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(I know I sorta stole that "Does it for the drugs" line from Smile Empty Soul,but I was listening to that song the other day and had to write this. . .I just kinda changed some words around and stuff and. . .yeah.. .Anyways,here it is. . .)

No one knows her
No one would ever dare
She doesn't know herself
And she'll never care
She can't let them know
Can't let them see
The dirty secrets that she keeps
-'Cause she does it for the drugs
She does it 'cause it makes her feel clever
She does it just because
She knows she'll never be anything better-
He doesn't know why
He just has to lie
Just has to say things he doesn't mean
He doesn't know why
And he just wants to cry
He wonders if he'll ever feel clean
-'Cause he does it for the drugs
He does it 'cause it makes him feel clever
He does it just because
He knows he'll never be anything better-
And the sad thing is
They're just like everyone else
And in the bottle
Is the only place they find help
They're just like you
And just like me
A part of us will always be dirty
-'Cause we do it for the drugs
We do it 'cause it makes us feel clever
We do it just because
We know we'll never be anything better-
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