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Writing Lrb's Poems


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Ok I know I'm a boy but boys write poetry too!


Look at the trees,
so beautifull and fine.
Look at the branches,
reaching out with their vines.
Look at the bushes,
prickly and sharp.
Look at the leaves
slowly falling apart.
Look at the flowers,
to precious to break.
Look at the pedals,
each like a snowflake.
Everything is wonderfull, in it's own way
so stop and think about nature today.[/b]

Thank you..

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That's really good! And, trust me, I know boys write poetry too. It's the best way to express your feelings, the written word. A boy last year in my LA/Reading class was one of those "bad boys" and all he ever wrote in our journals we had to keep was poetry. It's not only for mushy-gushy people, it's for everyone.
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