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Writing Legend to Life (chapter 1)


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Chapter 1
The only thing worse than being at summer school, was being at summer school with your parents as your teachers.
"First day sweetie!" Beowulf's mother called.
Beowulf's real name is Christie, but Beowulf is what everyone called her.
"Coming Mom," Beowulf replied.
Beowulf was your typical every day girl. She got up, ate breakfast, went to school, and got home and got on the computer or reorganized something. She had blonde hair which she always wore in a ponytail and brown eyes. She was 5'6 and wore a shirt with a frog in the middle of it. She also wore blue jeans, ankle socks, and white and blue sneakers.
"Hurry up," her mom called again.
Beowulf ran down the stairs and into her mom's black Mustang Cobra.
"This is going to be so embarrasing," Beowulf thought to herself.
When they finally arrived, Beowulf dashed out of the car and ran to the big oak tree in the middle of the school.
"Beo! Over here!" someone called.
Beowulf turned around and found her friend Aldha X. His real name was Isaac.
"What's going on?" Aldha X asked.
"My mom is a teacher here for summer school," Beowulf replied.
"What does she teach?" Aldha X asked.
"Math," Beowulf replied.
"Awww man! I have math!" Aldha X said.
Beowulf looked past her friend for a moment and then back again. She saw two golden lights at the other side of her school.
"What's that?" she asked and looked around to see if anyone else saw it to. But no one was looking.
Aldha X turned around and saw it to.
"Let's go see," Aldha X suggested.
They both took off in the direction of the golden lights. When they reached the area, they gasped in disbelief. The golden lights were chasing after them. The two stopped and the golden lights landed in thier hands and transformed into a small sized device.
"Are these what I think they are?" Beowulf asked.
"Digivices," Aldha X said.
Suddenly, the ground began to break beneath them. They fell. It was about a four-hundred foot drop until they finally landed. They both stood up only to find that they didn't have a single scratch on them.
"Where are we?" Beowulf asked herself.
A voice spoke up from thier digivices.
"You are in the digital world," the voice said, "and what you hold in your hands are called D-Forces."
"Hey kid!" they heard another voice call.
They looked in the distance and saw a teenage girl running towards them. The girl had brown hair with purple streaks in it. She was also wearing a sleeveless top, blue jeans, and sneakers.
"My name is Mei," she said.
"I'm Beowulf and this is Aldha X," Beowulf said.
"Where are we?" Mei asked.
"Do you have one of these?" Alha X asked and held up his D-Force.
"Yeah. Mine is icy blue with navy streaks," she replied.
"Then welcome to the digi-world," Beowulf said.
To be continued...

Mei Katsura ~ kaeri
Digivice ~ kaeri & Beowulfmon X
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