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RPG Cowboy Bebop:Dark New Time


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"PLEASE! It's all the money I have in the world!"

"Lady,I DON'T care,so just hand over the purse!Killin' is fun fer me,so don't go pushin' yer luck!"

The woman--probably about in her mid-fifties--whimpered as the ragged,unshaven man inched his knife closer to her threateningly.Hiis eyes were bulging and slightly mad,and his hair was a wild tangle atop his head.He itched to draw blood,to see the crimson stuff spill free,but he had a price on his head now,and he really didn't need to give them a reason to raise his bounty.Then he'd have even *more* hunters after him,which he really didn't want.He knew they were a dying breed,but the ones who remained were tough as nails and desperate.
"C'mon,lady,just.Give.Me.The.BAG!"He needed the money for the trip to Goymean.He needed to get out of this place,that was for sure.
The woman burst into sobs,"Please,mister,it's all I have to feed my kids with!"

"Let's see. . ."Said a new voice in the dark alley,"Ruthless.Stupid.Ugly.Yep,you're the guy I'm lookin' for."

The man clutched the woman to him immediately,spinning on his heel to press his back to the wall and to put the woman ahead of him like a shield.He held his knife to her throat,and the woman had gone nearly hysterical,screaming and sobbing.The man's eyes darted about the alley,searching the shadows,expecting some snake-like cop to be hiding from him in the shadows.Although cops were almost as rare as bounty hunters,there were still a few--a very few--who did their jobs.
Instead,the man found a young woman standing quite out in the open.Long,gleaming ebony locks framed deep blue eyes that seemed to be pierced with a pain and sorrow untold for a thousand years,but they also glittered with mischief.Her lean,lithe body was cloted in a torso-hugging,plain black t-shirt that exposed a narrow strip of toned midriff.Overtop of this was a slightly too large white dress shirt,left unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows hap-hazardly.A pair of loose black jeans were slung low around her hips,held up by a wide leather belt.Her feet were adorned in clunky shoes that glinted with silver buckles.In fact,her entire person glittered with the presence of silver,as her wrists and neck were adorned in a number of silver chains and bangles,and each of her ten fingers bore a bulky silver and black ring.A slight smile spread across her full lips,and the bounty's eyes shot to the gun in her hand.
"Who the hell are you?!"The man demanded.

"Me?Well,I'm just an old fashioned cowgirl."

The man's eyes grew to twice their original size--which was saying something.
"A bounty hunter!!"
The woman smiled slyly,reminding the man of a fox--but she seemed far too relaxed to be planning anything.
"T-take one step closer and I'll s-slit this lady's throat wide open!"The man declared shakily.
The woman shrugged.She raised her gun and aimed it directly between the man's eyes.
"I-I'm serious!P-p-put that away or I'll--I'll do it!"
"It's not my job to protect the innocent.I'm not a superhero and I'm not a cop."
"Wha--?!Why you little--"The woman,who had been building up hope,was cut short by a threatening press of the blade to her throat.
"Put the gun down!"The man demanded,his eyes bulging dangerously close to bursting from his face.
The young bounty hunter fired.
The shot rang through the bounty's head,and in his shock,he dropped the woman and the knife.He felt weak now,like all the blood had been drained from his body.But a few moments later,he came from his shock to find that the wall beside him had exploded with the force of the bullet striking it,and the bounty hunter had strode forth,and had raised the but of her nine-millimeter.Then,everything went black for him.
"What did you want with him,Leg?He was just a useless little man.. ."
"I had my reasons,Kathryn,"Said a deep voice from the chair behind the desk.The back of the chair was to Kat,so she could only see the column of smoke that drifted toward the ceiling,"Remember our agreement,Spelling--no questions."
"Yeah,I remember."She said firmly.She was good at the no questions thing most of the time.She only wondered what this corrupt business man would want with a petty thief and murderer.
"I've formulated a team for you,"Spendor Leg said after a long pause from the depths of the black chair.Kat's gaze shifted quickly from the window to the back of the chair.
"A team,"He repeated,"A crew.A crew of bounty hunters."
"I don't need a crew."She said flatly.
"I'm the one dishing out the woolongs here,"Said Leg stiffly,"I think I should have the right to decide if you use a team or not."
Her brow furrowed,but she said,"Okay.Whatever."
"That's a good girl.You should be meeting them any second.I've called for a meeting here at this very office."
Kat didn't say anything.She often didn't say anything.Silence was often much more effective than any words could be.
Just then,the door opened.
"Ah,here comes the first of them now. . ."
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Ganymede, 9:00 pm.

