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Writing Redrum


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Ok bare with me here. I had to read a story to the class for homework so I made my own. Here it is.


This is a story about three average teenagers who do not believe in ghosts but are extremely interested by the paranormal. So when on Hallo's Eve (a.k.a. the day before Halloween) a spooky house appeared, they just had to see it for themselves. But one thing bothered them, the house was right next to Redrum pond. This particular lake had a dead body floating in it every December 26th at midnight. Talk about a Merry Christmas.

"Let's go tomorrow!" said April, the 14 year old. Matt, her boyfriend, walked towards his best friend Cody and pat him on the back.
"I dunno...what do you think, Cody?" he said. Cody paced in three circles before answering and finally replied.
"Ok." So the three teens split up and planned to meet the next night at the gate of that old house...

*Halloween Night*

"TRICK OR TREAT!" yelled some kids across the street. Matt was leaning against the gate waiting for April with Cody. April finally arrived after a boring 10 minutes of Nicky, Nicky Nine Doors. So they jumped the fence and quietly made their way to the door. April curled her hand in a fist and was about to knock when Cody grabbed her hand.
"What are you, crazy!?" he whispered... or at least as loud as a whisper can get.
"What did I do wrong?" April said as she pulled her hand back.
"If you knock and there's some sort of mass murderer in there than he'll know we're here!" yelled Cody.
"It doesn't matter now! He probably heard you yelling at April! Jeez. Let's just go in." said Matt as he opened the creaky door and slowly entered. Cody hanged his head in shame and followed.

Now I know you're just dying to know what happens to them but that would involve lots of gore, swearing and frightening scenes would be put into the smaller children's heads. So I'll just end with this. Only one person made it out of that house alive, and that person was the Serial Killer. One more thing, that house was torn down one year later. Then in 1971, a school was built on top called Devins Drive Public School. The pond dried up leaving a small hill beside the school where all the bodies are buried. Including those three teenagers.

By the way. That school is mine. That's why it's like that.

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