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Writing False Hope

Guest Xx FalseHope xX

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Guest Xx FalseHope xX
These are the lyrics to my bands song False Hope. I wrote them, but we ahven't put any music to them yet. Well here it is:

False Hope

On that day, such a hard cold day
I walk up to you, with tears streaming down my face.
Then those four words that I asked you
Would be the last words I?d say and then it would all be through
This is my final day

I?m still waiting for you (are you coming to me)
I?m still trying to hear your voice (are you even calling)
When I look back on that day and then reality hits
Why do I keep relying on this False Hope Bull****?

Both in tears now, no one else around
Not only are we crying but rain cries down to the ground
With one last word, we are through
Tonight would be the last night I?d get to see you


Stormy weather
And a dark cold night
Lonely shivers run up and down my spine
And then the sound
The sound of death
Breaking glass
One last breath
I no longer see you
No longer hear you
I?m in a better place now, well at least that?s what they?ve been sayin?


In this place I keep on hoping, but I know that it?s all for nothing
Now with one last tear, this one last time
All this False Hope, I?m saying goodbye.
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