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Anime Proof to end the Larva/Lava Debate! Vampire Princess Miyu

Guest Yume_no_Ryuu

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Guest Yume_no_Ryuu
Ok! So one day I was sitting in Latin class, bored, staring at my Latin book. I look over to the page opposite to where my eyes should be and lo and behold! there is the word Larva.
Here is the gist of what was said in the book: the word larva was the Roman word for ghost or spirit, which is where our English word larva (a baby insect) comes from, because of its white appearance [It was speaking about derivatives from Latin in English]
There is some really good proof for you! It isnt Lava (what does he have to do with fire anyway? come on people!) its Larva. Larva dosn't mean, contrary to what most people think, a baby insect, but spirit, which DEFINATELY describes him.
So there you have it.
If anyone wants that page I can scan it, PM me and I'll get back to you sometime and tell you my AIM name so I can send it to you.
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