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Anime Episode 28


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[url=http://www.bandaivisual.co.jp/hack_udeden/integration/]Official .hack//INTEGRATION page[/url]. Thanks for the link goes to [url=http://blackwings.net/hack/index.php]DOT HACKERS[/url]. Download the movie and see for yourself.

Basically, .hack//INTERMEZZO (.hack//SIGN eps. 27) takes place a little [I]before[/I] the video game series begins. .hack//UNISON (.hack//SIGN eps. 28) takes place [I]after[/I] the games, where the video game characters meet the SIGN characters in anime form. Haha, these characters are drawn by the original artist, so we get to see what the video game characters were "supposed" to look like. IMO, Kite looks worse, but everyone else is cool.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by hawke3000 [/i]
[B]will I have to know what happens in the game to see this????Are there game spoilers?? [/B][/QUOTE]

According to [URL=http://blackwings.net/hack/index.php].Hackers[/URL] Ep 26 was aired in Japan between the 2nd & 3rd game releases and Ep 27-8 would appear to have been aired within the next month (ie. Ep 26 airs followed by Ep 27, 28 then .hack//part3), so I wouldn't think you would have to know much of the game (though it couldn't hurt). As for sploilers, maybe small ones but nothing that would reveal much.
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