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A Geek Tragedy

There exists in our society a non-publicized form of discrimination and, as an interested party, I feel it is my duty to alert the public of these goings-on. Consider, if you will, a sports fan. This person?s team is about to participate in the Big Game, so how do they choose to show support? The typical sports fan will dress in the jersey of his/her favorite player, paint his/her face, and hold a huge party, full of beer and gambling and pork rinds. Participants of this party are allowed to act as loud, and in some cases, as obnoxious, as possible. This is socially acceptable, and even encouraged.
Now consider a fan of, say, Star Trek. Because the Sci-Fi Channel is showing an all-day marathon of all Trek movies, this person has decided to dress in the garb of his or her favorite Star Trek character, pointy ears and all. Oh ho ho, how different the reaction is then! This person will be ridiculed beyond belief, labeled as a life-long virgin and, if they are unfortunate enough to have a high school gym class, will probably spend a fair amount of their day with their head shoved in a toilet. (As you may know, toilet water makes it almost impossible to keep your Vulcan ears on.)
Geeks in America are ostracized and mocked freely, whereas sports fans bask in the light. As a life-long geek, I feel this inequity must be rectified. After all, it?s only a matter of priorities that separates myself from a sports fan. (Perhaps a better title would be ?sports geek?, although I?m sure they would loathe to be called such.) I don?t really care to know anything about Brad Johnson, but that is only because I?d much rather remember the original Japanese names of the entire cast of Dargonball Z. I won?t pay a penny for Super Bowel tickets, but I?d sleep in front of the theater to see Spider-Man II before anyone else. Normal geeks are just as fanatical as sports geeks, merely in pursuit of different objectives.
(I am well aware that some people, geek half-breeds as they are, enjoy sci-fi and sports. These day-walkers have the best of both worlds, but seeing as they aren?t the targets of such revulsion, they are not of concern to me. On a related note, if you understand what I meant when I said ?day-walker?, you?re probably also a geek.)
As a geek, I am tired of such blatant discrimination. I demand the respect I deserve. Do you imagine it easy to recall the henchmen Soundwave had in the original Transformers cartoon? How about remembering which equipment cards will be destroyed under ?Gearfried the Iron Knight?s? self-protection effect? My brethren and I can rattle off facts and statistics just as well as any Fantasy Football fan. I assure you, it is not as simple as we make it appear.
All we really want is the right to indulge in our own fandom without persecution, the same as a sports geek. I firmly believe that were a sports geek to attempt to understand our culture, he wouldn?t find us to be very different at all.
So, I call upon my fellow geeks to put down their comics for a second and rise up! Otakus! Trekkies! Fanboys! All of you should stand tall and proud, regardless of what your geeky fascination is! Continue on with your valiant struggle! Pretend you?re role-playing if it makes the ordeal any easier! You may all rest assured that I will be standing right there beside you!
But not right now. ?X-Files? is on.
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