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G.I. Joe - Spy Troops

I, Colossus

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I, being a pretty big GI Joe fan myself can't wait for this. It's a new CG, 44 minute, movie that will air on Cartoon Network on September 27 (6 Days away ^_^). When it's released the DVD will only be part of the "Ninja Showdown 2-Pack". In the pack the DVD comes with two 12" Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow action figures. So if you aren't an action figure fan, wait to see if the DVD will release alone.

Anyway, the whole "Ninja Showdown 2-Pack" is only going to be $19.99, so you have no reason to not buy it.


In the above link you can download both a music video or the trailer. Below are the movie poster and the two action figures.



[b]Edit:[/b] For some reason the figures aren't showing up.

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