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Writing Rurouni Kenshin: Story of two brothers.

Guest Kenji

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Hey everyone this is my frist time on the borad and my frist fan ficiton. Me and my friend have been doing this together i hope you guys and girls like.

A few miles away from Kyoto, the home of Kenshin and his friends, a lone masked figure holding a sword stands on a lone hill. He is hunting for someone. He is looking for a killer. Not an ordinary killer. This man killed thousands with such skill that many thought he was the devil. He was called the Battousai.
Shinta was lying down with his back towards the wall looking at his mother's students and how they have came alone. One student then walked over to Shinta. "Master Shinta, how are my lesson's coming along?" Shinta looked at the young student and smiled. " Ryu you are coming along just find. But try to keep your arms just a little lower when you are doing a down strike." "Thank you master Shanta." "Anytime Ryu." Ryu then walked off and went back to his training. Shinta got up and walked in the back yard.
The masked man was soon joined on the hill by a group of ten ninjas. " I want the Battousai alive but in his top form. Kill the others." The ninjas bowed and nearly flew down the hill at top speed.
Sanosuke yawned as he and Kenshin watched the students practice. Life had been pretty quite since Kenji had left. Kenshin never talked about it nor did Kaoru but Shinta was very determined to find his brother and bring him back. Sanosuke wished he could help but he was no match for Kenji.
Shinta looked in the sky thinking of the good times with his brother. He dreamed back to there days of fighting and training together." Brother I know you are coming for me. But I don't think that this time I'll be ready. I have got my self in one serious battle that I almost didn't make it out alive. But I promise you this when you came I well do everything I can to bring you back.
"Hey! Where is everyone?" yelled Yahiko as he waited outside the dojo. "Stop yelling like a two year old!" yelled back Sanosuke as he and Kenshin walked to invite Yahiko in. They bowed to each other and laughed as they got together for the first time in many years. " Your one to talk. You are more immature than the students." Yahiko said back to Sanosuke. Sanosuke got a fake angry look on his face and looked back to Kenshin for some help when he noticed Kenshin looked very serious. Then out of nowhere a ninja kicked Sanosuke into a wall of the dojo. The ninja landed and kicked at Yahiko who blocked it but was hit from the back by another ninja. Yahiko smashed into the well nearly knocked out. Another ninja appeared behind Kenshin and tried to wrap a cord around his neck. Kenshin blocked it with a stone in his hand. As the cord started to break through the stone, Sanosuke struck the ninja with his strongest punch. The punch hit the ninja in the head but did not phase him. The ninja didn't even look at him. The other ninja that had attacked Yahiko kneed Sanosuke in the face sending him crashing to the ground. The ninja pulled out some throwing knives and threw them at Sanosuke. Sanosuke knew he couldn't block them. Then a bright flash appeared and Shinta was infront of Sanosuke. The knives fell to the ground. Shinta just stood there as the ninja fell to the ground. "Wow. You stopped the knives and beat him in one strike. I had forgotten how good you were Shinta." Sanosuke said before passing out.
Shinta saw the ninja's coming together. He had put his sword back in his sheath. Kenshin looked back at Shinta. "Shinta pull your sword back out this is no time to do any power moves like the Ryusousen." "But dad this way I can take them out quicker." "No Shinta your body has not healed from your battle you must fight wisely." "Then that is what I?ll do. Shinta took off at the ninja's." "SHINTA NO!"
Shinta did a slash at one of the ninja missing due to the fact that he was not at his best cause his body hasn't fully healed. After Shinta did his attack one of the ninja came straight down with his claws cutting Shinta on the back. Shinta then fell down on one knee. As one of the other's was about to get a good attack on Shinta Kenshin sliced the guy right across his stomach. He grabbed Shinta and jumped back.: The spot that they where once at five ninja knives had just land down. "Shinta, what is wrong with you? You never rushed into a fight like that before." Shinta looked up at his father. ?Dad I'm trying to finish this as fast as possible. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to stay awake.? Kenshin then realized that the median that Shinta took must have been taking affect. ?The median must be kicking in. Even so you must not rush in. I'll take care of them here you must go and check on the students.? "Yes father."
Gideon watched the battle from above the dojo. He saw how Kenshin had saved Shinta. With the move he knew it was the Battousai. This time there would be no mistakes made. Gideon waved his hand and the ninja's jumped away and went after Shinta. Kenshin didn't follow but just stood there with his sword out. "How dare you hurt my family." Gideon jumped from the roof and landed a few feet in front of Kenshin. "You are needed Battousai. Your family is not important."
The ninjas flew at Shina but a few slashes killed two of them and sent the rest around the room. Shinta looked on in shock, as it was none other than Aoshi that had appeared before him. " I came with Yahiko. I was a little late as I had business in town. Step back Shinta. Double Ryokan senshu!" Aoshi yelled before flashing forward and doing a double spinning slash that was so strong it made a tornado that threw the other ninjas out of the dojo. As well as destroying the roof. " Tell your father I owe him a new roof." Shinta smiled then remembered. " Father! We have to help him."
The light from the lightning was messing with Kenshin's sight. He couldn't tell where Gideon would strike. He had no choice but to close his eyes and listen for Gideon's clothes. He heard them to the left and went right into a Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Hi-Ryu Sen. Kenshin's body surged forward and he knew Gideon had no time to block it. Kenshin was surprised though when his attack was blocked. Kenshin opened his eyes to see Gideon standing in front of him blocking him easily. Kenshin jumped away. "No one has been able to block that move before." Kenshin then put his sword back into his sheath. ' It was wrong of me to think I could overpower him that it was. I must break his focus and then overcome him with speed.' Kenshin then attacked with the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Sou Ryu Sen , an attack designed to confuse the opponent. Gideon put his sword back in his sheath and ran toward Kenshin. ' What is he doing?' thought Kenshin. Gideon was so fast that he used the sheath to block both attacks. His sword was held uprigt between Kenshin's swords. Gideon quickly grabbed his sword and pulled it out in a Ryoshen Iai, a crescent slash technique so fast the only way to dodge it is to have the right distance. Kenshin had no such space being face to face with Gideon. Kenshin jumped but the attack sliced his right shoulder badly. Kenshin landed hard a few feet away. ' My right arm is useless now.' Gideon then put his sword back in his sheath and looked at Kenshin. "It is time to end this Kenshin. Ryosenshan Iai ken!" The attack was even faster now with the slice coming so fast at Kenshin he could barely track it. ' I have to try and block it. If I fail, I fail my sons and Kaoru.' Kenshin ran forward and took his sword in his left hand and used all his energy in a Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ryu Kan Sen Arashi. The force from the blast impacted Gideon's attack and the two attacks were so powerful that it blew both opponents across the compound, sending Gideon through a wall and Kenshin into a tree nearly breaking it apart. Aoshi ran to Ken shin and checked on him. Amazingly, he was still breathing. Kenshin looked up at Aoshi. " Where .....is ....Shin...ta?" Aoshi looked at Kenshin and smiled. "He is safe Kenshin." Kenshin smiled before passing out.

