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Hey dudes and dudettes, I am seeking help on purchasing Ranma 1/2 dvds. I went to my best supplier of anime and such, Anime Castle, and in thier Ranma 1/2 dvd section they had a variety of different titles for collections. Here are some of those names, Random Rhapsody-Ranma Forever- and a tv dvd box set vol 1-7 that are around 100 $ for each vol. Does anyone out there know which set to but for just the original tv series straight through and nothing else?
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Guest Kurama-Fiend
I really don't know that about Ranma 1/2 serises ut you could ask one of my best friend she a Ranma 1/2 fiend.^_^;
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[color=hotpink][size=1]Just look for season one. The names of the other seasons are:

Season 1: TV series
Season 2: Anything-Goes
Season 3: Hard Battle
Season 4: Outta Control
Season 5: Martial Mayhem.

Then there are about 6 OAV videos and two movies. And I recommend every bit of it! I'm a huge Ranma 1/2 fan. ^_^[/color][/size]
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