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Writing hewwo fanfic Hiei yyh


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Hi im Eri i have a special tear gem this is my fanfic abou yu yu hakusho and me'n'hiei

It had been years since he left, now Eri is working for konema as a spirit detecive with yusuke. "Hiei" she sighs, "where are you?" she walks up to konema and asks what to do next. her and yusuke had just beaten the first two of the three ppl who stole the three artifacts. "Eri we have info on the next guy." Konema explains " his names Hiei-" "WHAT?!" " did you just say hiei?" i ask loudley. "why you know him?" he says "ya where is he?" says i. and he goes on about where he is and what not. the next day me yusuke, an botan went. i walk in "Hiei? where are you?" yusuke comes in with botan. we walk in more and then i see him, i scream and run to him and hug him as tight as i can... he shoves my off and says "And you are?" with a questined look on my face i say "dont you remember? its me Eri!" his face looks angry" dont insult a person you dont know! when i returned back to my home land master told my she was captured and there was no hope to save her!" i look mad and say " really? that betrayer he told me to go and look for you and say he would pick me and him up on the third day in the second week!" by this time yusuke and botan were compleatly confused. botan asks "um is there something we need to know here?" i say "oh ya" and explain to them. hiei still doesnt belive me and says "if your really Eri then prove it by fighting!" "no i will not hurt you! just give us the sord so konemas father doesnt destroy everything!" i say. " like i care for humans like you!" he says" your all a big wast of time!" ok by now im mad "Fire Demond Hiei! You listin up i am Eri Oriah and you are still the inconsiderat brat you were when we were little and if i have to fight you to make you belive that im Eri the one and only i will" i pull out my sord and mutter something in elvish "lets get this over with..." yusuke and kurama comes up on both sides of me "you helped me and i am forever greatful." kurama says "Kurama! why are you helping that imposter!?" hiei asks him "why dont you belive her?" kurama says "lets get this over with," i change into my yoko form. me yusuke, and kurama battle him like im the show and me and botan take him to the spirit world. "cmmn Eri you cant stay here all night" konema says." i can and i will." i say "fine suit yourself." he says. so i stay there hours pass :sleep: i fall asleep on the edg of the bed railling. finally i awoke with hieis voice in my ears. "Eri i-im srry i just wanted to be sure..." he says. "its ok hiei as long as were togather now..." he sits up and we kiss.
hope you like!!! i kno its long but really i think its sweet...anyway ty for the ppl who took the time to read it ty bye...:angel: :rolleyes:
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This story could be good.... but please, put more care into formatting your work. It's difficult to read such a long, blocky paragraph. Also, your writing would be more enjoyable if you worked on your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Don't let anything stop you from writing--just keep in mind that you should try to make your fanfics adhere to a certain standard of quality.

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