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Writing CCS Fanfiction

Guest BitterswtSorrow

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Guest BitterswtSorrow
:tasty: <---that smiley ish jus too cute! lolz

well im jus here to discuss if anyone likes CCS or writes CCS fanfix. i personally think that everywun shud like CCS. lolz
cuz it jus such a good anime...and manga. CLAMP ish really talented...all those anime...jus wow. i write CCS fanfix...n not shur if they're good or bad. if yu want tah read em, here's d site. [URL=http://www.fanfiction.net/~lilblueburdie]click here[/URL] leev meh a review! :)
well anywayz...howz everywun??? im not shur bout yu, buh im not really happi n ethusiastic rite now. i haf this math test 2morrowz n im jus panicking n thinking i'll fail. :confused: :worried: :nervous: and i think i haf flute practice 2morrowz...oh wellz. me needa go nowz. buh biez!

and CCS ROX!!!!
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