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Writing MMPR: Retold, Season One


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[spoiler][size=1][color=4057b7][b]Episode One- "Back to Good" Part One

Jason and Kimberly walked down the street, Kayla holding books in her hands. Suddenly, a team of puddies appeared and started moving around insanely.

?Oh great,? said Kimberly, dropping her books and assuming a fighting position. Zach did so also.

Charging into the group of puddies, Jason did a front flip and then a jump-kick to throw down three puddies at once. He back-fisted another, and then tripped another. Kimberly flipped over a group of puddies, She them punched one across the face and then another in the stomach. She then flip-kicked one in the head. After they were all defeated, they all disappeared in white lightning.

?Rita and Zedd are up to something,? Jason said, looking around. They both went behind a tree and teleported to the Command Center.

?Rangers, aye yi yi yi yi yi!? said Alpha, their robot companion.

?What is it, Alpha?? Kimberly said, walking over to him.

?Rangers,? said Zordon, ?Rita and Zedd have sent down Scorpina, Goldar and King Sphinx to destroy Angel Grove. Like you, the other Rangers have run into the puddies, but were also ambushed by Grant and Tommy.?

?Oh no!? Zach said, running to the viewing globe. In it, he saw the blue, yellow and black rangers fighting the corrupted green and white ranger, and also a group of puddies.

?We have to help them!? said Kimberly.

?No, Rangers. You must defeat Goldar and the others, they are the biggest threat right now,? said Zordon. Jason and Kimberly nodded, then extended their morphers in front of them.

?Pterodactyl!? Kimberly yelled, becoming the pink ranger.

?Tyrannosaurus!? yelled Jason, become the red ranger.

They raced into Angel Grove, where the three monsters were destroying cars and buildings.

?Goldar!? yelled Jason, pointing his Power Sword at him. ?Time for you to leave!?

?Ahahaha,? Goldar laughed along with Scorpina and King Sphinx, ?where are your power geek friends??

?Shut up!? yelled Jason once more.

?Hyah!? yelled Scorpina, charging at Kimberly. Kimberly got out her Power Bow and shot energized bows at her feet, making her flip into the air. Scorpina then shot purple lasers from her sword, slamming Kimberly into a tree.

?Kim!? yelled Jason. He leaped into the air, ready to strike Scorpina with his sword when he was hit with lasers from Goldar and Sphinx.

?Suya!? yelled Grant, the corrupted white ranger as he slashed and Trini and Zack with his dark sword. Trini did a back flip and landed on a cliff, then jumped off and kicked Grant back. Zack then got out his Power Axe and fought axe-to-sword with him.

?Could use a little help here,? yelled Billy, dodging another Dragon Blast from Tommy. Trini flipped over behind Tommy and tripped him, enraging him.

?I say it?s time for the zords,? Tommy said to Grant when he got up. Grant nodded, and they both flipped a distance from the rangers. Tommy got out his Dragon Dagger and played into it, summoning the Dragon Zord. Grant stabbed his sword into the ground, making an earthquake and summoning the White Tiger Zord.

?Let?s do it, guys,? said Zack, ?Mastodon!?

?Saber-toothed Tiger!? yelled Trini.

?Triceratops!? yelled Billy. Then, all five of the rangers jumped into the cockpits of their zords.

Jason and Kimberly dodged more attacks from the evil trio, but then saw the five zords arise and go into battle.

?Looks like they need some help!? yelled Jason. ?Tyrannosaurus!?

?Pterodactyl!? Both rangers jumped into their cockpits, and weren?t long followed by the rapidly growing Goldar and King Sphinx. Scorpina had retreated back to Zedd and Rita.

The Saber-toothed Tiger and Triceratops zords shot respective colors from their eyes, hitting Goldar but doing no damage. The Dragon Zord hit the Tyrannosaurus with his drill tail, sending it down.

?White Tiger, megazord form!? yelled Grant. The White Tiger morphed.

?Dinozords, combine!? yelled the rangers in unison. The zords came together to form the Dino Megazord.

?Attack!? yelled Goldar. The four beings ran towards the megazord, ready to attack. The White Tigerzord struck the Mastodon Shield, but re-struck the waist of it. Then, the Dragon Zord and Goldar struck it with a double punch, knocking it to the ground.

?Aye yi yi yi yi yi,? said Alpha, watching from the viewing globe. ?What are we going to do??

?Alpha, the only way the rangers will win is if we get Grant and Tommy back from evil,? Zordon said.

?How are we to do that, Zordon??

?We?ll have to send a ranger to the cockpit of each zord.?

Episode One- "Back to Good", part two.

?What?!? yelled Zack, in the command center. The five rangers had been teleported and de-morphed back to the Command Center and their zords back into hiding.

