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Guest Skyechild91
[I][COLOR= orange][SIZE= 2][FONT= arial] The sun set in a blaze of purples, oranges, reds, and yellows. It was amazing. Suddenly, the earth trembled, knocking down a few buildings, killing the occupents. Then a larger tremor shook the city, disrupting the peace and quiet. The calm, loving sunset, was now firey and hateful. Almost all the city residents were killed? Except for five infants. They all survuved, and were found by searchers from other cities. They were adopted, and kept secret, for they could control numbers of different things. Animals, elements, planets, energy, and physcic, those were the powers givin to the five children. Now, thirteen years later, they are teens, and have told no-one about their abilities.
The five teens get out of school and go their separate ways. Each one has mind-speech, but has never shared their minds. They are needed to save their planet from the cause of the earthquake years ago, to stop the enemy that has arisen from the superior planet, Mangusen?

Diana sped down the raod on her silver hover bike. She flew over the bump in the raod. "Who-hoo!" She brushed some of her hair out of her face, and her bike stopped. SHe jumped off, and ran into hr house. "mom! Im home!" A woman came out of the kitchen, and gave Diana a hug. "Ive got some snack ready, If you want to eat?" Diana nodded. "Cool!" She took a tray of cookies up to her room, and her lights came on. She ste down the tray, and closed her door, flopping onto her bed. Life was good. Suddenly the lights went out, and the sky darkened. Diana gotup fast, and grabbed her glaive from by the door. SHe took on a fighting stance, eyes closed. [/I] Damn! What the hell is going on! [I] she htought as she waited for te source.

OCC: Okay, ppl! Time to Rock'n'roll! Make your char start out doing something and the lights go out or something like that. I have an idea, so you have to to make this wokr. Thnx![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=silver][I] And so it begins....

Kyo was riding down the street on a skateboard. He rolled down a hill sidewalk toward a ramp. He began to bend down. He hit the ramp and grabbed the sides of his board. He flipped pressing his legs out at the end. He landed and came to a stop. He flipped the board up and walked up the driveway. He slid the board and his helmet under the garage door. He walked inside.

Kyo: Hey mom

Mom: Hello Kyo. Been playing psychic skateboard again?

Kyo: at least it looks real

Mom: Just be carefull

Kyo: Will do mom

He ran upstairs into his room. Before he entered he bowed to the picture of his sensei on the door. The sensei had taught him all he knew before his death. Kyo opened the door and suddenly it went dark. He grabbed the wooden bokken...[/color][/I]
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Guest Skyechild91
[I][COLOR= orange][SIZE= 2][FONT= arial] Yay!!! Okay, the rest of yo get your lazy butts down here and post!!!![/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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OCC:since you guys are so slow, Guardian has come up with the idea that Darren is Diana's older brother! Still no element of course, but we need to get this moving!

IC: Darren walked aimlessly down the sidewalk, wondering if he had gotten a reply from an internet pal. Normaly, Darren didn't like friends, but he had met this person in one of his less-depressing moods, so the attitude stuck with him.

He heard the sound of Diana's hover bike coming down the road, and looked up soon enough to see her pulling into their garage.

He ran the rest of the way, not entirly sure why he was running. As he entered the house, everything suddenly went pitch black.

"Diana, stop messing around." he said in a bored voice, "I'm getting sick of your jokes."

"Wasn't me!" called back Diana.

"Honestly," Darren said to himself. He coudn't remeber the time when his mother and father had found Diana in the ashes of an earthquake, but he had always assumed she was his natural born sister.
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Guest Skyechild91
[I][COLOR= orange][SIZE= 2][FONT= arial] Diana ran from her room. She skipped a few of the steps down the stairs, running right into Darren. "UMPH!" She fell backwards. Darren said," Hey! Watch out, squirt!" He gave her a hand up. "What did you do to the lights, D?" Diana shook with fury. "I didnt!"[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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((i'm here!))

Dante was wearing all black. He was wearing a trenchcoat, leather pants, and a black shirt. It was raining in the city, so he flipped up his collar and walked into a pub. He caught the bartender's eye and nodded. The bar tender slid him a drink as he sat down.

"Ain't you got a place to go Dante?"

"Yeah. But I like it here." Dante replied with a half evil smirk. He took out the money to pay for the drink, when he also took out an old photograph...

hmm... time to pay some old friends a visit...

((is that ok?))
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OOC: You said that there was room for 3 more non-magic people. I was the 3rd ^_^

IC: [COLOR=crimson]Adam walked at a steady pace down the sidewalk of the street. His hood was up and was hanging down so it was difficult to see his eyes. "I hate the rain..." he said to himself silently as the spit sized drops touches his skin.

He took a turn into a "low Class" looking area and entered a run down building. "Why are the lights off?" Adam asked himself. He rubbed his hand against the dirk that he had taken out with him and then slowly removed his hand from it. "Hey Pops! Where are you?!" He yelled out hoping for a reply. He stared into the blackness of the old building listening to every sound.