Esle where at another village Kenshin's other son was living up to the name he calls him self.Blood had spilled all over the wall. The women and kids were running for help. The only thing that stood in the middle of all this chaos was Kenji the Battousai. Smiling on what he had done. ?I gave you all one chance to leave but you wanted to see how good I was.? Then as Kenji was just standing a man came up from behind and tried to slice him in the middle of his back. But Kenji sent his right blade to block. ?Not only have you picked a fight with the wrong man but you have picked a fight with a man who is the master of the Hiten Mitsurugi style with two blades.? The guy started to shake and get worried about his life. "Don't worry you well die fast." Then Kenji turn to the left with his left blade cutting the guy?s head clean off. The man's blood pored all on Kenji's face. ?You well learn to fear Kenji the Battousai. Everyone well learn to fear me even you my brother.? Kenji then walked over to one of the men and whipped his blades clean with the guy?s clothes. He put his sword's back in his sheath and walked away.
The young ruthless teen had walked into a bar with a look to kill on his face. "I'm going to ask this once and only once. I'm looking for a man who looks just like me has one scare on his face. (Kills him to say) He's really nice." The bartender looked at Kenji with a happy look on his face. ?Yes he was here three days ago. He got into a very serious battle for the people in are town. He saved us all. But I think it almost caused him his life. When he left he was badly beaten. The people in the town helped him on his way.? Kenji looked with a smile on his face. "Thank you." He then left.
Kenji was on his way to his old home to return the favor to his brother. The scare on his chest well never leave. Kenji well have no choice but to remember that fight between him and his brother. Kenji's mind was clear on revenge. He had lose a battle to his younger brother who doesn't believe in killing. His brother had surpassed his skills. But this time it well be different. Kenji has master the Hiten mitsurugiryu with two blades. He has trained night and day. He has become faster with two blades. His brother well loses this next battle. "Wait something not right." Kenji stopped and looked around.Viscous sat atop a tree and smiled while looking down at Kenji. "Please do not stop. I enjoy watching a killer perfect his art." Viscous said before jumping down from the tree and landing with his sword drawn. " But I could enhance this lesson with a little sparring exercise." Kenji just stood and looked at Viscous. "I do not spar, it is a waste of time. When I drawn my sword it is to kill and only that. So if I draw my sword I well be fighting you to the death." Viscious put his sword back in his sheath. " Well if your going to be all serious about it then forget it then." Viscious turned his back and started to walk away while saying." I just thought you would want a way to surpass your father's legend and destroy your brother at the same time." When Viscious said destroy his father's legacy it had caught Kenji's ear. "Wait. What are you talking about?" Viscious turned and smiled at Kenji. " Come with me Kenji and I shall make you a killer of nations." " A Killer of nations huh. Show me how this can happen." Kenji then walked off behind him.

