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Writing Yet another Poetry Thread


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Showered with soft rain,
Embraced by the night's first kiss,
A heart sings in pain.

As sweet as a rose,
Stealing onto gentle dreams,
Voice in solemn prose.

Eyes awake to see,
A pale and majestic moon,
But always empty.

The rain falls softly,
Like tears upon broken glass...

A sweet melody,
A mournful ballad...[/I][/COLOR]


[B][i]Untitled Poem[/b]

A severed heart, a severed mind,
And here I sit, on grounds unkind.
Eyes yearn to shut, and yearn to dry,
But always will the whispers lie.

This soul, it pines, and long it yearns,
This burning tempest forever churns.
And from afar your shouts are heard.
But near are whispers quite less preferred.

The question stands, will you remain?
In longing to keep your dreams sustain?
Will your heart pound, will it still resound,
To pursue your hopes and dreams abound?

The iris rests, and waits for light,
A light to keep the dreams aflame...[/i]

[COLOR=purple]Yeah...these are my awesome poems haha...feel free to criticize...[/COLOR] :love:
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