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Writing Four Nights, No Sleep, Delusions RK Fanfic

Guest Alec Ikiiki

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Guest Alec Ikiiki
[font=arial][COLOR=skyblue]Alright, I need ideas. I have an RK fanfic in the process. What the main idea is, is that Kaoru has made a bet with Megumi that she can not stay awake for four days. Well, you know where this will lead to. Many activities that will probably cause Kaoru to become tired, the fact that she'll be sleep deprived, and the fact that when there's sleep deprivation, there tends to be delusions. What I need are some... scratch that... many ideas of good delusions to put into the fic and somethings for Kaoru to do (like teaching at the other dojo while she's delusional and she sees spiders and freaks out). Your ideas will be trully helpful.

I intend to make this at the least 3 chapters, the most maybe six. Ya know, one chapter per day and maybe some extra incase one day turns into two chapters. =^.^= Respond, Onegai[/color][/font]
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