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Writing Paradise


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This is a little different than my other poems, but I hope you enjoy it!

Sing for the sun,
Shining down on the twilight
Break through the dark,
Ward all my nighmares away

It's a paradise!
Gone are the whims of the tainted one
Sing for the sun and moon
And the brightly shining stars
We'll sing till the morning comes,
It paradise!

Once lost,
I have been found
The bitter truth now must subside
For you see,
It's like a rebirth
Free from the pains of the dark,
It's paradise!

You know not of my pain,
but it matters not,
For the darkness has fallen
And I now see the pain I have caused
I must repent,
but this is the greatest time of all
It's paradise!

Sun, shine down on the shadows
Sweet blowing wind,
brings hint of a new era
and the shadows revealed
as only a mirage
It's paradise!
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