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Writing Piles of um.....Titles


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I was thinking about Asphyxia's thread "Piles of Paper" and I realized I have a lot more "one liners" or titles I want to write off of.
So, yeah that is the basis for this thread: Just good titles.


[color=coral] From Bubbles to Briefcases[/color] (Like the test form bubbles--this is what got me started on this idea and I have EVERY intention of finishing it !0

[color=coral] Samurai Cat Visits Mount Olympus[/color] ( I know there is a whole series of Samurai Cat books, but the visual of Tomokato beating up the Greek gods....)

[color=coral] Tommorrow is Today[/color] (I've herd that somewhere and I like it...I hope its not a book already; that would sure steal MY thunder.)

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[size=1]"and I have EVERY intention of finishing it !"

You sound [i]just[/i] like me, I swear...

Tomokato, heh. [i]Samurai Cat Goes to Hell[/i] was a seriously messed-up book.


Titles, huh. I know I have hundreds of phrases I've just written down as potential titles for something, but I can't for the life of me remember [i]any[/i] of them right now.[/size]
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Guest Skyechild91
Hmm.. Titles? Uhhh...
'Song in the Silence' This was inspired by a pic i saw on this link. cant member the author though...:

' Dark Hearts' Thats my poem on OB in this board!! yeah me!!! its got some stupid stuff, though, le tme tell ya. and those others are KOOL!
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