Thats it for now people i hope you like. I really do. There well be more coming on tomorrow. Even got a pic for you all. Kenji on the left and Shinta on the right.
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Viscious led Kenji to a small military outpost. It was filled with about two hundred elite soldiers. "First I need to test you out. Killing some peasants is one thing but these guys are the real deal." Kenji looked over at Viscious. "My skills are beyond that of my father's. I have trained to become the best. So show me this guy who you wish me to kill." Viscious the replied. "The test is to walk in there and kill the boss and walk out. If you truly are the Battousai then these men will be no match for you." As Kenji started to walk down the hill Viscious yelled back. "Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you the leader is Saitoh the Mibu wolf." Kenji then started walking forward with an evil smile that could barley be seen. "Now it is time for me to prove to my self that I have gotten better. And by doing so I must KILL Saitoh. Kenji walked threw the door. Almost everyone in the room turned and looked at him. Then one man came up to him. "Hey kid you are not post to be here." Kenji didn't even pay him no mind. He was only there for one reason and one reason only. Saitoh had say him across the room. "Let him past he is the son of one of my friends." Kenji then continued to walking towards Saitoh. He looked dead in Kenji's eyes and the only thing that could be seen was death. He knew that it wasn't Shinta. "You have a lot of balls showing your face here. Since everybody I can think of wants to take you in."
"Pull out your sword." "What?s that you asked? Did you just ask me to draw my sword.? The look on Kenji?s face showed he met business. ?I well not ask again." " Kid you don't know who you are missing with this must be a joke.? Saitoh then reached in his pocket and lit a cigarette. As he had just got done lighting his cigarette, he moved his hand away from his face and the only thing he say was a sheath about to hit him. But in the nick of time he dodged to the left. ?I see you mean business.? Saitoh stood up and pulled out his sword. "Fine kid you want to play? So lets play." "I well finish this in one attack."
Kenji then took off with lightning speed. "Ryu-kan-sen attack." Kenji had got beside Saitoh and he then turned to deliver a backhanded swing. Normally he go towards the opponent's neck but he changed it and went for the middle if Saitoh back. Saitoh had bong his right arm blocking the attack with his sword. "Kid I know all of your father's moves there?s no way you can beat me with just one attack. Specially one's I know. Looks like you are not going to beat me with one attack after all." Kenji looked at Saitoh in the face. "Who said that was the attack? This is my final attack KUZU RYU SEN." This move strikes all the opponent's nine vital points at the same time head, left and right shoulder, left and right arm, chest, left and right leg, and genitals. "That was my one attack.? Saitoh had a surprised look on his face. "(while dying) His movement couldn't be seen it ( voice getting weaker) look as if it was one slash. But how di..." Then Saitoh fell to the ground with blood going every where." That is my final attack I move at a speed that can't be seen. With my two kodachi?s that makes it even more deadly. It can't be stopped." Kenji then walked out headed back to Viscious.