?You must get into the cockpit of the White Tiger Zord and the Dragon Zord,? said Alpha.

?What do we do then? I doubt they?ll be willing to cooperate,? said Jason.

?Their Power Coins were corrupted by Rita and Zedd,? said Zordon, ?so you must get their Power Coins and bring them back here. Then, Alpha and I will be able to drive the evil out of them.?

?In turn, Grant and Tommy will no longer be evil,? added Alpha.

?Right,? said Kimberly, ?but who?s going to go??

The center was silent for a moment, but then Jason said, ?I?ll go into Tommy?s and then Grant?s. You guys will have to distract them while I get their coins.?

?Right,? the other four rangers said in unison. They morphed and teleported into Angel Grove, where Goldar and King Sphinx had left, and Grant and Tommy were destroying buildings. Calling forth their zords, the rangers jumped into their cockpits, excluding Jason.

?Rangers!? yelled Trini. ?Form the Dinosaur Megazord!? The five zords combined together.

Jason stood on top of the building, watching the Dinosaur Megazord form. He watched as the Megazord took a group of hits and then fought back with the Power Sword.

?C?mon Jason,? he thought to himself, ?you can do this. Tommy and Grant would want you to.? He nodded to himself, and then in a red light, teleported inside the White Tiger?s cockpit.

?Hey!? yelled Grant. Jason reached down on Grant?s belt buckle and removed his power coin, de-morphing him before he could react.

?What am I doing here? Jason?? Grant said, dazed and confused.

?Alright, Zordon,? Jason said into his communicator. A white light surrounded Grant as he was teleported to the Command Center. After Grant was gone, Jason teleported again, but this time into the Dragon Zord?s cockpit.

?Red Ranger!? Tommy said, in his evil voice. Jason reached down to get his power coin, but Tommy caught his arm and squeezed it tightly.

?T-Tommy, this is for your own good,? Jason struggled to get out. He rose his free hand and karate-chopped Tommy in the back of the neck, knocking him out. Jason then reached down, got his Power Coin, and sent him to Zordon.

?Morphanomenal!? Billy said over the communicator.

?Alright guys,? said Jason, still in the Dragon Zord, ?back to the Command Center.?

?Curse those Power Rangers! Curse them, curse them!? yelled Lord Zedd, from his palace on the moon.

?Zordon will surely block my power from controlling them!? screeched Rita.

?Shall I make a monster to distract them, my Empress?? asked the feeble Finster.

?No! Goldar will go, and will not fail me, or the actions after shall be dire,? Rita cackled.

?Do you want me to take Scorpina or Sphinx?? asked Goldar.

?NO! NOW GO AND DON?T FAIL ME!? yelled Rita, making everyone jumped, even Zedd.

Before the rangers could teleport out, the enlarged, winged Goldar appeared. He growled and did and few slashed in the air with his sword.

?Come get me, rangers!? he yelled, taunting them.

?Let?s give him what he wants!? yelled Zack. Jason then teleported back into the Megazord.

?Zordon, we are truly sorry for what we have done. Over the last months, we have been the most vile people,? said Grant, thinking unworthy of himself.

?It is neither your nor Tommy?s fault for what happened,? Zordon replied, ?you were under a very powerful spell.?

?Don?t feel bad, rangers,? said Alpha.

?Rangers?? said Tommy. ?We?re not rangers anymore. If we use the Power Coins again, won?t we be under the spell again??

?That is where you are correct,? said Zordon, ?but we have something that can block Rita?s power.?

Goldar flew back as the Megazord back-punched him a dozen times, then kicked him away. He got up and charged at them with his sword.

?Power Sword, now!? yelled the rangers in unison. The sword arrived out of the sky and into their hand. They blocked the attack, then forced him backwards with brute strength. They drew back the sword to deliver the final strike, but Goldar disappeared before they could. They then teleported back to the Command Center, in lights of their respective colors.

?So, these shields will protect Grant and Tommy from Rita?s powers?? asked Kimberly, de-morphed with the rest of the rangers.

?That is correct,? replied Alpha.

?So what are we waiting for? Let?s do it!? said Zack. Zordon nodded. He closed his eyes, concentrating. White lightning struck Tommy and Grant. They both were morphed now, and Tommy had a gold shield on his shoulders and Grant had a black-and-gold shield.

?Cool!? yelled Zack. They all celebrated, going to Ernie?s.

?You failed me!? yelled Rita, smacking Goldar over the head with her staff.

?Sorry, my Empress,? Goldar said.

?I said there would be consequences,? she replied. She rose her staff, and in a red light, removed his wings. Scorpina and King Sphinx both chuckled.[/b][/color][/size][/spoiler]
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