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Writing my other poems...*.*


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[color=sky blue][u][size=3][b]~Beautiful Maiden~ [/u][/size][/b]

Come child of the Sea
And listen to the lonely maiden?s song
Her Lover ? an angel ? died
Drowned in an abyss of Love

Velvet darkness comforts
Her forgotten sorrow
Sadness holds a mask over her
Once beauty

She searches for something
That can?t be found
Yet...she?s hoping...

An endless search
For her true Love
The angel ? only remnants
A solitary feather...

With dreams the soul is torn
While morose tales haunt her heart

O beautiful maiden
With the ethereal voice
Cast away the solitary feather
With a solitary tear
And know your Lover is always near...[/color]

[size=1][b]Author's Questions/Comments:

it's just a feeling i have to everybody who has felt there Love die before...

Kit Kat =^,^=[/size] [/b]
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