor is covered in beens, which no longer hurt hisfeet by this time.
Kaiyden came running in
Kaiyden: We have a problem
Kaiyden: Dont hurt ME!!!!!!!
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[color=blue] Nicholas(Nicholas or wolfwood which ever you want to call him) was riding his bike, when he heard a lot of commotion. He hurried back to the town. he saw Shai and Kaiyden so he went to them.

'What happened? Whats going on?'~Nicholas
'Just follow us. We'll explain later'~Kaiyden

They got to the bar agian and turned on the radio. Everyone was silent while listening. After the broadcast was over Nicholas got up...

'Who could have done this. We've got to find Vash. Where did he go this time?'~Nicholas[/color]
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Akasuki muttered under her breath "Nothing will happen to this town while I'm here. Sounds like another big shot. I'll protect 'em"

She sat beside Nicholas who had Kaiyden to his right. Both of them look at her like " Who are you and what have you done with the REAL Akasuki?"

She orders an Alcohol suicide and waits a bit . Her Fingers tap the bar top. She thinks " Where is he? He should be here by now..... I'm going to kill him"

She downs her drink and turns to look at Nicholas and Kaiyden
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[color=blue] Nicholas, Kaiyden, and Akasuki were all just sitting in the bar waiting. They all look fustrated and feed up.

'Thats it.'nicholas said as he stood up, which got Kaiyden and Akasuki to look at him
'I'm going to look for Vash. He should have been back by now no matter where he went he's been gone for to long. You can stay here if you want but im goin to look for him.'~Nicholas

Nicholas went out side and got on his motorcycle, just as he started it Akasuki and Kaiyden came out of the bar.

'Nicholas wait. We're coming to.'~Kaiyden
'Yeah. We don't want you to find Vash and let you two have all the fun taking this guy down.'Akasuki said with a smirk[/color]
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Evean was searching for the others and saw them infront of a bar. He pulled down his goggles so they would reflect light. He stuck up to them and tapped them on there shoulders. "You guys werent going to leave with out me were you" evean asked as the others jumped back. "Evean don't ever do that again and if you do i'll pound the heck out of ya" akasuki said. "That sounds more like akasuki" kaiyden said. "So does any one have a idea of where vash is" evean asked lifting up his goggles. "No. Where about to head out to find him" nicholas said. Evean nodded and pulled out a remote and brought his motocycle around. "I guess the remote works now" evean said getting on the motorcyle. "So let's get going" evean said.
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"Are we going to leave here soon Julius? I mean, Vash isn't here and it's ben 4 hours. Can we just leave and hit another town!? Come on old man!" Asla said as she sat on a near by building watching him and "Adam" looking around what was left of a house.

"In a minute. AND DON'T CALL ME AN OLDMAN!!!!!" Julius screemed at her.

"Sorry old m- I mean Julius. But are we ever going to go? I would like to go to New July Town!Oh please! I know Vash'll be there! Oh please!?" Asla begged.

"No. we'll go there on a different day. And you'll be able to kill Vash soon enough dear child." Julius said with a smirk.
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As Evean drove off on his bike, ready to find Vash, and small figure came into veiw, It was Vash he was running full force, but He didnt see Evean and he didnt see Vash, so Evean ended up hitting Vash which sent him flying in the air as he lands at the feet of others

" OH CRAP!" Evean yells as he swung back around on his bike a drove to the others, Vash stands up a bit shakey as AkaSuki punchs him in the face and he falls again

" Nice to see you to, an what was that for!"

" Your late! have you heard the news, we were wondering were you went off to!"

" Is it my fault that the old buzzered Doc lives out in the middle of nowere? beside i got imporant news about something that happen in LR Town"

" So do we" Kaiyden said as he explained things to Vash
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Akasuki mumbles " I wish HE was here. He'd tell me what to do. But He can't he's gone. no longer here"

Kaiyden,Vash, Evean, and Nicholas look at Akasuki. " Who do you mean Aka? Who do you want here? Your Friend Knives?" Evean says somewhat sarcastically.

Vash does the vut it out thing. " No....... Not him. I'm heading back."Akasuki mutters

Vash waits for Akasuki to be out of earshot. " No she didnt want Knives here. She wanted her father to be here. And do you think that was nice of you to do that to her. She's in pain. Imagine growing up knowing your father was murdered and you cant kill the person who killed your father. "
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Evean just looked at akasuki as she left. "I should just head out on my own for the mean time untill the others catch up" evean thought. "Hey guys i'll be heading out now. If you need a ride find sara and she'll give you a car to ride in" evean said starting up his motorcycle. "Thanks evean and see ya later" vash said smilling. "And if I find out that you made a pass on her your a dead man vash" evean said. "What gives you a idea that I would do that" vash asked acting stuned. Evean, shai, kaiyden and nicholas just gave him cold looks.
"O.k I get the point" vash said. Evean nodded and left. As he drove one of the points on his scare started glowing. "So they're coming from that direction" evean thought turning his motorcycle. "I'm starting to get another feeling that some one that had to do with my family is with the people who are distorying towns" evean thought as he tried to rember any thing that would explain his feeling.
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Akasuki growled. " I'll kill him I swear I will. He needn't be disrepectful. Especially to Knives... Him of all men. I'll kill him. Before I kill Vash. She looks back at the otehrs who where apparently following her. She shook her head and sighed."Must I be followed everywhere?"

Vash and the others stay silent. Nicholas shakes his head. " You are uptight ya know that?" Akasuki fires at Nick's feet. " Be quiet. I am uptight because of what he did." -points to vash- " Can't you forgive him? I mean Come on!" Kaiyden says
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Asla got on a moterbike.

"I'll see you later old man. I'M going to New July then. You know, just for fun." Asla smiled riding off.

"All right, but be careful. AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Julius said after her.

Asla walked into the town. Everyone looked at her. Scard out of their witts! Suprisingly, she walked into the same bar Vash was in. She sat on the bar stool next to him. He didn't notice. Yet.

"I'd like a Bloody Massacre please." Asla said smilling.

Vash sat there. Stuned. He thought his old enemy was still dead! He couldn't move.

"Shocked dear Vash? You shoud be." Asla said taking a sip of her drink.

"Wha....what.....are......." Vash stamered.

"What am I doing here? This is the only place that can make a Bloody Massacre." Asla smirked.
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Evean was riding through the dessert as his scar started reacting. He stopped as he looked around.

"There's an enemy back in back in new july and there's one ahead of me" evean said to him self.

He looked into the distance ahead of him and knew that there was some one that had to do with his family ahead of him.

"I'll go after this one first" evean said as he continued driving.

After a hour of driving he came by to a man walking in the dessert.
"Can you tell me if i'm close to new july" the man asked.

"It's down that way" evean said pointing behind him.

The man just nodded and started on his way. He stopped then looked back at evean and evean looked at him back. The man reached into the case on his back and pulled out a sword as evean got the phinox soul 1 and set it to sword mode.
They both raised there weapons to each others necks.

"I never thought i'd see another kiro around since I herd about the death of irvine" the man said smilling.

"You must be the one called sand rock i've herd about that fights members of my family" evean said.

"I'm one and the same. Let's see if you can reach your brothers level" sand rock said as he drew his gun and fired at evean who jumped off the motorcyle and started fireing back.

Evean started charging at sand rock as he did the same. There sword clanged aginst each other.

"Let's see if the rumors about you are true" evean said.

"I guess we'll also see if your as good as the rest of the men in your family" sand rock said as they continued fighting.
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