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Writing My own anime

Kyo no Ryu

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[color=blue]This is the first episode of my anime Demons Last Breath. Its a little hard to read so be careful.




Episode 1: Tigen The Demon Slayer

Klack Klack Klack, Tigen's footsteps are the only things heard for miles as he strides through yet another deserted town. The scent of human and demon blood fills the air. "There has been an onslaught," Tigen thinks as he walkes with a sword at his side. 1625 is the year. On the planet Kei, parallel planet to Earth. Demons have invaded the country of Tengoku, parallel country to Japan. Tigen is a demon slayer who fears not even death. His family was killed by a demon and he never makes friends, so he has no emotional weaknesses. He has sworn to kill the demon that destroyed his family and any demon in his way. Right now he is after a demon gang that recently took on this village.

"A survivor." Tigen looks to see a young child crying through a window. "No need to even try asking for info, I'll just and up listening to a sniveling baby" Tigen continues walking when he sees the kid come flying through the window. He sees a demon in the window. "There can be no survivors," it says. "rrrrr.. Hey you" "Huh?" "Did you demolish this place by yourself?" "What's it to you?" " I'll be needing some info," Tigen says taking out his sword. "I'm so scared" The demon jumped down and stretched his fingers, revealing six inch claws on them. " DIE!" The demon came charging toward Tigen and attempted a vertical slash. Tigen quickly sliced off his claws and saw a horizontal slash coming at him. He backs away and cuts off the demons hand. "Now can I get some info?" "How did you do that? Your crazy!" "rrrrr..SHUT UP AND TELL ME!!!" "Ok ok, I work for a demon gang called the Jugay gang. We destroy all who get in our way of destroying mankind, weather they be demons, apparitions, or even animals" "Where are they going to strike next?" "I-I-I can't t-t-tell you" "rrrrr.TELL ME NOW OR YOU DIE!!!" "Ok, there striking Nokyen" INFO: Nokyen is the parallel of Kyoto "How many of them are there?" "4 and me" "In other words, 4" He said and sliced the demon in half. He quietly walked out of town. "I should've asked for a map," Tigen murmured. Then he saw something in the distance. Demons. Perfect. The demons looked exactly like the other one did. The Jugay gang. "Hey, human, prepare to meet your doom" one of them said. He quickly came charging the same way the last one did and with the same results, except the in-half slice came sooner. Another tried a diagonal slice in both directions, resulting in the loss of all his claws. But thinking quickly, he socked Tigen in the chest sending him sliding backward 10 feet. He lunged his fist, but Tigen ducks under it and nails the demon through the head. Tigen looks and only sees one demon. The other sneaks up and grabs Tigen from behind. The first one comes charging up and is about to claw Tigen, but he disappears and the claws enter the other demon. "You have disgraced the name of my clan, now you die" "Oh, like you demons actually care" "Stop teasaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnng!!!" The demon came charging forward and started slashing around. Easy dodges. "Yawn. you can't fight worth crap. Neither could your friends." "I'll make you eat those words" "Time to end this" After jumping a horizontal slash, he carved the demon down the middle. "Too easy" "That's what you think." Tigen turned to see what looked like a swordsman, but was obviously a demon. "Let the battle begin!" Right, left, up, the demon was on the offensive. Clash! Both fighters swung downward and tried to push the opponent backward. They both slid lose and did it again. The demon pushed Tigen backward and slashed right but Tigen was able to narrowly counter. Both swords were once again stuck together until the demon slid the sword down and nearly struck Tigens hand before he backed up. Right, left, right, up, right, left, left, up, stuck., right, right, up, the demon slashes right, Tigen ducks, the demon is stabbed through the stomach. It drops its sword and stumbles backward. It grabs its stomach, falls to its knees, falls on its face, and dies. "I take back what I said" Tigen murmured, "way to easy." He quietly puts back his sword and walks out into the distance. PART 2 "So that was the Jugay gang huh, I don't know how they managed to kill off that whole town." "Well that's easy," Tigen turned to see an old man sitting on a chair, "welcome to Nokyen young Samurai." "What do you know about the Jugay gang?" " It consists of 5 members and two swordsmen they made an alliance with. The gang itself is weak, but the swordsmen are strong. The swordsmen are payed huge sums of money. Any money they aren't given is stolen from large money facilities. The swordsmen usually don't stay with the group. I don't know where the are, but if I did, I could determine where they will strike next." " All that's left is one swordsman, I took out the others just outside the city Kolenito. Where is the other?" " Kolenito ay? The last one is probably robbing the city of Kentai." INFO: Kentai is the parallel of Tokyo. " Thank you old man," Tigen said then took off. " That boy doesn't know who he's dealing with does he?" It will only take a couple days to get there, Tigen thought. Next time I pass through a town I'll grab a horse, then it should only take 1 day. The next town is around 20 miles, hope I make it in time. 40 Minuets Later "Finally, a town." Tigen said to himself. "Hey, you, can you tell me how to get to the nearest ranch?" "Right over there." "Thank you." Tigen ran into the ranch. "Excuse me sir, how much is it to rent a horse for 2 days?" "Twenty dollars." (Tigen checks his pockets) "Uh Oh" 5 Minuets Later "GET BACK HERE WITH MY HORSE YOU FREELONER!!!" " I'LL PAY YOU WHEN I GET BACK" "YOU PIECE OF CRAP!!!" 1 Day Later The outskirts of Kentai. "I guess I should stop here and look for the swordsman." "Hey, who are you," said a man off to the right with pockets full of money. "I'm Tigen. You wouldn't happen to be a swordsman for the Jugay gang who was just stole a bunch of money would you?" " You fool, of course I am, and you know to much." He said, taking out his kitana. " I hope your better than your friends, they were easy." " How dare you insult my clan. DIE TIGEN!!!" Right, left, right, left, up, left, up, left, right, right, up, right, the demon is fighting with one hand! Up, up, down/right, left, right, stuck. , up, left, up, right, right, left, up. The demon pulled out another sword. Tigen blacked one going right and the other left, one up and one right, one left and, Tigen pulls out a sie, one up. Both sides are pushing each other, trying to think of a way to win. Tigen stepped to the right, the swordsman stumbled forward, he slashed, the swordsman narrowly countered, he threw his sie into the swordsman's leg. The swordsman leaned forward. Tigen stabbed him in the back, took 20 dollars, and rode of on the horse.[/color]
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