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Writing The Simple Thing Called Oppression


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This is something I cooked up for my signiture...but it was a little long for a signiture so I'm gonna post it here!

Silently, in hectic solitude
people living out their lives
chipping at computer screens
and oblivious to the works
of the ones they are under;

But then again... no one cares of the troubles I've seen.

Now comes the liberater
serenly from the door,
no one notices his silent smirk
until he's at the desk
and by now it's too late;

But no one cares of the troubles I've seen.

Now revealed from his coat
a weapon of destructive might
atomatic shotguns... how simple
yet so deadly it's effect
and so walks on a ways;

But you don't care of the troubles I've seen.

A shot in the air
everyone is screaming
he walks slowly down the cubes
the workers humbled by his presence
and now he's at the elevater;

Do you care now? About the troubles I've seen?

A simple man is killed
oh the perils of using the elevater
and many a stanza could be written
from the next fifteen floors
but that is not the point;

Now you seem concerned about the troubles I've seen.

At the top floor security awaits
but the invader is ready
and only three shots it takes
he approches their leader and says only eight words
"I don't like the way you do things.";

And so ends the life
of another depressing tale
so now all is right again
and oppression is asleep
waiting for the next.

And that brings me to the moral of this poem
Oh the rage and terror
that simple oppression can commit.

How do you like? I came up with most of it off the top of my head... comments are definatly welcome!
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Guest Skyechild91
::chokes on her coke:: jacob, you have to admit, even if it is about oppression, its funny! thats just...::chokes agian:: Hahahahahahaa.... sorry. Good, very good...hahahahahaha!!!::slaps hand over mouth::
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