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It seems to me that a majority of OB members seem to be into the Ataris, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Eminem, 50 Cent, Dashboard Confessional, and a couple of other bands I can't really think of right now. Now, I have nothing against any of the people I mentioned... (ok, so maybe I'm not that fond of 50 Cent and Good Charlotte), but I'm getting a little tired of the same threads coming up over and over on them all. I want to introduce you all to the wonderful world of Neo-Soul. So in the words of the Monty Python cast...

And now for something completely different.

Neo-Soul (neo meaning "new") is a mix of modern R&B and the classic Soul of the 1970s. The main differences between most popular R&B and Neo-Soul are that Neo-Soul uses actual live instruments, and music is a lot less centered in what's normally heard in mainstream hip-hop.

These are some of my favorite Neo-Soul artists...

[b]The Roots[/b] - Because the lead singer in this band is actually a rapper, people see them as more of a hip-hop band. While that may be true, they're also very Neo-Soul. Their lyrics are nothing like what you normally find in mainstream hip-hop, they're actually a band (instruments and all), and their music sounds a lot like what you'd find in Neo-Soul.
[i]Suggested Songs:[/i] "The Seed 2.0" and "Break You Off" and "You Got Me"

[b]Jill Scott[/b] - She wrote a song about walking in the park and holding a conversation. Her songs seem to sound more like she's in deep thought than anything else. Listening to a Jill Scott song is like daydreaming and thinking about what you're gonna do tomorrow.
[i]Suggested Songs:[/i] "A Long Walk" and "The Way"

[b]D'Angelo[/b] - One of the first Neo-Soul singers to come out in the 90s. He took everybody by surprise with the song "Brown Sugar," where he presented himself with a tough-guy image and sang with an incredible range.
[i]Suggested Songs:[/i] "Lady" and "Untitled"

[b]Raphael Saadiq[/b] - You might remember him from Tony Toni Tone, then later as part of Lucy Pearl. He's finally gone solo with an album my brother likes to describe as "grown folks' music." He seems to drift into several different directions in his songs. On top of that, half of his songs are only halves of songs, it feels like. Still, his songs are nice and relaxing, and he usually writes his own music, as well as his own lyrics.
[i]Suggested Songs:[/b] "Be Here" and "Blind Man"

[b]Musiq Soulchild[/b] - He popped up out of nowhere, and he's been one of my favorites since I heard his first song on the "Nutty Professor 2" soundtrack. Musiq sings in a soulful style that was obviously influenced by his listening to Stevie Wonder. His songs aren't just about love. They're about different types of love. Different levels.
[i]Suggested Songs:[/i] "Just Friends" and "Half-Crazy" and "Love"

Neo-Soul isn't the most intense genre of music, mind you. It's usually very laid-back; kick-back music. It's not something you'd usually party to, but it's great for hanging out. Give some of the above songs a listen. If you don't like 'em, whatever.Can't force it on you. I just have this feeling that not many OBers are aware of this type of music. Just spreading the word.
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