"Calm down Adam, Im still here." Adam felt a hand gently rest on his sholder from behind him. He had known the old man had been in the house, but he always wanted to make sure. "Go outside.." The old voice whispered. Adam was about to ask why but he yelled once again. "Go outside!"[/COLOR]
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OCC: silly newby! every one knows to recruit themselves before typing! (wait... I did that once too!:sweat: )

IC:"Alright, D. I'll go check the fuse..." Darren was still uncertain of wether or not Diana was trying to trick him, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

"By the way, where are you goin' so fast?"

"I need to check if mom's OK," Diana replied quickly.

"Whatever." As he reached the fuse box, Darren took out his knife and began to pry open the rusty cover. Ever since he found the knife on the sidewalk when he was ten, Diana had had some kind of aversion to it. Never the less, Darren had kept it.

Now he popped open the fuse box and tried his best to see if it was broken with his hands. Every wire was in place.

"Alright D. the trick's over, turn the damn lights on!"
When there was no reply Darren got suspicous.
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Guest Skyechild91
Diana walked into the room where their mom was supposed to be. As soon as she entered, it seemed like time froze outside the room. She couldnt hear Darren. She saw a figure move, and called her glaive. It materialized in ehr hand. She crouched slightly. The figure chuckled. "You really think you can defet me? Really, Valarie Diana, you should know better." Diana growled. "Who the hell are you, and what do you want?"

OCC: Viper, your cue. Just make sure he dissapears...
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OOC: Sorry, I didn't realize that this began.

[i] Gen sat on the park bench, reading a small hand-sized book. A peculiar figure, mostly due to the strange black sticks crossed in an X behind his back, which stored his Renba-tou. Little did he know or even if he knew, care about what others thought of him. He learned to disregard the other's opinions, especially if it clashed with his own. He yawned, and took out a small slip of paper, placing it in the book to keep his place. He slipped the book into his pocket, then looked up at the darkening sky.

"Hmm..." he thought. "Strange..."

Gen stood up, still staring at the sky, and stretched his back, resulting in a few cracks. He took out a small mirror, and held it up to his face, closely scrutinizing the mark on his forehead. The mark was turbulent, without any form, slowly moving, slithering around in its confined space.

"Guess its nothing..."

Gen dropped the mirror into his pocket, again took a glance at the sky, and hurried out of the park. [/i]
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"Diana?" Darren called again. Still no answer. He ran back to the place where she had run into him, and finding nothing went on to the next room.

She was there... but so was somebody else. The moment Darren entered the room, the other disappeared. "What the...?"

Diana turned around and gave a gasp. After a second, Darren realized he still had out his knife, and put it back in his pocket.
[I]Why does she do that?[/I] he wondered. "Who the hell was that?"

"I...I don't know." Now Darren believed that something was really going on.

"Look, maybe we should get you to a doctor or something..."

"No... no I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" from the door, Darren could see that she was paler than usual.
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Guest Skyechild91
"I, I think..." Before she could finish her sentance, she collapsed on the floor, unconsious. Darren yelled," DIana!" He knelt, and picked her up. She was extremley light for a 14 yr old. [I] Ive got to get her to a doctor.[/I] He htought. Their mom came int the room. "Honey? WHats wrong? Is Diana okay?" Darren put n a brave face. "She okay, just tired, thats all." Darren ran out fo the room before she could ask more. He brought Diana to her room, locking the door. He layed her down on the bed, and shook her gently. "Dian! Wake up, sis, please, Diana..."
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He was just about to go out the room for help when the strangest thing worked it's way into his thoughts... [I]kill her Darren...[/I] [COLOR=blue]What the...?[/COLOR] [I]Use your knife... kill her...[/I] [COLOR=blue]What... what's happening?[/COLOR] Darren's brain suddenly became a war over thoughts, as the strange voice continued to persuad him [I]DO IT DARREN![/I] [COLOR=blue]get out of my head! I WON'T![/COLOR]

"Darren?" his mother had entered, and at the same time the vioce stopped.

He was dazed a moment, but quickly recovered "What mom?"

"Is Diana ok?"

"Uhh... I think... I..." Darren couldn't think of anything to say.

"Maybe we should get her to a doctor." his mother said cautesly.

"Ya... ya you're right..."
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Micheal, on a subway, was still trying to persuad Darren to finish the job. [I]Do it! Do it![/I] Darren was wondering in his head why he was getting these violent voices in his mind.
[I]Whats going on?[/I] he thought. Finally, for some reason, Darren snapped out of it. The subway Micheal was on came to a halt, snapping him out of Darrens mind.
He started to walk out of the subway car and he said aloud "I love my job"
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IC: srry it took me a long time! :(

OC: Jigoni was walking down the street when he heard a voice in his head. [i]kill her! kill her![/i]
suddenly Jigoni turned around and ran towards a figure standing on the sidewalk. He jumped then punched the hell out of the pedestrian.
"If I find you stalking me again telling me to kill my mother than I'll kill you!"
Suddenly he heard a scream.
He ran towards his house and found his mother dead in the kitchen.
"Damn that's another elementalist gone. Just one more to go. If she dies the world dies!"
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Darren waited silently outside the hospital room. Diana had been unconcious for several hours now. He tapped his foot subconcously (spelling?) on the floor to a beat he had heard on the way.

