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Let's start from the begining..........

Monday night My friends and I were doing our usual rounds of sparring (fighting, and don't ask, long story). It was my turn to fight one of my friends John, wich usualy isn't that bad since I'm shorter and faster than he is. John kept his distance for a long time so I hauled off and kicked him in the hip, Bad mistake. I couldn't walk ten minutes after I did it, yet I chose to ignore it, it seemed to be numbing anyway...

When I got up tuesday morning to get ready for school all you could hear from my room were yelps of pain and endless cussing. I went to school for a while hobbling around as if I was drunk, fourth period rolled around and I decided to go to the doc's.

Here I am today, wearing a slipper on one foot and hobbling around on a pair of crutches (more like one now because it's easy to gimp around).

So my real question is, have you ever had to use crutches? Or have you hurt yourself badly enough that it alters the way you live and move?
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[color=darkred][size=1]I have never broken anything or hurt my legs so bad I couldnt walk without crutches,I guess I just got strong bones, lol. Anywho, theres 4 people at school who all came to school this week with crutches.. I called it the cripple week, and Im always teasing them like "Hey come on put put, lets get her going" or "come on ya crippled, we aint got all day" Of course im just joking around ^_^ They all got hurt playing field hockey, One tore a ligiment, and I know one other [i]Broke[/i] her leg >.< [/size][/color]
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