Michael was sitting in a small hotel room. Seedy and boarderline disgusting. It was all he could afford. He sat watching TV and wulfing down a bowl of cheap, and steamy ramen noodles. [I]No one ver said beign a bouny hunter was glamorous....[/I] He sighed and swalloed the noodles. He picked up the remote and changed the channel 69. The channel that aired the bounty heads. A man sitting at a desk announced the boutnies. He look stuck up and tired of life. Like there was soemthing jammed up his....... well, back to the bounties.

"A new bounty has just come in..." The man said in a stuffy nosed voiced. [I]God i hate that![/I] Michael thought...," a man named Rouko Jaabar. He is wanted for 3 counts of assualting an officer, two cases 1st degree of murder, and trafficing Red Eye. He is wanted and is armed and very dangerous. He was last spotted in Ganymede and is beleived to be hiding out in the emmidiate area."

Michael eyes opened wide. He put down his bowl of noodles and jumped up. He grabbed his guns and his shirt. He walked over and grabbed his ramen while putting on his shows. He walked out the door and swalloed the remaining ramen and threw the bowl in a garbage can. He then rushed down the stairs......
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Xu Tian walked in the headquarters. "You called?" A man dressed in a fine, black suit replied "Yes, We've got some business to do here. Take a few of our men and make the transaction with the Red Eye. His name is Rouko Jabaar and he'll be waiting in the corner at 1st and 3rd by the 'La fette" Bar." "You know how much I hate that stuff, why send me out?" "Because...you're expendable." Xu scoffed and walked out. "People who go against the Syndicate end up dying...maybe not...."
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Evean was running through a red dragon ship and he set up some explosives at the engines. He was running to the ships hanger to get to his ship. As he ran red dragons started fireing at him. "We'll guys it's been fun but I gotta go. Got a meeting to get to" evean said drawing his gatling gun and fired at them. The dragons ran from the shots. Evean set up an explosive on the door and blew it open. He ran in and got into the dark star and blew open a hole in the red dragon ship. "Time for me to go" evean thought as he flew out of the ship. As he flew away the red dragon ship explodide. "There goes some more of them" evean thought smilling as he flew to his main ship that was hidden in asteroids. He opened his hanger door and flew in. "Time to meet the people i'm hired to work with" evean said as he got to the ships cockpit and flew off.
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*Dragus stands by Rouko Jabaar.*
Dragus:"Rouko... If the Syndicate doesn't show you die... I promise it. But after you go to the police in my hand."
Rouko:"I understand but the red eye will be traded so they will come."
Dragus:"I'll turn you in in 12 hours... but that's if the syndicate shows up or not..."
Rouko:"Ah man.... I am in deep ****."
Meteo:"You can place a bet on it..."
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Xu Tian and some Syndicate members arrive on Ganymede in a few days. They take their ships to the La Fette bar where a man dressed in black was waiting.

Xu Tian: Are you Rouko?

Rouko: Yeah, are you the Syndicate guy I was suppose to meet?

Xu Tian: Yea, lets talk inside the bar.

The 2 men walk inside while the rest stand guard outside.

Rouko: This new stuff, It's even better than before. It's purer than ever. A Batch like this doesn't come cheap you know? Catch my Drift?

Xu Tian: No negotiating, I'll give you the original price offered. Take it or leave it.

As soon as he said that, as if on que, Shots were fired from outside and screams filled the air. Xu jumped behind the counter, while Rouko made his escape with the Money outside.

Xu Tian: Damn, you can't trust anyone these days.

The men started walking in armed with a new version of Sub-Machine gun. In an surprise attack, Xu rolled out and shot 2 while moving towards another table. The men kept shooting at the table until they ran out of bullets. They had to reload... Xu popped up and shot even more in the head. The rest escaped with the Syndicate ships. Xu Tian got into an untaken ship and rode towards them...
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Michael ran down the street heaving hard as he spinted. He finally came across three men with guns pointed at each other. They didn't expect him and Michael ran up and spiral kicked the gun out of Meteo's hands. "What the......Tttttooooooohhhh...." Michael struck him hard in the stomache and threw him into Dragus like a pillow. Rouko stood staring at Michael who was now staring at him. He began to run.

"Hey! Come Back HERE!" Michael yelled. "CRAP!" he yelled anngrily and aggrivated and began running at him. Michael stopped and shot at him. He hit him in the back of his right knee and Rouko fell. "bulls eye........." Michael ran over and picked him up over his shoulder. "Your gonna make...."