Without his noticing, a figure was walking menacingly towards him.

"Hey kid."

"Wha...?" Darren noticed too late... he was down in a moment.
As the attacker came at him again, Darren desperatly rolled to the side and stood up. He took a fighting stance (he hadn't watched Diana train for 14 years and learned nothing) and looked over his antagonist. He was tall... at least 17.

"Who the heck are you?"

"That doesn't matter now." Before Darren could respond, the stranger had attacked again, but this time Darren expected it. He threw out his arm to block the first atack and punched at where he thought the person was. But he had already come around to Darren's other side and attacked again. Darren took the hit in his side and fell to the ground, stunned.

"Hmmm... question-able." Darren stood again and turned to his attacker.

"Why...?" But again, he couldn't finish, because the stranger was attacking again. Darren punched out one last time, and to his surprise, made contact. The older boy was obviously uningured, but instead of coming at Darren again, he stopped and looked him in the eyes.

"Yes... you will do."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm Jigoni... and I'm here to protect the elementalist."

OCC:do I have it right Ninja?
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Guest Skyechild91
OCC: Just so the resat of you know, there are- were- three element users, or elementalists, and Diana is the last one. The other two are dead.

IC: Diana slowly opened her eyes, and groaned. A docter rushed into the room. "Ae you okay, MIss Diana?" Diana sat up, and smiled. "Yeah, thank you. I think I've been over exerting myself latley." The docter nodded, smiling at her. "Thats good. Im glad nothng is seriously wrong. You may go." Diana slipped out of the hospital bed, into the hall. She saw Darren facing a older boy. Darren panted. Diana said, softly," Darren? What-" Daren spun around. " Diana? You okay, sis? What-" Darren rushed over to her, hugging her. Dianas arms went around him, suprised. "I- Im okay. I was just tired. was straining myself. Darren, who is that?" Darren let go of Diana, and turned back to the boy. "I dont know Diana, I dont know..."
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[color=silver] Kyo took the bokken up. He tried the door, it was jammed he couldnt use his powers on it either. He busted it down with the bokken. He ran down stairs to see evil eyes. They were attacking his shock filled mother. The eyes turned toward him. He heard a lloud roar. It must have been one of the causers of the earthquake. His eyes turned purple like the demons read eyes. No one could see anything but eyes and sparks but it was quite eveident a sword and claws were clashing. Kyo used his powers to teleport to the monsters back. He lunged his sword through its back. The lights came back on. He found his mother unconsiuse. He was almost out of energy from using such powefull attacks so he lifted his mother and headed toward the hospital. As he walked in he found some other people that were giving off powrfull waves...[/color]
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"Like I said, my name is Jigoni. If you'll give me a moment to explain..." as Jigoni was talking, a boy walked into the corridor and he fell silent. He watched the boy warily until he passed into the next room. "uh, like I was saying, I've come a long way and I think you may know why... Diana?" Diana looked at him, surprised that Jigoni knew her name.


"No time for how, if you don't know already then I have to explain. About fourteen years ago, an earthquake destroyed a city not too far from here. The name of the city isn't important, what is important is what came of it. After the quake was over there were only five survivors... all of them babies. They were all takin in by various outsiders, and brought up under pretty normal conditions... exept that they had... abilities."

"I don't get it," Darren spoke up, "what does this have to do with Diana?"

"Let me finish. That quake wasn't a natural disaster, it was a weapon. I'm not gonna say what caused it, but it's definatly not gone. You, Diana, are one of the surviving children."

"But that's impossible, she's my sister!" Darren couldn't beleive what he was hearing, how could any of it be true?

"You know in your subconcious that it's true Diana." Jigoni was standing up from his leaning position on the wall. "But you're a bit different from the others... there were two others before you, with your same abilities... both of the others are dead."

"But wha..." Diana seemed thoroughly confused.

"Wait..." Jigoni held his hand up. "Hear it?"

"Hear what?"

"Quick! That room over there!" Jigoni pointed to the place where the boy had passed a moment ago.

OCC:good or no?
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Guest Skyechild91
OOC:Lets get this party started...

IC: Diana glanced at Darren, worry playing across her face. She followed Jigoni, and her spine prickled.

She became dizzy, and Jigoni spun around, catching her as she started to fall. "Wh-what' going on, Jigoni?" She felt shaky and unstable, which was unusual for her. "Darr-chan? Wh-where are you?"

Darrne moved up to her, andtook her from Jigoni,glaring at him. "Shh. Di, it'lll be okay, shh..."

OOC: Tag, Jacob!
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OOC: I hope we can get this going again...

IC: "Di, just try and calm down..." Darren came out of his normaly depressed mood to comfort his sister.

"Darr... I don't feel too good..." She slumped in his arms.

"Damnit... you, what's wrong with her?" Darren looked at Jigoni.

"How should I know?" The older boy seemed unappreciated.

"I knew she was out too early..." Darren said to himself. He was going to call for a nurse when a crash ans a series of scratching noises filled the next room.

Jigoni took one last look at Diana and hurried in.

OOC: Ninja_Freak, you better be here somewhere...
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