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Evoloution Film Festival, Leeds


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:D Has anyone heard of this, I went today with my college group, it rocked, (and I found an anime store at lunchtime, which uber-rocked) We only saw three of the artists but they were really good, if a little strange. There were Two Americans and a Japanese guy, First there was Corey Archangel (that's his real name) He hacks into nes carts and and makes musice using Sinclair Spectrums and Comodore 64s. The next up was a guy from the Surveilance Camera Players, they put on acts in front of said surveillance cameras and hold up signs saying "We know You're watching, mind your own business." They did a production of George Orwell's Ninteen Eighty Four in front of a subway camera. The last guy was this strange conceptual artist called Takahiko Iimura, he showed us this weird game where you make words in japanese using only the japanese vowles the this weird observer/observed thing wher he point cameras at other cameras and moniters, with vioce over, this is a camera, thats is Takahiko Iimura. Very starnge, and yet, cool. Anyone else know of any of this..? :D
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