"Me alot of maney." Dragus said, holding a gun to the back of Michael's head.
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Kathryn glanced up at the door,expecting some burly bloke to step through.Instead,a slender woman with large glasses and neat,mouse-brown hair poked her head in.It was Leg's secretary.
"Does it involve the hired bounty hunters?"Leg demanded with a barking note in his voice.
"Um,no,but it's,um--"
"Then I don't want to hear about it!"He said,his voice most definitely irritated now.
A sarcastic grin slid onto Kat's lips."So much for your 'team',"She said mockingly.
"They'll be here,"Said Leg,but there wasn't much conviction to it,"They'll.Be.Here."He repeated,as if trying to convince himself as much as her.
"Yeah,okay,whatever,"She said,leaning against a wall.The wall opposite her was made completely of glass,and she stared out of this window at the various hovercraft zooming back and forth across the town.There wasn't much else to do.With no word of where these "crew members" had gone to,she could only wait until they showed up.If they did at all.She really hoped that they didn't.A crew meant people--and God forbid they had pets(she hated animals).People and pets and other such nonesense were things she just couldn't deal with. . .It was why she'd left the syndicate. . .Or was the syndicate the reason she hated people. ..?
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Evean landed at a space port and was leaving his ship. He was in the cargo hold as the door opened. He set the security system to start once he left. "Well it's time to get going" evean said to him self as he got onto his motor cycle and left. He left the space port and started down a high way. As he looked around he saw hover cars around him. "Who realy cares if there are new types of velechles. Some time the oldies are the best to have" evean thought as he did a popa wheely and speed down the road. As he enterd the city he saw two people faceing off. He reconised one of them as a former member of the red dragon syndicate. He got off his motor cycle and walked up to them.
"Excuse me but you wouldn't happen to know if there are any red dragons in this town" evean asked. "Ya, I did see some but they ran" the man said. Evean looked at the two guys and they both had guns pointing at each others head. "One's probaply got a bounty on his head" evean thought as he went to his motorcyle and got on. He started to the building where he was to meet his employer. He walked inside and rode a elevatore to the top. The secratary told eveans employre he was there and he was let in. "So what is it that i'm needed for" evean asked as he walked in.
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Kathryn looked up at the person whom had just entered the office.She gave him a single,apathetic glance-over,then lowered her gaze once more to the floor as she leaned against the wall.She didn't say a single thing.
"Ah,yes--"Said Legg,a triumphant grin splitting his broad face,"--Thank you for coming,"--though he didn't sound thankful at all--"If you'll have a seat.. .?"
Leg continued on to explain his "deal",while Kathryn sat silently on the sidelines.
"You'll be working with this young beauty,"Leg said,motioning toward Kathryn.Kathryn looked up only long enough to give an acknowledging nod to Evean,and to shoot a warning glare at Leg,"along with three others that have yet to turn up.Miss Spelling here won't neccessarily be the 'leader' of your crew,but she will be the one to keep in contact with me.It'll be the same--bounty hunting and what not--only you'll be with a crew,and I'll be making the occasional bounty request.And I can pay three times more than any ISSP office or other private organization.Now,you can walk away from this now without consequence,if you so desire.So. . .what will it be,lad?"
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Xu Tian desperately shot after him in his ship. He was gaining fast... He realized that Rouko wasn't in the ships but Rouko probably had the others take the suitcase. He fired his ship's guns at the enemy. Both ships went down together. Xu then landed on a nearby spot. "In the name of the Red Dragons, surrender the money and Red eye back to us." He said pointing his Sig at them. One man inside a ship suffered an internal injury and had died. The other stepped out wearing a grey trench coat. "Long time no see, eh friend?" "Ma...Feng?" The man drew his gun. a glock 30. "Yep, in the flesh. You'll get the money. If you can beat me." Without answer Xu fired at him, but he missed. Ma retaliated by shooting rapidly at Xu, But he had already ducked behind the ships. Rolling under the ships, he shot again, Grazing Ma's chest. Ma stumbled and Xu fired into his head....
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*Dragus grabs Rouko and runs to the Madd Dogg.*"Sorry but this bounty's mine better luck next time... and tell the red dragons if you see them that Julia's child will have revenge!" Dragus yells at the other bounty hunter.*Dragus throws Rouko into the back of the Madd Dogg and flies towards the ISSP office.*"So you are the child of a woman named Julia... I know the leader of the Red Dragons if you need it..." Rouko says trying to save his own *****."No thanks I know the red dragons, I worked for them for a few years. I left there so I could get my revenge easier."
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Xu headed back to the Main Red Dragon Ship. The Elder saw the suitcase and realized what happened. "You failed?" "No I got the red eye and the money back." He took a vile out of his coat to show him. "Why do you still have the money?" "Rouko...He betrayed us. All of my men were killed. I also ran into our old friend Ma feng. He's dead now, but I can't help wondering..." The elder showed frustration. "People nowadays think they can push around the syndicate! Who dares make a mockery of us! There are traitors everywhere now. We're starting a hunt and you're going to help us. You're not as worthless as I thought." Xu started walking back to his quarters. "Traitors everywhere..." He thought.
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