Shinta and the gang where all together. Kenshin was a little beat up from his battle so was Shinta and the rest of the gang. "Dad who was that guy you where fighting?" Kenshin looked over at Shinta. "His name is Gideon. Why he attacked us I do not know but we well find out."
"Well, dad it looks like we are going to be back in action." Kenshin looked over at Shinta." Not you son. Gideon's skills are way to good for you. You are very skilled but from the display you showed yesterday. I can tell you still need some more training." Shinta got up and looked at his dad. " Father I don't need no more training I have mastered every move from the Hiten Mitsurugi style. I don't need no more training." Kenshin just looked at Shinta."
"You was injured from your last battle and you just rushed in the other one with out thinking." Shinta shock his head." Father I well emit I did rush in that battle I just wanted to finish it faster." Kenshin got up and walked over to Shinta. "Even so son you can't be foolish. When you go into a battle like that you are being foolish. That?s why you need more training. I didn't want this to happen after what happen to your brother Kenji but I know things well turn out different for you. I want you to get training from my master Hiko Seijuuro."
"Father nothing against your master but I need no more training. I have defeated people that they say not even you could beat father. Some even believe I'm better or if not you?re equal." " Listen Shinta yes your skills are improved. But if everything don't turn out how I want it to. You well be the only one left. And besides there is an attack that you do not know and only my master can teach it to you." Shinta face was confused. "Father I know all the attacks. What can I possibly learn father?"
"The Ouki Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki(Heaven's Soaring Dragon Flash) It well be the last thing you need to learn."

(Kenji and Viscious)

Viscious and Kenji traveled a few more miles before reaching a big castle built into the side of a mountain. "Wait here. I will be back in a minute." Viscious said to Kenji before walking inside. Viscious traveled up a long narrow staircase until he reached the door leading to the main chamber. Viscious paused before he entered. He always got nervous before meeting Ryoshi. He entered the chamber to find Ryoshi stairing out the window out front. "So you have brought me the battousai?" Ryoshi asked. Viscious paused and bowed his head before he answered. "I think I may have found someone better. He uses the same techniques but with two swords. I truly believe that he could be the strongest swordsman who ever lived." Ryoshi smiled as he heard this. "Well, for now I will settle for someone that can get the job done." Ryoshi walked over to Viscious and handed him a list. Viscious opened it. It was a list of four names.Each name was of a former shogun who had been forced into hiding. "Your mission is clear. Find the men on this list. They have certain artifacts that we will need to awaken the hidden immortal army under japan.Use any means you see fit but get me those artifacts." Ryoshi told Viscious with fire in his eyes. Viscious nodded that he understood and got up to leave. As Viscious neared the door Ryoshi called out to him " Do you believe the boy could someday defeat me Viscious?" Viscious turned back to his master and said " Yes I think he could." Viscious then bowed and left. Viscious saw Kenji practicing outside. " Cheer up my friend we are off to find the beast." Kenji then put his blades back in their sheath.

I'll have alot more tomorrow. So tell what do you guys and girls think about it to far.
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Kenji and Viscious where at a temple fighting. Then it was Kenji turned. He pulled out one of his blades and ran at the two monks. Both monks pulled out their blades and tried to strike at the same time. He ducked and stuck his blade in the left one's stomach. He then pulled out another blade and turned and cut the other monks head off. Blood flew everywhere but the ground. It even flew off of his sword. Kenji looked around as he heard something coming his way. Once he glance over his right shoulder he saw a double bladed sword about to hit him. The Double Blade had went right threw Kenji's neck so it looked. " That was pretty impressive, if you where a little bit faster you might of hit me." Then the beast jumped into the air and grabbed his Double Blade sword and landed on the ground. Then the tree the beast was on spilt right down the center. Kenji then appeared behind the beast. " Next time I well not miss."
Kenji took off at this beast. Then the beast threw his Double Bladed sword once again at Kenji. Kenji increased his speed as if he didn't see the Double Blade coming his way. Then at the last minute as the Double Blade was about to hit Kenji he jump onto of the it and then jumped off of that launching himself in the air. As he was falling down towards the beast he pulled out his other blade and then did the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ryu Tsui Sen. Where he strikes down hard from above. He slashed the beast on his chest leaving a X across his chest. Once he landed he remember that the Double Blade was on it is way back. So Kenji did a back flip to move out of the way of the of it but it was just a little to late. The blade had cut Kenji in the arm. Kenji landed on his feet holding his arm. The beast caught his weapon on it's way back. Then the blood from off of his weapon went on some red symbols on his body. Kenji looked at his arm feeling something wrong. The blood from the cut had also went right to the beast symbols. Then the slashes on the beast chest had went away. Kenji knew at this point that he might have to get serious "You don't know what you got your self into boy. I kill men for fun. You are nothing. But I well say I wouldn't have think that a bo...." Before he could finish his sentence Kenji was gliding threw the air. He bong his sword right across the beast neck. Kenji then landed behind him and he then ran back towards the beast. But he was not suspecting the beast to attack. He threw the double blade behind his back. Kenji didn't have enough time to move so he held up his blades to block the attack. But the impact sent Kenji flying towards a tree. Due to the pain Kenji's eyes where closed but as soon as he opened them the beast was running his way. Kenji jumped into the air at the last second before the beast attack could connect with the speed and force he broke right threw the tree. The wind the was so powerful that it made Kenji get even higher in the air. Kenji looked down and noticed that the beast didn't have his blade in his arm. He looked forward only to see it coming his way. So he lunge towards the double blade and did Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ryu Sho Sen.
Using all his body force in a down cut on the blade, he sent it right back to the beast with incredible speed. He held his hand out to caught it but the double blade ripped right threw his blade and went right into his stomach. The beast just looked at what Kenji had done." You are quite good. But I'm the best. I'll kill you boy." Then the beast picked up his arm and putted it back on. He then pulled the blade out of his stomach. Now you die boy. This is called 1000 slashes. You well die." Then the beast began to trull his blade pointing it forward. The wind started to pick up. Kenji started to get pulled back. Then something had cute Kenji very slightly on his right arm. Then more started to happened. More and more slashes began to appear on Kenji. He couldn't do anything but take it. Each one became more powerful then the other. He started to think to himself. "It is hard for me to move. He is trolling his blade so fast that it is causing for the wind to be sharp as knife. If I say like this I'm bound to die. But that can't happened I have to face Shinta and kill him I have to live threw this I MUST LIVE THREW THIS." Then Kenji spoke out to the beast. "This is where you die monster. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" Then Kenji took off right in the center of the beast attack running as if the attack didn't even hurt him. " You well learn for messing with Kenji the Battousai." Once those words where spoken the beast face was a little shocked. But before he could react Kenji was in his face. "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ku Zu Ryu Sen!!!" Kenji most powerful attack. One that know one has ever been able to live threw. This move strikes all the opponent's nine vital points at the same time head, left and right shoulder, left and right arm, chest, left and right leg, genitals. Kenji stood still looking at the beast. The beast move as if nothing was wrong. "HA seems as if that didn't work kid. Now your..." Then at the moment every vital point that Kenji stuck fell off. "You all well learn to fear me. Kenji the man slayer." Kenji just stood there as the wind was blowing threw his hair not making a move. He put his swords back in there sheath.

Sorry people for it being so long for me to make another post.
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